Speculation and hopes for Call The Midwife Season Six

The American airings of Call The Midwife have now ended. Meaning there is more than six months until there is new Call The Midwife or even episodes I have already seen airing with terrible edits in the U.S. So, I decided to write out my speculations and hopes for season six.

Things 5.8 set up 

Thalidomide is not over 

photo 1

The thalidomide story line was great. I like that the show as able to a season long medical arch. Rhoda and Susan Mullock were a great way to simplify and humanize a larger issue. Everything surrounding thalidomide started slowly coming to the surface and I don’t think we are done with the issue. The last time it is mentione Rhoda and Dr. Turner both seemed to take the blame for the issue. I would love to see Rhoda back, but if we don’t Dr. Turner and Shelagh are going to have to deal with this sometime.

Lesbians in Paris

photo 3

Patsy is taking Delia to Paris for her holiday in the spring. Spring is usually the second, third or fourth episode of the season. And with most of the show travelling to South Africa for the Christmas special, I have a lot of hope for the Paris trip. Take the production to Paris or build a Paris looking set, I don’t care, just please show us it and don’t have Patsy and Delia just be missing for an episode when they are off being “thick as thieves” in Paris.

Delia is the new midwife 

photo 4

Okay maybe this belongs in the speculation section, but Delia said she might be enrolling in a midwifery course. Also, it is more rewarding than male surgical and is what her girlfriend and everyone she lives with does. Throughout season five there were little hints about Nonnatus being understaffed; Nurse Crane apologizes for having to give Trixie so many night shifts in a row, Nurse Crane introduces a new charting system to keep everyone more organized and everyone being out on rounds lead to Delia’s story line in 5.5 and the Barbara and Tom make out session in 5.7.

A lot of that was because of Sister Evangelina not being there and now that she is still no longer there, someone is going to have to fill her spot and the extra position Nonnatus seems to need.

“Let’s see what Father Christmas brings” 

photo 2

That is a strange thing for you to say to Trixie in probably late October or early November, Nurse Crane. It was rather on-the-nose set up, but whatever it excited me. One of the big themes for Trixie in season five, which she states in 5.8, is that she doesn’t know where she belongs anymore. So, I guess she is going to find it during the Christmas special.

Thoughts on things we actually know 

Christmas in South Africa 


Most of the characters are going to in South Africa to help out at a hospital there for the Christmas special and production actually moved to outside of Cape Town to film it. And by “most of” I mean everyone expect for Sister Monica Joan, Sister Mary Cynthia, the Turner children and Patsy and Delia. I am super excited about this because the South Africa story line seems really interesting. It is also late 1961, so that is right in the middle of apartheid. But, I really hope we still get part of the episode back in Poplar because with that being who is left behind at Nonnatus this Christmas special might be even gayer than the last one, which was pretty god damn gay.

Chummy is back

photo 2

Miranda Hart is coming back as a full-time cast member for season six. I am not sure how I feel about this. Clearly, I like Miranda Hart and I always liked Chummy, but I don’t know if she needs to come back. This show is different than it was in season three, the last time Chummy was always around, and I don’t know if she fits into the narrative anymore. Also, in Chummy’s absence I have grown really attached to everyone else from Patsy and Trixie all the way down to Violet.

But then again, should I be doubting this show? It hit a lesbian with a car and then completely redeemed itself within two episodes and actually made me like that that happened. So, Chummy’s return will probably be great.

Rumors and speculations

Why does everyone think Trixie is leaving?

photo 5

I hope this is just some terrible rumor with no truth behind it because why does everyone still think Helen George is leaving? She can’t leave. I love Trixie too much. This was a fear through most of the latter half of season five because of this photo that was posted on Helen’s Instagram and then taken down:


Because that looks like a funeral scene that Helen is not in, which lead to everyone thinking she was going to die in 5.6 or 5.8 But:


I thought we were done with this. But now everyone is thinking Trixie is going to find where she belongs in South Africa and possibly stay in South Africa. I don’t want to say I would hate that because as I said above this show can make me like lesbians being hit by cars, but I don’t want Trixie to leave. Miranda Hart coming back after being MIA for more than a season does give me hope that if Helen George decides to take some time off we will still see her again.

