Call The Midwife 5.2 American Recap

I got too excited about Call The Midwife after the 2015 Christmas Special and could not wait until the American airings to write about it. So, I have seen all these episodes already. I have also written a full length post about each of them. This is my American Recap post, which I’m using as an excuse to write about the leukemia/romantic subplot episode twice.

Five Things I Loved

1. Strong-willed Sister Mary Cynthia

photo 4

I always enjoy when Sister Mary Cynthia stands up for people, which she did with Connie in this episode. She perfectly handles the mess Sister Evangelina made and then stands up to her to defend Connie and herself well making Sister Evangelina see the error of her ways. And she did all of that without ever getting mad, which is important to her story line later in the season.

2. Perfect ensemble

photo 2

The structure of this episode, which was written by Harriet Warren, was great. Though for most of the episode there were three separate story lines, they all weaved together nicely as the episode progressed. Everyone was used the perfect amount and the perfect way for this episode.

3. Judy Parfitt’s silent acting


Sister Monica Joan walks into Sister Evangelina’s room and starts unpacking her suitcase. It is so simple and silent but Judy Parfitt makes it one of the most emotional scenes in the episode and it was only two lines of dialogue.

4. Trixie and Patsy

photo 2

Trixie and Patsy do not have story lines in this episode but everything they do is so great, which calls back to the ensemble thing. They act as big sisters to Barbara in their first scene. They act as the cool, younger friends to Nurse Crane and then they are weaved into the two main plots. Also their silent glances and looks at each other during this episode nearly kill me. It also tells us that Patsy hasn’t told Trixie about Delia and Trixie hasn’t told Patsy about AA, but they both seem like they might know.

5. Patsy sums up most of what’s going on in a few lines of dialogue

photo 3

“I shan’t ask you a thing about it but we don’t need to pretend nothing happened. People do that much too often and it is utterly exhausting.”

My Complaint (if I have to get nitpicky) 


There was a severe lack of Turners in this episode. But, I could say that for most episodes. Truly, I didn’t have many problems with this episode. I thought it was pretty great.

Ah God, Patsy 


It was hard to pick Patsy’s gayest moment this week because all she does is wear checkered shirts and say spectacularly gay things. But I have to go with her smoking a cigarette, wearing a checkered shirt and nervously looking at her friends at they talk about not having boyfriends.

Funniest Moment

photo 1

Nurse Crane had most of the funny moments this episode. My favorite was her panicking to tell the Spanish teacher to call her Miss Crane instead of Phyllis.

Missing Moments from the American Broadcast 

The missing moments didn’t have as much baring on the plot as they did last week. The first was a scene of Barbara, Trixie and Patsy having lunch near the docks. Trixie wishes they were somewhere most glamorous and then Patsy notices Barbara looks distracted. Barbara says she isn’t as good at helping patients as they are. They tell her she just needs some more battle scars. She says she has them, but just doesn’t like to show them.

I get why the scene was cut, the scene with the three of them in Trixie and Patsy’s bedroom pretty much says the same thing. But, the docks scene starts off Barbara’s story line nicely and gives a more concrete reason for Trixie and Patsy’s big sister like behavior toward Barbara.

That was the only full scene that was cut. Trixie and Barbara helping Stella go into labor was shortened, as was Dr. Turner sitting with Johnny in The London.



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