About Marika

My name is Marika and I am a 25-year-old journalist working in Ohio. While in college I decided I wanted to try my hand at something different than writing about court cases and small town news.

That something is movie and T.V. reviews. Reviewing is always something I have wanted to do, so I thought I would give it a try. I will review T.V. shows weekly and movies whenever I get the chance to see new ones. I will also sometimes blog about random topics, such shows I randomly watch.

So, that was a little information about me. But, you are here for reviews. So, for you to get a feel for the type of T.V. I like and hate, I have posted my five favorite shows and five things I hate about T.V. below.

Five Favorite Show

1.  mezzanine_792.jpg.resize.800x450 Call The Midwife

2. bomb-girls-5 Bomb Girls

3. orphan-black Orphan Black

4.  parks-recreation__140511162301 Parks and Recreation

5. lead_large The Fall

Five Things I Hate about T.V.

1. 201Mulan1 The rampant racism and homophobia in Once Upon A Time

2.  Science-fiction shows never making it past their second season

3. A-few-of-The-100 High-school parts getting casted by 20-somethings

4. 400px-OhioLocation Ohio always being the go-to middle of nowhere state

5. 2000px-USA_flag_on_television.svg The too long 22-episode American television season

One Comment on “About Marika”

  1. Kimberley A Medina says:

    when will you be doing Reviews on Season 6 OUAT. I love your reviews of them and i also think that SQ should be endgame. I dont like Emma with hook and me and some of my friends find him to be a pretenious jerk who treats Emma like garbage.


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