Seven Thoughts on Quantico 1.5

1 This undercover bit was fun


Getting to see characters play dress up is usually fun and this had the added bonus of it being a competition and the twist of them having to go undercover as the roles another member of the class created.

2 Why not twins?


Why didn’t the show hire twins to play this role? I get that the other characters, save for Shaw, aren’t supposed to see Nimah Amin is really two people, but they are seeming like one person to me. And that is probably not the show’s intention. So, why not just hire a set of identical twins to play these roles? It might be unfair to compare Yasmine Al Massri to the TV golden standard of an actor having chemistry with themselves but she is no Tatiana Maslany.

3 I hate this guy


Yes, the show made super dull blonde guy the lead terrorist suspect at the end of the episode, but he was still way too annoying throughout the rest of it. I get that he is supposed to be the annoying douche bag character but he is so unlikable that I was annoyed every time he was on screen.

4 Especially when this happened


Ugh. Gross. No. Shelby, you are better than this.

5 Stop being Islamophobic racists, America


After its wealth of ‘Mercia dialogue last week, the show took a turn this week and called out the general American public for being Islamophobic racists. In the post-bombing story line, Alex’s name and photo have reached the media and everyone is being super racist about it. Alex points it out during her online broadcast that it is easy to pin it all on “the brown girl.” She also uses it to her advantage at one point by hiding out at a Mosque and using a service letting out to escape. I was just as assumed by it as Simon and Ryan were.

6 Thank you, Elias


I’m not sure why Simon tried to continue his fake gayness after he told Elias last week that he isn’t actually gay, but whatever this story line was well done. Simon asks his fake boyfriend/the guy he has gone on one date with Max to the undercover party. He shows up and Simon leaves him in his hotel room. But, Elias is eager to investigate. He gets the real story from Max and then sleeps with him and sends him home. Elias confronts Simon about his actions later and says that he is offended, which I’m really glad he said because that is how I have felt about this story line. Though Elias promised to ruin Simon (which at least post-bombing Alex thought happened) but Simon tells him he made up a fake life after he served in the Israeli military because he was horrified of what he did in Gaza. They seemed to have made up.

7 Alex and Shelby’s relationship is so great 


Again, I love these two and the complexity of their relationship is fantastic. In the first part of the episode we cut from Alex and Shelby palling around Quantico to Alex threatening a chained up Shelby with a gun post-bombing. Though she held her hostage for most of the post-bombing part, I don’t think Alex ever intended to hurt Shelby. And Shelby kept looking a bit concerned about Alex while trying to act like she thought she was guilty. For instance, Alex after she is told the FBI raised her status to kill on site:


And Shelby’s reaction to seeing that face:


Alex leaves Shelby at the Mosque and she lies to the FBI about how much she knows and agrees to join Simon and Ryan in finding out who is really the terrorist. I really hope it is super dull blonde guy.

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