Call The Midwife 5.1 American Recap

I got too excited about Call The Midwife after the 2015 Christmas Special and could not wait until the American airings to write about it. So I have seen all these episodes already, I have also written a full length post about each of them. This is my American Recap post, which I’m using as an excuse to write about Call The Midwife twice.

Five Things I Loved

1. Recovered Trixie

photo 5

The Christmas Special only skated over a few topics, one of those was Trixie’s season four story arch being summed up by one line about alcohol being bad for the complexion. This episode threw that out the window and devoted a whole lot of time to Trixie. At first it seems like the heavy focus on her Keep Fit class was avoiding her alcoholism story line but we eventually are told that AA and Keep Fit are what has helped her recover and I love that the show as was able to work in her recovery elements in such a perfect way.

2. The tackling of thalidomide

photo 1

The show told us in a simple moment in Season 4 Episode 8 that it would be tackling the issue of thalidomide in the future. This episode did a great job of introducing it and I’m excited for now it continues.

3. Odd pairings

photo 3

This episode had a lot of odd pairings; all four of the nurses, Sister Mary Cynthia and Patsy, Shelagh and Sister Mary Cynthia, the young nurses and Sister Monica Joan, Shelagh and Patsy. They were all great. This show has gradually become more of an ensemble drama over the years and hasn’t paired its multiple characters up in unexpected ways in a long time.

4. Patsy’s amazing dress

photo 4

I was just going to make this the young nurses’ costumes between their Easter outfits and the few bits of non-uniform time they get, because they all look fantastic this episode. But, I had to give a mention to that amazing and maybe I have been watching too much period drama lately, but rather revealing dress that Patsy wore on her date with Delia. Emerald Fennell looked fantastic this episode.

5. Trixie vs. Sister Julienne

photo 1

At first the rivalry between Trixie, the unofficial head nurse, and Sister Julienne, the official head nun, made me a bit uncomfortable. Nobody is allowed to question Sister Julienne. But, Trixie does this episode a lot. They eventually reach an understanding after Trixie defends herself and points out the women of Nonnatus need to look out for all the women of Poplar.

My Complaint


Tom. Tom is the problem I have with this episode. I touched on this (a lot) during my longer posts for this season, but Tom really annoys me in this episode. Of all the women in Poplar you have to go for your ex-fiance’s co-worker/friend that she lives with, Tom? More specifically his dialogue with Barbara with the Easter bonnets before Keep Fit all sounds like some sort of weird insult to Trixie, which how dare you Tom? But, also it felt a bit out of character. Or he might just be that oblivious.


Ah God, Patsy

photo (3)

Ah God, Patsy is going to be the shout out to the moment when Patsy was so god damn gay, I can’t do anything but smile and groan to myself, ‘Ah God, Patsy.’ I’ll probably be adding a Damnit, Delia section later in the season.

This week is was the little gay smirk when Patsy told Trixie she was spending her day off “just seeing a friend.”

Funniest Moment


I’m temped to say any time Sister Monica Joan was on screen. But, everything about her reaction and dialogue after Patsy brings home doughnuts is the funniest moment.

Missing Moments From the American Broadcast

photo 1

This didn’t go as poorly as I thought it might. Two of the cut moments had no baring on the plot, one had a bit and one had a lot.

The first missing moment was a few lines of dialogue Sister Winifred says to Sister Mary Cynthia as they watch the nurses run upstairs to try on their new uniforms. Sister Winifred jokes about their “uniforms” never changing. I like this little moment because Sister Mary Cynthia seems to look a bit sad about not being with the nurses. It doesn’t effect the plot of this episode too much, but it adds a nice element to Sister Mary Cynthia’s story line later in the season.

The second missing moment was just a montage of Danny, the photographer, taking photos of Trixie and Barbara throughout Poplar. No barring on the plot and the episode was fine without it. The third was Rhoda Mullocks telling Patsy she wished she got one of the old nuns so she didn’t have to be embarrassed about her butt. It made me like Rhoda much more but also no baring on the plot.

Same can’t be said about the fourth missing moment. After Mr. Mullocks refused to let Rhoda and Susan back into his house, Sister Mary Cynthia is sewing baby clothes from the charity box to fit Susan with Sister Winifred. Sister Winifred is a bit of a jerk about children with disabilities, then Sister Mary Cynthia tells us she had a brother with disabilities who died when she was a child. That is a great little bit of character building for Sister Mary Cynthia. She has always been great at handling cases with people with disabilities and now we know why.

Also, Sister Winifred tries to speculate and make connects about what happened to Susan, which is important to the plot throughout the season, and she is a bit of a dick, which is also important to her plot line later in the season.




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