Seven Thoughts on Quantico 1.11

1. Last week should have been the winter finale 

photo 1 (2)

I thought Episode 10 was the winter finale so when I saw there was another episode my first reaction was, ‘what? how are they going to top last week?’ The answer: they didn’t. If this episode had just stayed in the post-bombing story line I would have enjoyed it, but all the pre-bombing stuff was terrible. Because post-bombing was an actually good conspiracy, terrorism show about rookie FBI agents and pre-bombing was all relationship drama nonsense with a few good character moments.

2. Please start having less relationship nonsense

photo 4

I get that the trainees don’t have a lot to do at Quantico except for their lesson of the week, but could they please do something else beside talk about boys all the time? For a second I got really excited that everyone left except for Alex, Shelby, Natalie and Nimah. I thought they were to hang out and get drunk and work on their cases together and it would have been great. But about five seconds in Alex was moping about Ryan, Shelby was talking about how she loves Super Dull Blonde Guy and Natalie was even name dropping Brandon. The only one to escape it was Nimah, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites. She didn’t have time their boy talk, she was too busy stealing shit, using life hacks to make wine taste better and schooling Shaw (who was also there) in Islamaphoia.

3. I don’t hate all the relationships 

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I don’t hate all the relationships in this show, just all the one’s that seemed to have been forced on us. From about the second episode it was clear Alex and Ryan and Shelby and Super Dull Blonde Guy are supposed to be together, but we didn’t have much evidence to back up why we should think that. The only ones that I am kind of enjoying are the ones the show let form organically. Of course, Alex and Shelby is my favorite, but Alex has an interesting dynamic forming with O’Connor and her friendship with Simon is great. Though I find it weird and strange the show gave more evidence during the pre-bombing story line as to why Shelby started dating Super Dull Blonde Dad than it has about the other main relationships.

4. This was a good twist 

photo 2

Elias comes back into the post-bombing story line after the terrorist tried to kill him. He joins the search for Simon with Alex, Nimah and Natatlie. I would just like to talk a moment to appreciate that the Indian girl, the Lebanese girl, the Latina girl and the gay guy did all the work this episode. It was refreshing after all the straight white dudes have been doing a lot recently.  Anyway, Team Diversity finds Simon in a hotel with a bomb trigger taped to his hand. Elias seems pretty certain he is the terrorist. The two of them throw accusations back and forth until Elias admits, he was being blackmailed by the terrorist. And when he had the choice to turn himself in or frame Simon, he chose to frame Simon. Elias didn’t know where the bomb was and realizes the terrorists are going to let him get away. He then backs up and let’s himself fall out the window.

5. RIP Elias

photo 3

RIP Elias. You were rather shady sometimes but you were also great at calling out everyone’s bullshit. He was also, in my opinion, a rather well portrayed gay character. But, he was the only gay character. So, unless someone comes along or comes out to replace him RIP to the show’s strange LGBT representation. Side note: What was with Ryan’s ex-wife/partner and the amount of compliments and flirts she was sending Alex’s way?

6. This was also a good twist

photo 5

After Shaw and O’Connor find the bomb in the hotel with Alex, Natalie, Nimah and Simon’s help, Alex’s tells Simon after some convincing that he can release the trigger. It all seems good for a moment and then they hear a bomb go off. They go running out to see where it came from and realized it was the command center. The episode ends with Simon asking Alex if everyone was in there. This and Elias’ involvement in the plot both happened in the last 15 minutes. It was good, but not enough to save the entire episode.

7. Please let Shelby be alive

photo 2 (2)

I’m really worried about Shelby, guys. The last time we saw her post-bombing she was in the command center. Also, Elias had a very long, heartfelt monologue before he jumped out that window and the last time we see Shelby pre-bombing she is her having a very long, heartfelt monologue with Super Dull Blonde Guy.

And that monologue was great. Shelby pretty much calls out Super Dull Blonde Guy, who is our terror suspect again, for all the nice things he has been doing in an asshole way. At the New Year’s Eve party Shelby went to at his parents’ house, he forces his mom (Marcia Cross?!) to tell his dad that she is the top pick for the vice presidential candidate. Super Dull Blonde Dad and Marcia Cross had just gotten back together. As Shelby tells Super Dull Blonde Guy afterwards, telling people the truth because he believes they should know it is not the best way to go about things. Just like what he did with her sister last episode. Shelby says he can’t blow things up to make people see his truth. She then tells him that she loves him but breaks up with him because she knows he will hurt her.

Super Dull Blonde Guy, you better have not killed Shelby! The last we see of him, he is getting a tour of the bank that is being used as the command center sometime between the two timelines. He comments on its proximity to Grand Central and asks about the vaults in the basement (where he could have taken Shelby and hid from the blast?). Also, that cult he was a part of was planning to suicide bomb themselves at the federal courthouse. So, that is a lot of evidence that he is our terrorist.


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