Call The Midwife 5.3 American Recap

I got too excited about Call The Midwife after the 2015 Christmas Special and could not wait until the American airings to write about it. So, I have seen all these episodes already. I have also written full length posts about each of them. This is my American Recap, which I am using as an excuse to write about the typhoid episode twice.

Missing Moments from the American Broadcast

I usually start these posts with the Five Things I Loved, but I needed to change the order this week because almost all of my favorite moments were cut from this episode, as was what I planned for My Complaint and Ah God, Patsy (the gayest moment).

Time marker 4:15 to 6:50 in this video is all the missing scenes from this episode. And yes that video is a compilation of all the Patsy and Delia scenes from this season, but those scenes also had a whole lot of baring on the plot this week. Especially with how typhoid is not just another case for Patsy.

The first is the only one I feel like could have been cut and it would not have effected too much. Patsy is helping Delia set up her room. Patsy put some flowers in a vase and tells Delia she waited a long time to look at them with her. Delia says they are under the same roof just like they had planned, then jokes about all the others, including “quite a few nuns” who are there too. It was cute, it was funny, but I’m fine with it being cut.

photo 4

In the second scene was so much more important. Patsy gets home from handling the typhoid case and has to explain what happened to Trixie, Delia, Barbara and Shelagh in the kitchen. Shelagh is hanging out with the nurses, which we usually don’t get to see. Also, Delia has integrated perfectly into life at Nonnatus. Patsy is looking sad about talking how hard typhoid is to treat and how quickly it can spread. Delia tries to take Patsy’s hand but she freaks and pulls away. The other three look confused and Delia excuses herself. Trixie then tells Patsy, like maybe she is piecing it together, that that was rude and she should go apologize.

With that scene being cut, I figured this one would be too since they lead into each other. Patsy goes into Delia’s room crying and says she’s sorry.  Delia apologizes for referencing the camp, but she knew she had to be thinking of her mother and sister. Patsy tells her she was and she didn’t know how to let her comfort her with everyone around. Delia offers to leave and Patsy tells her no because she almost lost her once. Delia reminds her that she didn’t. Then Delia holds Patsy as she starts to cry.

photo (2)

Let me throw all my Patsy and Delia shipper feels aside for a moment and say those scenes were still important to this episode and the season as a whole. Without them Patsy only has one line about the camp and what happened to her mother and sister. And for a casual viewer that is probably not enough to remind them about Patsy’s backstory, which we have not had a direct reference to since 3.7, Patsy’s second episode as a recurring character.

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s try to get this recap back on track.

Five Things I Loved 

1. Sister Winifred is still a jerk

photo 4
I have very complex feelings about Sister Winifred. I like her because she is usually silly, goofy and fun but then she says something judgmental and I remember she is a judgmental, homophobic asshole and I hate her. So, I like Sister Winifred because I hate her but somethings she makes me forgot that I hate her. So, shout out Victoria Yeates, I feel like you never get enough credit. I thought that since Sister Winifred had one of the focuses this episode it would shy away from her asshole-ness and make her a bit more likable. But, it didn’t and actually used her judgmental jerkness to its advantage and I really liked that.

2. That was good world building

photo 3

I’m glad we got to spend more time than ever in the school this week. It is next door to Nonnatus but we never have really been inside it. Also, Miss Dawkins, the headmistress, that Dorothy had to speak with was the same character and actress that Barbara spoke to in 4.5. So good continuity, Call The Midwife.

3. Emerald Fennell’s face acting

photo 2

I would have given Emerald Fennell much more credit for this episode, but about a third of her scenes were cut. So, I’m going with face acting because when she is showing the new flat to Mag she is so emotionally invested and caring it almost makes up for the fact that her talking about her experience was cut from the episode.

4. The humor

photo 4

The episode needed to balance out a school teacher who lost everything and a local family dealing with typhoid with some levity and it did really well with that. Sister Monica Joan was hilarious this episode between eating all of Violet’s jam and replanting the weeds. And though I’m not the biggest fan of Barbara and Tom, I did think Barbara freaking out all episode was rather funny.

5. The music

photo (4)

This episode had a good mix of 1960s music and religious music. There were a few musical montages and I always like when the show uses the nuns singing over a montage.

My Complaint 

photo 3

Who edits these episodes for you, PBS? If you can’t tell that is my complaint for this episode. I don’t want to make this a Patsy and Delia vs. Barbara and Tom issue, but every scene about Barbara and Tom’s date was kept while every scene, expect for Delia’s arrival scene, was cut. I am not putting this on Call The Midwife. If I am mad at anyone here, it is PBS and maybe the American public as a whole. Also, Delia was only in about 25 seconds of this episode and if the scenes I think are going to be cut from next week are those 25 seconds are all Delia gets before she is given a bit of her own story line. And it is going to seem more out of the blue than it does with seeing the full episodes.

Ah God, Patsy 

photo 1

Everything that was cut!

Funniest Moment 

photo 4

Sister Monica Joan and the jam.



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