Defiance: “Painted from Memory” (S2Ep9)

I should have known not to be so excited by last week’s episode of Defiance. This is season two and no happiness exists in season two. But, I’ll get to that later.

We start this episode with Kenya (Mia Krishner) in Doc Yewll’s (Trenna Keating) office. She is being questioned by Nolan (Grant Bowler) and Amanda (Julie Benz) about what she can remember. It isn’t much. She doesn’t remember why she was leaving Defiance and remembers only  being with the masked man for about two to three weeks.

Nolan is pissed that she can’t remember more. Doc Yewll is pissed at Nolan for pushing Kenya too far and Amanda is pissed at both of them. She ends the doctor visit/interrogation and takes Kenya home to the Need/Want.

Stahma (Jaime Murray) happened to be there at the same time and freaks out to see the woman she loved and killed. There is one thing that can shake stone-cold mob boss Stahma and that is Kenya.

photo 1

 Wait, that wasn’t Jenny. I didn’t need to run away

Then there is a scene to get Tommy (Dewshane Williams) and Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) some screen time. She is out in the woods being the messiah and talking about a pilgrimage. That leaves Nolan and Tommy allow together. Nolan pretty much says haha I got your girlfriend. Tommy punches and says well, I got your daughter.

photo 2

I’m a big kid now

Anyway, Kenya and Amanda are super happy that Kenya is alive and back. She walks through the Need/Want then out into the market, which I guess nobody told her is rather dangerous this season. Stahma follows her around too nervous to say anything, but eventually gets her to talk to her. She hugs her and looks like she is about to kiss her, but then she asks Stahma is there was something between them. A little to my surprise, Stahma told the truth and said there was.

photo 3

Jaime Murray’s facial expressions were one of my favorite things about this episode

Nolan starts questioning Kenya again. She remembers that they used to date and finds it kind of funny that he has been sleeping with Amanda a lot. Once Kenya stops only focusing on sex, she starts remembering things. They all come in weird flashes and lots of shaky cam. She was in a water tank somewhere. There were other human’s there, they all get killed but the masked man stops them from killing her. One of the dead human’s had a screaming eagle tattoo.

Then in a rather unnecessary, but super funny scene. Nolan takes Kenya to go see Berlin (Anna Hopkins) in her video room. He starts by telling her to take her shirt off, it’s important. She makes a sarcastic joke about it being a threesome request. Kenya is all over and rather excited about that idea. Berlin looks confused. She has one of the screaming eagle tattoos, which are for E-Rep special forces. She also explains that “Berlin” was an obvious nickname given to her by some not so clever comrades. Yay, the show explained my annoyance.

photo 4

I ship it.

Stahma is rather rattled by her encounter with Kenya because she doesn’t remember that she killed her. But, her memories could come back. She drags Datak (Tony Curran) into the woods to help her dig up the grave she buried Kenya in. Datak said he didn’t mean for Stahma to kill Kenya when he told her to get ride of her. He wanted her controlled. Stahma is already having more emotions than she can deal with and being told she might have killed Kenya for nothing is almost too much. She marked the grave with flowers, which was really sweet. But, Datak says it was stupid because the flowers spread and now cover a rather large area.

photo 5

I said to dispose of her not kill her

They do find a human skull with black hair, but that didn’t make me think Kenya was dead. This is the woods outside of Defiance. There are a lot of bodies out there.

Meanwhile, Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) returns to Defiance, apparently he was away last episode. He storms into Doc Yewll’s office and ask what the hell happened. They had Kenya but the Votanis Collective raided the lab and then bombed it. Dickhead thought Kenya had died in the explosion. Doc Yewll said someone must of realized who she was. She says all her memories might come back so they have to erase all of them.

 photo 1

Doc Yewll insulting Dickhead was another favorite

In the market Stahma finds Amanda. She wants to protect her and herself but has to tell her that Kenya is dead. Amanda looks as if she is about to lost it. She tells Stahma is if she ever tells that lie to her again she will kill her.

photo 3

May the power of the side braid protect you

Nolan is questioning Kenya at her room in the Need/Want. He realizes that she only remembers memories that have Amanda in them and that the scars on her back are gone. Nolan leaves having his epiphany. Kenya starts to freak out a bit and is easily able to pull part of her hair out. She then scratches open her skin and sees Indogene skin underneath it.

photo 5

Mia Krisnher is the Sean Bean of gay-for-pay actresses

For the rest of the episode, we gets lots of information very fast and a lot of action. It was well paced and awesome.

Nolan figured out that Kenya has to be like that astronaut from season one; a human on the outside with human memories put on a Indogene. Doc Yewll did those experiments during the Pale Wars and the memories are from the device that was in Amanda’s neck. But, Nolan doesn’t know Mayor Dickhead put it there. Kenya starts getting more memories and realizes Doc Yewll did this to her.

