If you like Call the Midwife watch Bomb Girls

So I have been wanting to do a post about these two shows for a while. I decided to do it now between the British and American airings of Call the Midwife. Season five ended last week and will start airing on PBS in the US on April 3.

I will be writing short posts after the American airings of the episode, but in the meantime I would like to plug one of my other favorite shows. Because if you like Call the Midwife, you will like Bomb Girls.

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I have mentioned Bomb Girls a few times in my CtM posts because it is basically the same thing just following a group of bomb factory workers in Toronto in the 1940s.

Both shows have an excellent ensemble cast of mostly women, feminist overtones, a focus on female friendship, not in your face religious themes and vintage lesbians.

To try and get my point across the best, I am going to do a character comparison.

The Matriarch: Sister Julienne and Lorna Corbett

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In both shows, the focus is on a group of work colleagues and their boss — and very often stand in mom — is the matriarch of their place of employment. But these shows aren’t exactly the same so while Sister Julienne is an incredible wise nun, I don’t want to do too many spoilers so let’s just say, Mrs. Corbett is not.

The Party Girl Blonde: Trixie Franklin and Vera Burr

url   veraburrbombgirlscastlist

Through most of the first season of Call The Midwife, I called Trixie Vera in my head. Both these characters start as party girl blonde archetypes so the show can turn that on its head. Call the Midwife does it slowly over the course of multiple seasons. Bomb Girls does it in the first episode and then builds onto it throughout.

The character that forces me to tolerate religion: Cynthia Miller/Sister Mary Cynthia and Kate Andrews

BryonyHannah   96079fcbf7d4a303b4af0ef3904b8616

Despite me being a Catholic-raised atheist, my two favorite shows have a lot of religion in them. Both of the shows portray the positive and negative sides of religion and force me to realize it might not be all bad because it is rather important to characters I really like.

The knight is shining gay armor: Patsy Mount and Betty McRae

Patsy_cutieee   ali

These are my two favorite fictional characters of all time. I have a soft spot for queer characters in period dramas and actresses who can make me cry with facial expressions.

The innocent fool with good intentions: Barbara Gilbert and Gladys Witham

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I love both of these characters because their naivete about the world and tendency to make fools of themselves makes them both incredibly endearing and I just want good things to happen to them.

The one guy: Tom Hereward and Marco Moretti

Vicar Tom CtM   bombgirls-antoniocupo-main

This one is a bit of a stretch but Bomb Girls has one guy main cast member while Call the Midwife really doesn’t, save for Dr. Turner. I decided to pair Marco with Tom because they both date multiple members of the main cast and are the same age as the nurses/factory workers. Marco starts as a jerk but becomes one of my favorites. I have always been indifferent about Tom.

The awesome doctor-nurse couple: Dr. Patrick and Shelagh Turner and Dr. Nerendra Patel and Sheila Corbett

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Sadly Dr. Patel and Sheila are featured even less than Dr. Turner and Shelagh but they are both great and I would watch spin-offs about them just being awesome medical professionals together.

I left Nurse Crane out go my character comparison because I didn’t know who to compare her with, though from what we seem to know about her background she could have been a character in Bomb Girls. She seems to have either been a war worker or member of the women’s army core the war.

So all that character stuff was because I like character driven dramas, which I feel like both of these are. Bomb Girls is a bit more serialized but making bombs doesn’t create as many different stories as delivering babies does. Bomb Girls is also a bit less ensemble than Call the Midwife, focusing mostly on Gladys, Lorena, Betty and Kate with Marco and Vera being more side characters.

So yes, these shows are not exactly the same, but wouldn’t it be boring if they were? I’m just saying they are similar enough to capture the attention of the same audience. And we do have to wait until December for more Call The Midwife. As a warning for all you complaining Pupcakes fans, prepare yourselves.



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