Once Upon A Time: “Broken Heart” (S5Ep10)

Hey you know what I wanted in the middle of Dark Swan story line, which by its name is supposed to be about Emma? Well, there answer is not a shit ton of Hook. While Emma (Jennifer Morrison) hasn’t been a very dark Dark One and hasn’t been a very villainous villain, the show just seemed to give up on that and let Hook hijack the villain spot. I spent most of the episode arguing with my Rumbelle shipper friend and explaining things to my friend who hasn’t watched since season four, so I’m just going to do a good and bad things post for this episode because you ever tried to explain this shit show to someone? It is distracting. So, here are four good and four bad things about “Broken Heart.”

The Good

1 Regina tells it like it is

photo 1

After more than a season of the show ignoring the fact that Zelena (Rebecca Mader) murdered Marian, impersonated her and raped Robin (Sean Maguire) to impregnate herself with his child, Regina called her out for it. It was a little too late in the game and the show did have that whole period when Robin was supposed to stay with Zelena, but hey at least it acknowledged that this story line is fucked up

2 Belle breaks up with Rumple

photo 5

Belle finally broke up with Rumple because she realized being with him is kinda terrible and always about trying to fix his dark heart. Of course, the show waited until he was made a hero for no reason for us to feel sorry for him not during any of the previous episodes when he was being a manipulative abusive asshole. Can Belle have a story line of her own now?

3 Operation Cobra Part 2

photo 4

While everyone decided Emma wasn’t even allowed to help defeat Evil Hair Hook, Henry (Jared Gilmore) got reasonably mad at her for not telling them and not trusting them to help earlier. But, he agreed to help her later in Operation Cobra Part 2 and they were able to bring back everyone’s memories. I’ve really liked Henry since Jared Gilmore became a Grown Ass Man.

4 The explanation of the memory loss curse

photo (6)

Thankfully the show finally explained how the Camelot story line devalued into the closing scene from the season premiere. After Evil Hair Hook killed Merlin and plotted with Nimue/all the previous Dark Ones to go to Storybrooke and snuff out the light forever, Emma took his and everyone’s memories of the so nobody would know he was the Dark One…wait, what?

The Bad

1 The reasoning for the memory loss curse

photo (6)

What? The explanation was good, but the reasoning was rather stupid. So, Hook has been the Dark One in Storybrooke all season? Even if he didn’t remember, he still was so shouldn’t he have been acting more like a villain? Also, why did Emma think she had to do everything by herself? Wasn’t it made clear over the last couple seasons that she needs her family a lot?

2 Hero Rumple


Why is this story line needed? Why did the show essentially remove all the women from its main story line? Wouldn’t it have been so much cooler to see Dark One Emma fighting hero Regina on that boat with the horrible lighting?

3 Everything about the Rape Baby scene

photo 3

Despite Regina calling Zelena out for being a psychotic rapist, the episode still had a “sweet” moment of Regina moderating a parental visit with Robin, Zelena and Rape Baby. Also, why was this scene in Mary Margaret’s loft?

4 So much god damn Hook

photo 2

There was so much Hook. There was too much Hook. And Rumple had the chance to kill him but now that he is a hero he didn’t. And I was so disappointed.

One Comment on “Once Upon A Time: “Broken Heart” (S5Ep10)”

  1. I was hoping for his death too smh I am so tired of Hook everywhere.


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