When is someone going to find out about Patsy and Delia?

photo 4

I recently re-watched 4.3 with my aunt who is getting into the show and was reminded of one of my favorites moments in Patsy and Trixie’s friendship. Patsy is asking Trixie in their room if she is the only one who doesn’t hate the queers. Trixie asks her why she cares so much, Patsy gives a weak response and turns off the light. Trixie peers into the darkness like she might realizing something then takes a drink. That was more than a season ago and still nobody (save for Mrs. Busby) knows about Patsy and Delia.

Trixie isn’t that high on my list of people who have worked it out anymore, because Nurse Crane and Sister Monica Joan clearly know. I loved the subtly and reluctant acceptance of Mrs. Busby. Can we have some other scenes like that in season six? Of course with more acceptance, I don’t think anyone is going to a jerk about it. Well, expect for Sister Winifred.

Out there hopes

Non-white midwife


This hope might not be that out there. I have seen this a few times of people wanting a non-white new midwife. I don’t think it is going to happen in season six because our new midwife slots seem like they are going to be filled with Chummy and Delia. But, if we get actual new midwives later on it would be cool to see a Sylheti or African midwife.

Father’s Day episode 

photo 2

This has just been a weird hope of mine for a while, but I really want to see an episode where all the nurses and maybe the young nuns’ father come to Poplar for some reason. Multiple of the characters have mentioned their fathers many times while barely ever speaking of their mothers. I want to see the dynamics between the main characters and their fathers. And I really want to see Welsh draper shop owner Mr. Busby, international businessman Mr. Mount and Rev. Gilbert interact with each other. I doubt Mr. Franklin would show, if he is even alive, but that would create a really good story line for Trixie.

3 Comments on “Speculation and hopes for Call The Midwife Season Six”

  1. I know that Helen George is doing a play and won’t be starting to film (aside from the Christmas special South Africa parts that are already done) until sometime in July. I do believe there is one block of episodes filming now-ish, though at this moment, Kate Lamb is not there – she’s currently in Italy on a cycling fundraiser tour for refugees that’s been travelling through Europe; she did a stint there in the UK, did some work, then returned to the journey. Nutty girl is doing about 100-120 kilometres/day. 🙂 Kate’s twitter: https://twitter.com/Lamb_Tales


  2. Just wondering – what makes you say Nurse Crane and Sr. Monica Joan “clearly know” about Patsy and Delia? Was there something cut by PBS that isn’t in the vimeo Patsy+Delia compilations? Having spent time living in a monastery and with an understanding of how monastic sexuality works, I’m more inclined to think Sr. Julienne knows rather than Sr. Monica Joan and is treating it like a “particular friendship”. Not sure about Nurse Crane, but she wouldn’t be shocked at all. Girls got up to all sorts in The War, no one cared as long as they were discreet and went back to men or spinsterhood when it was all over. Interested to know what I missed!


    • mal1991 says:

      Well, it seems like you have a much better real life perspective than I could ever have. You haven’t missed anything. I guess I’m viewing it from more of a story telling perspective. For Nurse Crane, I always felt the way she repeated Patsy’s line about not keeping secrets from 5.2 back to her in 5.3 was a way of saying she understood. I’ve always thought the way she looked at Patsy in 4.8 after she wasn’t able to get an answer from the hospital about Delia seemed to have an extra level of understanding. But, I’m probably adding too much weight to all of this.

      With Sister Monica Joan, I feel like that conversation she has about milk with Delia in 5.5 is so filled with subtext she has to know. But that might be all in how Kate Lamb and Judy Parfitt played it. Also, she is just casually hanging out with them in the tv watching scene in 5.6 and they weren’t hiding anything in that scene.


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