Bones: “The Fury in the Jury”



Grade: C+

Airdate: 11/15/13

In Bones first episode after its switched to Fridays it did something it hasn’t done in a really long time; courtroom drama. I would have liked to have seen the team in the courtroom because those episodes are always great. Sadly, this was only Bones (Emily Deschanel), who was a jury for a professional soccer player that was accused of killing him wife. The took a few seconds at the end to try to justify how Bones ended up on the jury, but I wish it would have been at the beginning. It would be very unlikely that Bones or any other member of the team would be selected for a jury because lawyers don’t like to pick people who understand the justice system too much. So, Bones definitely would have been out.

Not thinking it usually something I like to reserve for Once Upon A Time, so Bones begin on the jury bugged me through the whole episode. While Bones is away, Daisy (Carla Gallo) takes her place in the lab. The team has a body that was found in the harbor, wrapped in a tarp. It takes the team longer than usual to identify the body because the skull was crushed. When they do it turns out to be the star witness, who has switched sides, in Bones’ trial.

The conflicting story lines was done well. Bones keeps making sure the jurors remember that he has to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The show plays the case out to be a George Zimmerman or OJ Simpson or someone else that society already thinks is guilty. But, Bones drives home the reasonable doubt thing. Sadly, Booth (David Boreanaz) and the squints are getting more and more evidence that make it seem like the soccer player killed the witness too. Bones and the jurors just think he didn’t show.

After the soccer player is found not guilty, Booth has to tell Bones about the witness’ murder. She feels responsible for letting him get away with the first one. Booth said they will caught him this time. The team finds all the evidence they need, Sweets (John Francis Daley) is able to get it out of the soccer player’s sister that she started to kill the witness because she didn’t want her brother to go to jail. But, she couldn’t finish it and called her brother for help. So, they caught him the second time around.

There was also a minor story line in this episode about Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) missing identity. Angela (Michaela Conlin) does a bunch of hacker stuff and is able to find security footage of the person and it turns out to be Cam’s college roommate. That was a random reveal. I was hoping for her sister or some other character we hadn’t seen for while to cook up some more drama. It seemed like a missed opportunity for drama and more mystery.

It was an all right episode. Bones is never usually a show I have to ignore real life facts I know so that was weird. Cam’s minor story line was rather boring. I enjoyed it fine, but it probably wasn’t exciting enough to keep any new or causal viewers during the Friday night death slot.

Bones: “The Dude in the Dam”


Grade: B-

Airdate: 11/11/13

Last week for my Bones post, I went on a little bit of a rant about how the Temperance Brennan book series isn’t even close to as good as the show. Well, Kathy Reichs wrote this episode of Bones. This episode again focused on a lot on Bones’ (Emily Deschanel) writing career, which had not been mention for a rather long time before these two episodes. Also, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) story line was pretty stupid. But, I should have expected that. The supporting characters in the books I have read are not that great. With all of that said though, the case was interesting and felt different than it usually does in a good way. The suspects kept coming back and we talked to so many people different times that I can’t even remember who the second seemingly innocent person was.

We start with a body being found inside a beaver dam. It is a part-time model/sperm donor named Nolan. Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley) question his girlfriend, some of the parents, his trainer, his other girlfriend and a pissed off parent. It was a lot more people than usually and not one person stayed the main suspect for very long, which was a refreshing change.

Because Bones spends most of the episode in her author story line, Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) do most of the bone-related fact finding. Eventually, they figure out with Hodgins’ help that the victim was killed with a three-sided hoe. And his junk was targeted, so they think it must have been a woman. The two girlfriends become suspects again and the pregnant one did it because he wasn’t going to raise the kid with her. He likes making babies, but not raising babies.

Bones is busying dealing with a PR stunt feud with another crime writer. Bones doesn’t realize the who thing is a set up and takes the experience as a chance to try to be better in social situations. The another writer ends up telling Bones who she calls Tempie — get out of the writers room, Kathy — that it was all a game and her own fans are idiots. So, the whole thing made Bones look good and proved that she is a better writer.  Now go buy Kathy Reichs’ book that come out in August. Wait, was this episode just a PR stunt?

I don’t know if I even want to talk about Hodgins giving birth to the fly that was living in his neck. There is a line of absurd you can go to, show. You crossed it. But, shout out to Wendell for making enough jokes of it to almost be OK.

I feel like it is always a hit or miss with Kathy Reichs. This episode was mostly a miss. But, to make up for it Bones will also be airing again on Friday this week and then switching to airing on Fridays.

