Eight Thoughts on Quantico 1.3

1 I’m liking this friendship 


I am enjoying the budding friendship between Alex and super pretty blonde with parental issues chick. I paid enough attention this week to learn her name is Shelby. She is from Georgia so of course it is.

2 These shady meetings are shady


Most of the time I am trying to forget that this is a network show and ignore its super network television elements. These shady, secretive meetings happening in open hallways with secretive feeling lighting is hard to look past though.

3 This guy is my terrorist pick of the week


Why are you being so mean to Alex’s mom? And why are you having Simon spy on Alex? Are you the terrorist?

4 The Assistant Director is awesome


I am loving Assistant Director Shaw. This week she seemingly pits the trainees against each other by making them choose to vote three people off the island out of the academy or let her vote off 10. The exercise splits the group and pits them against each other after their peer reviews are posted for everyone to see.

5 What is going on with gay Simon?


Alright show, what are we doing with, as you marketed him, gay Jewish Simon? Alex meets up with him after the Grand Central Station bombing. He was kicked out of Quantico, as far as Alex knows and is seeming rather straight now and doing IT for a tech start up. He helps her in the future timeline. Back at Quantico he was being an asshole, which I also feel is important for shows to do because for true equally shows have to be able to show gay characters be assholes or villains. If Simon is actually gay (I am still questioning it) and Elias is a good guy, the show is doing incredibly well with its LGBTQ representation in my opinion.

6 The Amin twins are still interesting


The Amin twins get rather pissed at each other because of the weird psych evaluations they get during the episode. Raina, I think, says she doesn’t want to be there anymore and leaves Nimah by herself. And I am going to ask it until it is explained, why Logan, Ohio?

7 Shit, I’m shipping this


So yeah, I am starting to ship Shelby and Alex together. This is probably never going to happen because the show is trying to pair Shelby with…that super dull blonde dude who is Elias’ roommate and Alex and Booth are clearly the couple I am supposed to be rooting for but whatever.

8 Why is everyone against Alex? 


There has to be a reason for everyone acting against Alex after the bombing, right? Alex’s mom, the assistant director, Simon and Ryan are all working against Alex, usually after she interacts with them, to make the FBI believe she is a terrorist. There is a reason for all of this, right? Right?


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