Once Upon A Time: “Nimue” (S5Ep7)

This episode pretty much teetered on the fence between good and bad for me. Some of the Merlin and Nimue stuff was good, and then some of it had me questioning why I needed to know any of this information. Also, the thing that had me most excited about this season was Dark One Emma (Jennifer Morrison) interacting with Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Henry (Jared Gilmore), but this week Emma had no scenes with Regina in Camelot or in Storybrooke and Henry wasn’t even in this episode. Overall, it was good but it was also pretty disappointing. Here are four good and five bad things about “Nimue.”

The Good

Zelena snark

photo 1
As much as I hate that the show had reduced Zelena (Rebecca Mader) to a psychopathic rapist, she was originally cast to play off her half-sister, Regina. So she is a pretty great character with a wealth of snarky dialogue sometimes. My favorite this episode was her saying being in a jail cell is better than swapping pregnancy tips with Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) Lolz

Subtle Emma voice change

photo 2
Of course, all to the actor and none to the writers. Emma’s voice in Camelot is slowly being deeper and more serious, like she is in Storybrooke. Good job, Jennifer Morrison.

Nimue is the first dark one

photo 3
Okay this was actually a good twist. Nimue, Merlin’s(Elliot King) true love , is the first dark one because she killed the guy who destroyed her village and then broke the sword? Okay maybe the reasoning was poorly done but this makes the Nimue/The Masked Dark One and Merlin a bit more interesting.

Emma takes the sword

photo 4
Though having Emma saying it and showing the flashback was overkill, the show and J-Mo, mostly, did a great job of showing how Emma isn’t supposed to take the sword and part of her still knows that but the darkness is winning and she takes it anyway.

The Bad

Quick immortality brush over

photo 1
While some stories like, I can’t believe I am giving it credit, Twilight spend a lot of time dealing with the one half of the relationship is immortal while the other is mortal dilemma, OUAT brushes over it in like 30 seconds. Merlin is just like, “no it’s horrible and painful and no.” That is a good point but we do not know these two well enough for them to skate over this huge issue. They could have opted for the ” don’t address it” vibe of Buffy or Carmilla and I would have been fine with that.

A whole lot of these two

photo 2
So yeah, Nemo becomes super important later in the episode but for the most part she is just Merlin’s dead girlfriend so the show spends a lot of time developing a character I don’t feel like I need to know this much about. This is feeling like a common OUAT problem.

Also, we know

photo 4
The show has a fancy for spending a whole lot of time showing us shit we already know. As Merlin and Nimue are running around whenever Camelot, we know the first dark one is going to find them and kill her. We were told that two episodes ago, so why all the suspense?

Idiot Snow

photo 3
Sometimes I feel like this show is a comedy and Snow and Charming are the idiot characters we are supposed to be rooting against. She falls for Zelena’s clearly a trap move and then gets kicked in the head. Then Zelena almost quotes The Offspring at her, because why not?

Sexism in the Dark One’s lovers club

photo 5
Maybe this is me being overly critical but it seems like Merlin and Hook seem to be super off put by their girlfriends becoming the Dark Ones and they quickly decided they can’t be together. But, Belle was with Rumple when he was the Dark One for a long ass time. She had forgiven way too much shit that he had done. The dude Dark One is still the man Belle loves but Hook and Melrin say their Dark One’s are not the women they love. So, double standard Once Upon A Time.

Overall this episode wasn’t that bad and hey, Mulan! AND Ruby! are back next week for a two-part probably shit show, so yay?


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