Bones: “The Nazi on the Honeymoon”


Grade: B

Airdate: 11/3/13

Bones really seemed to dedicate itself to the honeymoon theme and the spent most of its time in Buenos Aires where Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) were having their honeymoon. It only takes until the second scene for Bones to get tired of relaxing and for them to be recruited to help solve a murder.

They start working with their Argentinian counterparts. Bones’ is corner Dr. Leticia Perez, played by Angela Alavarado, who was documented the victims of the Dirty Wars when Bones realized one body was not killed 30 years ago. Booth’s is inspector Raphael Valenza, played by Joaquim de Alemida who is always Ramon Salazar from season three of 24 for me. He is also a huge fan of Bones’ books and tells us that Booth, or his character Agent Andy,  is a police legend in Argentina.

It has been a long time since they worked with anyone who was a fan of the books. So long that I have never gotten to include that time about two years ago that I read a few of them while visiting my aunt over Winter Break. They are not that great compared to the show. Actually, the one that was basically season three was good. The rest were just terrible. I’m a little confused how the show is so great since its original source is bad.

Anyway, the team in Buenos Aires and the Jeffersonian crew identify the victim as a rich 90-year-old with a super hot wife. She is the only suspect for most of the time. The facts of the case get more interesting as Clark (Eugene Byrd) figured out, with the technology Bones is lacking, that the victim spent a lot of time around Nazi gas. The episode threw in a lot of good history of Nazis fleeing to South America.

Booth and Raphael find a wine cellar filled with Nazi memorabilia in the victim’s basement. A chest of gold bars is missing and the team figures out one of the bars was the murder weapon. The killer seemed to come out of the left field again, which was okay because it was almost the wife who was also the second seemingly innocent person we met. Bones could tells that Perez was related to the victim. She had dedicated her lives working to identify innocent people killed in the Dirty Wars and killed the grandfather after she found out he did the same in with the Nazis.

Mixed in with a well thought out and history driven case was everyone getting on Booth and Bones for working during their honeymoon, Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) looking after Michael-Vincent and Christine making them want a second child, and lots of espresso drinking.

Bones has been chilling in a perfect combination of cuteness, violence and emotion so far this season. After nine years, the show seems to understand its place and what its fans expect of it. I don’t really get as excited about it as I do with other shows, because my mind is hardly ever blown but it is always a fun ride. But, for an unexpected Bones experience go read one of the books and try to figure out how this good of a TV crime fighting team come from two not so great book characters.

Bones: “The Woman in White”


Grade: A+

Airdate: 10/21/13

It was the wedding episode of Bones, the only grade I could have possibly given it was an A+. As Bones (Emily Deschanel) said in this episode we have waited a long time. Everything about this episode was just fun and perfect. It got me to cry during the wedding, the murder was interesting, it had the regular goofy Bones elements and every possible guest star imaginable.

The episode starts with the team running through the rehearsal for the wedding. It was already almost too exciting and to show the audience that the show felt the same Hodgins (TJ Thyne) tells Angela (Michaela Conlin) she can’t cry yet its only the rehearsal. Then everyone’s phone rings and Bones says they have to take the case. As Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones drive off to the lab and FBI, Hodgins decides to make a wedding poll, for people place bets on how long it is going to take to postpone it because of the case. That was a good running joke.

The victim was killed in the 1970s and found in an area that used to be a college. She has lots of injuries and a old letter in her pocket, but Bones hardly gets time to work on the case before Angela sweeps her off to appointments. Cam (Tamara Taylor) recruits Clark (Eugene Byrd) to be the acting Bones and calls in all the squintern, except Finn, to help with the case. They pretty much replace the team and are all jealous of Arastoo (Pej Vadhat) because he is the only one invited to the wedding, but just as Cam’s plus one.

Everyone is rushed so the pace goes pretty quickly. Booth and Bones both adorably want everything to be perfect for the other person and don’t really care about the stuff they want. For instance, Bones is more worried when the church caught fire because Booth really wanted it in the church. Booth is at first against Angela and Hodgins’ emergency and mostly secret wedding plan because Bones had everything planned out.

The squinterns figure out that the victim, a college library, was killed by an English professor because she had a work altering Emily Dickenson letter in her pocket. Bones thanks all of them for helping and then invites them to the wedding. None of them have clothes, but Hodgins raided the history of fashion exhibit, which explained why they all looked like ultra hipsters in the promo pictures.

The emergency wedding, which was only delayed a day so Max (Ryan O’Neal) won the poll, took place in the courtyard outside the Jeffersonian. It was all beautiful and cute and had all the guest stars, from Miss Julian (Patrica Belcher) to Booth’s grandpa, Avalon played by Cyndi Lauper, a much older Parker and was officiated by Aldo (Mather Zickel). But with all the guest stars, Booth’s brother, Jared, and Bone’s brother, Russ, were not there. I guess we were supposed to not notice that. Christine was also never show, but you know child actors are expensive.

