Six Thoughts on Quantico 1.4

1 The pacing in fantastic 


This show is paced incredibly well. We are getting a great balance of action, suspense and gradual reveals of information during training and after the bombing. Also, the show is doing a great job of slowly entangling every member of the Quantico class into the greater conspiracy.

2 The dialogue could use some work, though


But, the dialogue was bad this week. Every line was either a cliche, overly dramatic for no reason, an action hero one-liner or a predictable response. And this episode was about 30 percent PSA about home-grown terrorists.

3 So Elias then


After three weeks of vagueness about as the show marketed him gay Simon, the show finally just flat out told us he isn’t actually gay. It did acknowledge its odd LGBTQ representation choice by having actually gay Elias criticizing him for using the allure of being an openly gay FBI agent to get into Quantico. Having a gay character was one of the things that originally got me into Quantico, but hey Elias got more of a story this week.

4 Ryan isn’t that interesting


Despite his shady sounding past – there was something with Chicago – we know nothing about, I am not finding Ryan that interesting. But, his character isn’t all that original. He is a tough but nice law enforcement guy with a shady past who might get with the lead chick or classic TV bitch character Natalie, as he is after the bombing.

5 The romances are falling flat


I feel like I am being mean. I liked this episode and some parts of it were great (I’m getting to you, Shelby) but it did devote a lot of time to the parts I am not finding that great. Like the multiple romances. I am not really interested in the budding romances between Alex and Ryan, Ryan and Natalie, Shelby and the dull blonde guy or Simon and the Amin twins.

6 And my favorite part: Shelby


Shelby and Shelby and Alex’s relationship was my favorite part of this episode. Alex only told Ryan about how her father, who she killed, was actually an FBI hero not a dead-beat drunk. But, Shelby noticed something was wrong and was worrying about her through the whole pre-bombing part of the episode. They get in a little fight but then make up and sweetly share their secrets and admit they are friends.

They are not so friendly after the bombing. Apparently Alex “exposed the truth about her parents” and that caused a falling out. Alex broke into her house with Simon after she found evidence that she might be involved in the bombing. After a lot of fighting and gun pointing, Alex takes her hostage.

I am still really shipping them but romantic or platonic their relationship is the best dynamic on the show so far.


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