Seven Thoughts on Quantico 1.6

1 Yay Alex and Shelby!


I was sad at the end of last episode thinking that we were not going to get any post-bombing Alex and Shelby this episode after Alex left her knocked out in the mosque but the episode opened with them together in a hotel room. Shelby hangs around and helps Alex spy on Caleb, which ends grossly. I’ll get to that.

2 Montage of relationship I don’t care about, oh yay


I was thankful for the Alex and Shelby moments even more after a good five minutes was dedicated to a montage of all the straight romantic relationships I cannot get myself to care about. I could go more in depth of why I am not interested in Ryan and Natalie, Ryan and Alex, Shelby and super dull blonde guy and Simon and the Amin twins but I really think it is because of underdeveloped characters and the strength of Alex and Shelby’s relationship.

3 I hate super dull blonde guy


He was even the lead terror suspect for most of the episode but that didn’t even make him interesting. And then he ended up not being the terrorist and was just mad Shelby broke up with him. Am I supposed to be hating him this much? I feel like I’m not supposed to be because we are probably supposed to be feel bad for him because Shelby is using him as a fuck buddy pre-bombing and is dating his dad post-bombing but really that is just making me find Shelby more interesting. Well, expect for the part about super dull blonde guy’s dad that is just gross.

4 I’m glad this was included 


During the training assignment Shelby, Alex and whichever Amin twin got a quick moment together as they talked about their relationship drama that took up a bit too much of this episode. The three/four of them seemed like friends in the first episode but they haven’t been spending much time together since. It was a good time to give us another scene with them, especially since the Amin twins have been introduced into the post-bombing time line as the next lead suspects.

5 Shaw’s back story with a side of yelling and confusion 


We got a bit of explanation of Shaw’s past with her son, Charlie, getting released from juvee. He was jailed for planning to shot up his high school. Or at least that is what Shaw says. Charlie is denying it and says she framed her. O’Connor is torn between the two. Also, Shaw and O’Connor were having an affair. But, Shaw’s husband is dead now. Charlie made it seem like that was related to the affair somehow, but who knows.

6 I’m glad Alex found out about Ryan


Through O’Connor being a Ryan-hating loud mouth and Shaw having the students spy on her house, Alex ended up overhearing O’Connor talking to Ryan about his side mission of spying on Alex. I’m glad Alex found out about this both because it drives a wedge between Alex and Ryan, which might make their relationship more interesting. Also, Alex was able to prove herself to O’Connor and get away from Ryan by switching rooms with Natalie so they are no longer sharing a shower. But, Alex and Shelby aren’t roommates anymore. Damn it.

7 I’m so confused about these two


This casting choice is my biggest problem with this show. I cannot tell these two apart, so I have no idea which one is supposed to like Simon and which one doesn’t or which one dreamed of being an FBI agent and which one didn’t. If telling the different between them wasn’t a part of the plot it would be OK but telling them apart is becoming a huge part of the plot. Simon ends up walking into their room and seeing both of them. One locks him in the closet as the other gets Shaw. And one or both, I don’t know, is the lead terror suspect for next week. Maybe we will start to see more of a difference between them soon, post-bombing Alex did refer to them as “the twins.”


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