Booth torn up the vows he originally wrote and talked about how hard he tried he could never get away from Bones. She read the letter she wrote when she was trapped in the car by the Gravedigger. It was all about how much she loved Booth even thought it wasn’t rational. And wow that was season two. Bones loved him that long with admitting it? Awww.

It was cute, it was what I was hoping for after nine years of waiting and I’m excited to see how the season moves forward from this point.

Bones: “The Lady on the List”


Grade: B

Airdate: 10/14/16

Last week on Bones a serial killer was killed off and Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) got engaged, again. I was not expecting anything crazy or out of the ordinary from this episode and that is what I got. Sometimes I like the predictability of this show and sometimes I get annoyed with it. It was all right this episode.

It did start in a rather textbook Bones sort of way. Booth and Bones are repelling down a cliff and stop with a mutilated murder victim hanging between them. They have two conversations at once. One being about the murder and the other about plans for their wedding and if they want to let anyone held them plan it. Booth says no because if he wants pigs in a blanket at his wedding he is going to have it and Bones doesn’t like being told what to do.

The victim ends up being a high school principal who had terminal cancer and made inspiration web videos, which he sold for $2 a video. I thought that was weird, why not just put them on Youtube? It turns out the guy was trying to get rich quick before he died, like a boring Walter White.

The victim also had an extremist bucket list and that was why he died rock climbing. That creates a bucket list theme with every character making one, including squintern Dr. Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman). Somehow I missed everyone episode Wells had been in before and I am glad because I really don’t like him. I get that he is supposed to be brash and an asshole version of Bones, but really he was just pissing me off.

The running comical conflict is that the FBI is testing out a profiling computer program called VAL. Booth wasn’t supposed to tell Sweets (John Francis Daley) about it but he did and was competing against it all episode. Booth and even Bones at one point said nobody or nothing could replace Sweets. The program ended up thinking the killer was a former school employee that was arrested after the victim reported her for stealing from the school. But, she watched his videos and realized he was just doing what he thought was right.

Sweets got it right and it was the victims son-like friend who killed him because he wasn’t getting a cut of the web series money even though he helped the most.

The big wedding was not talked about that much. Bones asked Angela (Michaela Conlin) to be her maid of honor and I’m a little surprised that Angela acted surprised. I’m mean, Booth will make Sweets his best man next episode. There was two very cute scenes with Bones admitting that she was hurt that Angela stopped trusting Booth for a while. Of course, Bones never actually said it but Angela and the audience could understand. Also, Bones picked out a wedding dress from a bridal magazine when she was eight and still had it. Angela approved, Bones said it was the only thing she wanted help with and the scene was super touching.

Maybe the other shows I have been watching have been too exciting and unpredictable lately, but I just really couldn’t get too excited about this episode. It was good, but nothing surprised me.

Bones: “The Sense in the Sacrifice”


Grade: A

Airdate: 10/7/13

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to give this episode of Bones a grade or not. As soon as the two climaxes, which were both rather predictable, happened I thought it seemed too simple. But then I thought maybe that was the point. Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) were already engaged for a time, so Booth’s proposal was simple. And like how Bones did out of the blue and with beef jerky, Booth did it as soon as he could outside an abandon factory in Maryland.

Palent’s (Andrew Leeds) death was also simple. Booth just shot him and he died instantly. For a serial killer that was never as creepy as Gormagon or as scary as the Gravedigger, but always had me more paranoid i thought his death would have been more spectacular. After some consideration, I think simple was the point. Palent has been terrorizing every member of the team, killed numerous people and showed he was smarter than the entire team. At times he was everywhere and nowhere, he walked into the Jeffersonian just to show Bones he could walk right out and he once wiped out his entire identity so he could just walk out of the FBI. At times, he seemed bigger than a person, a undefeatable focus that was destroying the lives of all our favorite characters. But in the end, he was just a man and one that Booth killed in one shot.

Before Bones and Booth finally defeated Palent in an abandoned factory in Maryland, he was still on the loose and they were trying to smoke him out. The episode opens very well with Angela (Michaela Conlin) upping the security and the rest of the team taking a freshly dead body and turning it into a faux Palent kill. Miss Julian (Patrica Belcher) and Booth don’t like the idea but it is starting to seem like the only way. Agent Flynn (Reed Diamond), who survived the attack by Palent last season, takes the body and is told to hide it as part of the plan.

The team is then called to the scene of their fake murder. They are acting like everything is normal until Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Bones notice something weird about the body. it isn’t their body. Bones starts rattling off remodeled injuries and Booth knows its Flynn. Palent is still one step ahead of them.

