Call The Midwife 5.6 American Recap

I got too excited about Call The Midwife after the 2015 Christmas Special and could not wait until the American airings to write about it. So, I have seen all these episodes already. I have also written full length posts about each. This is my American Recap, which I am using as an excuse to write about the best episode of the season twice.

Nine Things I Loved (because five isn’t enough this week) 

1. Bryony Hannah


I was tempted to make her 1 through 5, but I’m just going to cover every aspect of her performance because holy shit she was fantastic. From the nervous, youngest nun that she is early in the episode to the incredibly skilled midwife she is during the middle part to the amazing levels of emotion, guilt and strength in the ending part, it was all so great.

2. Angry Sister Mary Cynthia


As I said in my full post, I didn’t realize until this episode that in five seasons we had never seen Sister Mary Cynthia/Cynthia angry. It is the only the second time this show has had a character yell at another and I have genuinely thought it was too private and I shouldn’t be seeing it.

3. Broken Sister Mary Cynthia


This scene gets me every time. I love that it is Sister Monica Joan that Sister Mary Cynthia losses it in front of, because whenever one of the nuns is desperate for comfort or advice Sister Monica Joan is there. Also, I love that Judith’s dialogue in the next scene overlaps and the first part of sometimes babies cry line plays over Sister Monica Joan holding Sister Mary Cynthia.

4. Sister Mary Cynthia and Nurse Franklin


Though I love Trixie and Patsy, Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia is my favorite friendship on this show. It has been around since the beginning and it is so complicated and different than it used to be. I am a horrible sucker for Sister Mary Cynthia and Trixie being awesome professional ass midwives together.

5. Sister Mary Cynthia and Trixie


These two working together is so fantastic I’m not sure I can put into words how great emotional moments between the two of them are. The anger in Sister Mary Cynthia’s voice and the sadness in Trixie’s during this scene at the table is one of the reasons this is the best episode of the season. And that on top of Trixie holding back while Sister Julienne and Barbara don’t understand why they should be makes me want to cry again.

6. This moment in the hallway


This moment felt like such a throwback, I was actually confused for a moment when Patsy calls Sister Mary Cynthia “Sister.” It felt like such a season three moment and might be the one of the first times we have gotten the three season three nurses together in a very long time. See 5 and 6 for my feelings on Trixie nearly crying as she pleads with Sister Mary Cynthia to just not lock the bathroom door.

7. The cinematography in these shots

This was beautiful


This was horrible


This was more horrible


8. This guy wasn’t a big deal


I like that almost no time was dedicated to the attacker. All we know is that he was Soviet and did some jail time. It was a great way for the show to make a story like this about the women and show that it doesn’t have to be some monster of a man.

9. Sgt. Noakes’ dedication to the law


Though it makes him seem cold sometimes, I do really like Sgt. Noakes dedication to the law. It has never waived and is a good consistent character trait for him.

My Complaint (if I have to get nitpicky)


 I only have one complaint about this episode. I wish it was Trixie, instead of Barbara, in Sister Mary Cynthia’s examine scene. Everything Sister Mary Cynthia says in that scene is so religious, which doesn’t raise any conflict or issue with vicar’s daughter, super religious Barbara. But it would raise an issue with non-religious Trixie and it would reference the wedge that was driven between the two of them during season four because of Cynthia becoming a nun. Of course Trixie wouldn’t say anything about it but she would make a subtle facial expression and we would know.

Ah God, Patsy/Damnit, Delia (The gayest moment) 


They are domestic as hell and wear coordinated colors. So really anytime they are are on screen this episode. And of course that late night “card game” that messed up Patsy’s always perfect hair.

Funniest Moment


Any time the Turners are on screen is pretty hilarious, but Patsy, Trixie, Barbara and Sister Winifred trying not to laugh at them is pretty great.

Missing Moments from the American Broadcast 

IMG_3014It was going to be Ten Things I Loved but PBS cut the scene with all the young nurses in the kitchen, so I had to removed Patsy and Delia being domestic from the list because they are much less domestic in the PBS edit.

So in that cut scene, Barbara comes home from helping Lizzie and talks with Patsy and Delia in the kitchen. They had stayed up and made drinks because Delia needed help sewing her dress. Patsy tells her she should still go to the police. Delia gives her some words of encouragement when she feels she didn’t do enough to help. Trixie comes home from “art history.” Delia says she must get emotional about it because it looks like she has been crying. Trixie makes up a lie to cover up her AA meetings.

This scene is a lot like the cut porch steps scene from 5.4. There is a lot of Patsy and Delia but it is also a great display of the dynamic between the young nurses. Also, I love when the either Patsy, Trixie or Delia give big sister advice to Barbara.

That was the only cut that I felt hurt the episode. The others were fine. During the senior luncheon, Patsy helps Tim and Shelagh get the cub gear for the camping trip. There is also a cut scene of the Turners packing up that gear. Also, Sister Monica Joan was fasting because she said she has little joys and needs to give up something to the lord so cake clearly.




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