Thoughts on Quantico

I have been posting about Quantico on my tumblr ( but I decided to transfer them over to here too. My posts about the first episode was rather short, so here are the first two episodes. 

Episode 1

1 Overall it is pretty good


I seriously enjoyed it and it was better than I thought it was going to be based on the reviews I had read.

2. RIP Brian J. Smith 


Man, I was excited to see him in something else. But I guess he has to get back to being drugged out of his mind on a boat and leaving Nomi to parent the Sense8’s on her own.

3. Logan, Ohio?!


10 points for Ohio randomness, but what? I used to work in Logan, Ohio and was shocked by the reference, impressed that there are a lot of Valero gas stations in that area and instantly horrified for the Muslim girl. I got berated for being a city slicker, Atheist and never even come out to my co-workers. Why are you in Logan? Get out of there! It isn’t safe!

Episode 2

1 Replacing Brian J Smith didn’t take long


About three seconds into the episode the show replaced Brian J. Smith’s interesting and confusing Mormon character Matt with Natalie, your average stereotypical bitch character who is competing with Alex as the best agent and love interest for the main guy character.

2 This pairing is super bland


No decision on their terrorist status yet, but the super pretty blonde with parental issues and the super pretty blonde with parental issues are not interesting me at all.

3 The twins are interesting


No idea what is going on with Niham and Raina Amin, who are there as an experiment by the Assistant Director but I am interested. Also, why Logan, Ohio last episode? Also, why not hire actual twins to play this role?

4 He’s the terrorist, right?


My money is on this guy for the terrorist. He is doing a lot of shady stuff.

5 I found my new favorite character


I’m not really sure what is going on with this show’s LGBTQ representation at the moment because I’m not sure if gay, Jewish Simon is actually gay, especially after his flirting with the Amin twins this week. Anyway the analyst trainees are introduced this week, including Elias, who has heard about Simon and quickly tries to awkwardly flirt with him but is confused with he is so instantly shot down. Elias also seems to be figuring out what the hell is going on with Simon. Apparently everything about him from his vocal-ness about his sexuality to his trip to Gaza to his glasses are all fake.


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