Call The Midwife: “Season 5 Episode 7”

Most of the time I start writing my post right after watching the episode. But I wasn’t able to do that this week. If I had it would have gone like this:

Ah Patsy and Delia slept together again! Delia is advocating for pre-martial sex! The Gateway Club was mentioned! Are we actually getting that scene?!

photo 4

photo 5

They didn’t kiss?



If all that Tom and Barbara making out wasn’t to contrast them with Patsy and Delia who had to go to a special club to do so why was there so much of it?

So, we get to see this girl:

photo 3

Making out with her boyfriend. But we don’t get to see this girl:

photo 2

Even kiss her girlfriend even when she has finally found a place where she can? Oh no! Is the BBC homophobic? Was I being too optimistic?

But, I’ve worked out my frustration at the gym and I have thought about this episode for a few hours and I am now ready to actually talk about. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

We open on this:

photo 1 (2)

As Mature Jenny (voiced by Vanessa Redgrave) is talking about the changing times and finding a sense of place, we watch Patsy (Emerald Fennell) wake up beside Delia (Kate Lamb) and then sneak down the hall and back into her room. She and Barbara (Charlotte Richtie) nearly miss each other as Barbara goes out to the window to watch Tom (Jack Ashton) leave for the morning.

Now that was a fantastic contrast between these two couples. Patsy and Delia, who have been together for probably a few years, are sleeping together and Barbara and Tom, who have been together for a few months, are waving at each other from windows.

Our baby of the week couples are introduced right off the bat. Daisy, who has a barge with a husband and children, collapses while trying to do her morning work. Barbara visits Gina, who is getting restless and painting her flat as her disinterested husband Leslie reads the paper.

Back at Nonnatus, Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) is commending Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) for her strength since her attack. She seems uncomfortable since she hasn’t done anything but continued on. They have a brief conversation about how Sister Evangelina’s (Pam Ferris) six months at the silent order is up but they haven’t heard anything from her. Sister Julienne then goes to a meeting with the Turners about a contraceptive pill about to become readily available.

photo 1

Dr. Turner (Stephan McGann) is super excited. He comments on how much easier it will be to get because it will not require a referral to a family planning clinic, something only married women can get. Sister Julienne is concerned about it promoting pre-marital sex. Dr. Turner says 1 in 10 children in Poplar are born out of wedlock and Shelagh adds that it will help decrease that and the stigma for those children and their mothers. Sister Julienne gets a little mad at former Sister Bernadette saying she thought she would be more moral and her biscuits are too fancy.

photo 2

Nonnatus got word of the pregnant barge lady collapsing and Patsy and Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates) are sent down. Daisy and her family aren’t as mean as some of the other fringe of society families they have tried to help. Daisy takes information about Nonnatus and the clinic from them. She ends up attending and is surprised by what she able to get a clinic. Dr. Turner thinks her having bed rest in the maternity home would be best. After some convincing from Patsy, Shelagh and Sister Winifred she agrees to stay and enroll her four other children in the school.

While they and everyone else is out, Barbara invites over Tom, who has a bunch of hair grease in because he was just at a funeral. They put on one of Trixie’s (Helen George) records and slow dance in the living room. Then they start kissing. Then they start making out, like a lot. His hair grease levels a spot on the wallpaper. They try to wipe it off but can’t and then Sister Julienne gets home and assumes Tom has come to join them for compline.

photo 3

It was cute and funny. And it being these innocent little dorks I was a bit shocked. The stain is spotted during dinner and Barbara fumbles through pretending she doesn’t know anything. Sister Julienne says they are having a seminar with the Turners and Rev. Herawood to discuss birth control and its moral consequences.

The seminar is on a Tuesday, so Trixie doesn’t attend so she can go to AA. She gives another heartfelt monologue about how much she misses drinking sometimes and how she didn’t know who her real friends were when she wasn’t sober. It made me a little concerned because with Patsy spending more time with Delia, Barbara being with Tom and Sister Mary Cynthia still being a nun her friends aren’t spending that much time with her. Can Trixie meet a hot guy in her AA class or a footballer she can bond over fitness with?

photo 4

The seminar goes rather awkwardly. Dr. Turner and Shelagh explain how the pill was introduced in the U.S. a few years ago for menstrual problems and will soon be readily available. Nurse Crane (Linda Bassett) says it will be helpful because it will be the woman’s choice, instead of men who refuse to wear condoms. Sister Julienne said they have to think about the religious angle.

photo 5

She asks Tom’s opinion. He is sitting beside Barbara and gives a bible quote about a man and woman only sleeping with the woman and man they are married to. Patsy calls it irrelevant because contraceptives didn’t exist then. Delia, who is sitting beside Patsy, gives a hypothetical about two 19-year-olds loving each other and giving into the urges they can’t control and saying it shouldn’t ruin their lives and reputations.

photo 1

Sister Julienne is still unsure. Later on, Barbara is going off to deliver Gina’s baby.  Tom follows her out and asks her if she is really for pre-marital sex. She says of course not but it happens and people should have options. She also calls him out for trying to be the moral voice of sex and contraceptives when he knows nothing about the medical side and is uncomfortable talking about it. But, she let’s him kiss her again.