And he continues to be for most of the episode. The team starts to blame themselves for what happened to Flynn and Cam (Tamara Taylor) has to remind them that Palent did it. Booth voices the same concerns to priest turned bartender Aldo (Mather Zickel). Yay, Aldo came back. But, he thinks someone on the team was working with Palent. No, not another Zack and Gormagon. A bunch of evidence starts landing on Flynn as the traitor but Booth refuses to believe it. Bones adorably also doesn’t because he does. Aww.

Palent keeps playing mind games with everyone. He just appears in limbo while Bones is looking at an old body that had the same injures as Flynn’s. Palent just appears like a horror movie villain and tells Bones he is about to solve a serial killer case she couldn’t. Bones looks into that and ends up finding Palent’s secret location, shortly before the rest of the team does. Booth rushes out after them.

Sweets (John Francis Daley) told us early in the episode that Palent end goal is t seduce Bones and replace Booth. It seemed a little weird and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I mean it sort of makes sense, but serial killer’s don’t usually have motives on Bones and that makes it better. So, Palent is saying all kinds of creepy comments to Bones and she pulls a guy on him. Meanwhile, Booth is sneaking in and being all stealthy. Palent eventually leads Bones in front of Booth and says the transmitter he is holding is going to blow the whole building. But, he pulled the fake transmitter trick earlier and Bones calls his bluff. Then, Booth just shots him and that quickly it is all over.

They then walk outside, Booth explains why he had to break off the engagement and proposes to her in a super cute way as everyone back at the Jeffersonian is watching through security footage on the Angelatron. It was so cute, which isn’t something I should be saying about sometime that happens moments after my second favorite serial killer is killed. But I can and that is why I love you, Bones. 

Bones: “El Carnicero en el Coche”


Grade: B-

Airdate: 9/30/13

This week’s episode of Bones was very case heavy. And as you can probably tell from the title of the episode, it had a Hispanic gang violence theme. It means “The Butcher in the Car,” for those of you who had no idea what it meant. Yeah, I took German. So, Hispanic gang violence and Sweets (John Francis Daley) was really all this episode was about. Aside from Booth (David Boreanaz) spending a few scenes trying to save his bromance with Sweets, the teams from Law and Order: SVU, NCIS or any other cop drama could have been rotated in and not much would have changed. It was a good episode of Bones, but sometimes it just didn’t feel that much like Bones. 

Of course one utterly Bones thing was Sweets big episode-ending announcement last week did not last that long. Booth tracked him done working in a community center in a rough-looking part of D.C. He says he will only help Booth if the case absolutely cases for it. So, he is back in the FBI within about 15 minutes, but wearing a visitor’s badge. He still doesn’t want to come back because Palent used his case files to get two people killed.

The team is called to a body inside a burned up and falling apart car. The guy in the car ends up being a gang hitman, who goes by “the butcher.” The car was stolen, so the actual owner of the car, the victim’s girlfriend and the entity of the scary looking gang Booth and Sweets run into and every other Hispanic gang member in D.C. become suspects.

The team finds out that the gun that killed the victim also killed five other people in the gang. They think it must be the leader of a rival gang and Booth and Sweets end up in a gang-related drive-by questioning him. Notice the gang theme here. Regular Bones plot line: Booth didn’t directly tell Bones (Emily Deschanel) that he was shot at. They make an agreement to call each other anytime they are shot at. How cute.

Sweets doesn’t want to get too involved in the case but when the girlfriend becomes the main suspect and Sweets realizes her son Javier, played by Felix Avitia, is a kid from the center he changes his mind. Sweets has grown a littler bolder between episodes — it was supposed to be a three-week jump — and says he thinks the Javier will rat out his mom. But, Javier surprises everyone by confessing to killing the victim because he was beating his mom and attacked him. It was sadly adorable. The mom didn’t think so and attacks her kid for killing a member of her gang, setting Booth, Sweets, Bones and Miss Julian (Patricia Belcher) into a frenzy.

Javier continues to be awesome and helps the team find the gun used to kill all the people and take down like fourteen gang members. Sweets tells everyone at the end that he will be back but not yet. He leaves the Founding Fathers to help Javier get set up in his foster home.

Very case heavy, light on character stuff. It was an exciting case though and a little different from the average Bones episode. Especially when it decided to push the gross factor and have Cam (Tamara Taylor) peel the skin back off the head of a recently killed person. As audience-reflector Angela (Michaela Conlin) said, “It’s so much worse when they have faces.” She looked like she was about to flee the room and I could hardly watch. I usually eat dinner watching Bones, because it that rarely grosses me out. But, that was too much.