Gina’s delivery talks most of the night. She tells Barbara and Nurse Crane, who came to help, that she doesn’t think Leslie wanted any of this. They were only together three months before they had to get married because she was pregnant. Nurse Crane tells Barbara about her mother being unmarried and that she has used contraceptives herself when she was dating an airman during the war.

photo 2

Later on, Patsy and Delia are spending their night off in the garden behind Nonnatus. Patsy is worried about Daisy’s children, who were getting picked on at school for smelling and having weird clothes. They agree that maybe as a barge family they will never fit in a certain place. Delia then tells Patsy that on their next night off she wants to go to The Gateway Club, which was a really life lesbian club in London in the 1960s.

Patsy says they have talked about it and she doesn’t want to be with other women like them, she just wants to be with Delia. But, Delia wants to and do stuff like hold hands and dance.

photo 3

In the next scene Patsy is not at a lesbian club with her girlfriend, she is helping Daisy’s children with Sister Winifred, of all people. They have given all the children baths and new clothes so they will not be picked on at school. After school, the kids and Daisy’s husband visit her at the maternity home. She is incredibly mad about how they smell and are dressed. She screams at Patsy for trying to take away who they are. Patsy explains that she was only trying to help, but Daisy just yells at her some more.

photo 4

Then a freak storm hits Poplar on the night of a full moon, which is the busiest night for midwives, according to Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt). The power starts going out and Trixie is called to the Turners’ surgery to help because two women have gone into labor at the same time. Trixie runs into a third trying to get there. Nurse Crane is called to Gina and Leslie’s because she is feeling sick and can’t see. Lou, Daisy’s daughter, defies her mother’s wishes and runs to Nonnatus to get Patsy because her mother has gone into labor and isn’t feeling well. Trixie is juggling two deliveries while Tim is out in the hallway keeping the lights on with a hand crank.

photo 5

Gina and Leslie quickly bond over their situation and he refuses to leave her side to wave down the ambulance. Nurse Crane struggles to get them and their baby down the eight flights of stairs, because the power is out and the elevator isn’t working. Patsy arrives at Daisy’s barge. There are a bunch of other women there, who have already taken her husband and three youngest children to their barges. Patsy tells Daisy she doesn’t have to be there if Daisy thinks she can handle it with her friends. Daisy tells her they aren’t her friends they are just other barge women and they look after each other. But they leave, taking a terrified looking Lou with them.

Daisy delivers her baby mostly on her own. She tells Patsy though being an outsider in Poplar and getting her help was nice for a while, being who she is is important especially because she knows she is part of something bigger. Hint, hint, Patsy.

photo 1

The next morning after all the babies were delivered safely, Sister Julienne and Sister Mary Cynthia try to make their way to their rounds but are met with storm damage that Fred (Cliff Parisi) and the CDC are trying to clean up. They also get the surprise return of Sister Evangelina.

photo 2

I’m going to forgive this surprise being in the teaser because their faces and Sister Monica Joan’s later was so great. Sister Evangelina tried to call but the phone line was knocked out, so she quickly strong arms a shop keeper into letting them use his phone. Back at Nonnatus, she tells Sister Julienne she would like to just do the district rounds to start then ease back into midwifery.

Sister Julienne corners her in the garden later and asks her what her real reason is because she has noticed it looks like she can’t move her left arm. She tells her she had a stroke two-months into her stay with the silent order. She regained almost everything but the use of her arm. She sees it as a sign from god that she wasn’t supposed to leave midwifery or Nonnatus because there is where she belongs.

photo 3

Mature Jenny wraps up all the story lines with her voice over. Mature Jenny seems to be getting really specific, have I just never noticed that or is that new? Anyway, Leslie and Gina are actually in love like they are supposed to be and Daisy and her family leave but Sister Winifred is sending school work to the children.

Mature Jenny continues on about finding your place and being were you need to be. We cut between Sister Evangelina hanging out with Sister Monica Joan and Patsy and Delia going to the Gateway Club. They nervously take each other’s hands inside, go to the dance floor, spin around and nearly kiss.

photo 4

I’m not as mad about them not kissing as I was initially. It was still a parallel with Barbara and Tom, who we also saw dance this episode but they could at Nonnatus. Also, Delia said in S4Ep6 that she wanted to dance with Patsy without half of Poplar watching and there had to be somewhere. Patsy told her in S4Ep7 she would find a way for them to be together. So, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Am I annoyed that I have seen Tom grab Barbara’s butt but I haven’t seen Delia kiss Patsy? Yes, yes I am.

But hey, we might get a kiss next week. It looks like Delia and Patsy might be having a story line together. Apparently, Mrs. Busby is going to be in the next episode too. I am nervous about that but excited for the final episode. Whatever happens it can’t be as emotionally destroying as Season 4 Episode 8 was.






One Comment on “Call The Midwife: “Season 5 Episode 7””

  1. evildean says:

    LOL at your memes 🙂 In an interview Kate Lamb did say they filmed a kissing scene, my guess is in Gateways. Too bad it was cut.


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