She goes to her office and almost kills her with Amanda’s gun. She wants to know why. Doc Yewll said it wasn’t her idea. It was Mayor Dickhead’s. He comes in and points a gun at Kenya. Doc Yewll said he wanted to make a new Kenya so he could heroically rescue her and win Amanda. Kenya is going to die within three months and then a once again grieving Amanda would be dependent on him. That is really messed up.

photo 2

Somebody better kill him by the end of the season

Kenya is able to escape from them. She goes to the Need/Want to raid the safe. Amanda finds her knowing that Kenya would go to the safe but it is what she would do. Amanda wants her to stay. Kenya says she is dying and isn’t even her sister just a reflection from Amanda’s memory. Kenya breaks Amanda’s arm and runs off.

photo 3

I’m really worried about Amanda.

Mayor Dickhead said it was all Doc Yewll. She gets Datak and Rafe (Graham Greene) to help her disappear in Old St. Louis under the city. Amanda holds proper funeral for Kenya. But, Stahma doesn’t attend and has her own at a new grave she made for Kenya.

photo 4

Killing someone doesn’t mean you don’t love them

It didn’t seem that important until the last shot. Quentin (Justin Rain) returned. He went and found his mom and he is mad at his dad for leaving her because she was a little crazy. There are only two things that really interest me with story line. 1) Quentin was the masked man, so he is working with the Votanis Collective. 2) His mom, Pilar, will be in the next episode and she is being played by fricking Linda Hamilton! How did I find this out from IMDB and not the fandom.

photo 5

My name is John Connor.

Defiance: “Slouching Toward Bethlehem” (S2Ep8)

The side braid is back. The leather jacket is back. Kenya is back! Kick-ass Amanda is back! It almost feels like season one of Defiance is back! 

I really liked this episode. It was a great mix between the slightly lighter voice of season one and the darker voice of season two. As Amanda (Julie Benz) said at the end everything will go back to normal now. But, then we cut to Irisa (Stephanie Leondis) and all the others that are being taken into Irzu’s protection. 

photo 1

Whatever, Amanda

The episode starts with Nolan (Grant Bowler), Berlin (Anna Hopkins) and a bunch of E-Rep guards charging into the Need/Want with a warrant. They go upstairs and arrest Gorath (Merwin Mondesir), the Irathient night porter that is a spy for the Votanis Collective. 

Amanda criticizes Nolan for arresting him because their town isn’t political. It seems that it has never been more clear that the E-Rep owns the town. Amanda then gets a call from a masked person saying she has to free Gorath or her sister dies. And he puts Kenya (Mia Krinsher) on the phone. I knew she wasn’t dead!

photo 2

Body or it didn’t happen 

The E-Rep has figured out Gorath’s terrorist group has a bomb in a subway station somewhere in New York City, but they don’t know where. In addition to supplying weapons to Datak and Rafe (Grahme Greene), Gorath, who is Brazilian, is helping all of the Votanis Collective get weapons from South America into the U.S. He gets taken by Nolan and Mercado (William Atherton) for questioning/torture. 

Berlin and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) go to talk to Stahma (Jaime Murray) about Gorath and the weapons being brought into Defiance. Yeah, these two are no match for mob boss Stahma. She pretty much calls them cute and tells Berlin she can smell Nolan on her. It takes Tommy a while for it all to click. 

photo 3

You and Nolan? 

photo 4

Yes, I, your ex-girlfriend, am sleeping with your sorta girlfriend’s dad 

photo 5


The show has been excellent this season with keeping up the father-daughter relationship between Nolan and Irisa even with all the crazy stuff that is going on with her. He is understanding about her not tell him sooner because Irzu threatened to kill him. He tries to be all dad-tough about it and Irisa just replies with deadpan snark. 

Stahma goes to visit Datak and tells him what has happened. Being the idiot that he is, he isn’t worried at first because Gorath is too tough to break. Stahma said he needs to take care of the problem. She isn’t involved but she knows since Datak and Rafe are she will be looped in. They both seems to be getting off on the excitement of being equal mob bosses and have sex with past Datak, now Stahma man Raiga (Kevin Shand) outside. He makes it clear the men didn’t risk their lives to support Stahma for her to got back to Datak. She pretty much says if he speaks up again she will kill him.

photo 2

Hot lady? Check. Big gun? Check. I’m awesome. 

Amanda has been pleading with Kenya’s captor for more time as Kenya, who has excellent hair for being kidnapped for nine months, has been trying to escape on her own. She eventually breaks down and tells Nolan what is happening. He says they can’t risk all those innocent people in New York for one life, even if it is Kenya’s. She pulls the Irisa card and he agrees to help her, but without giving over Gorath.  

Irisa is skeptical about Amanda saying Kenya is alive. She gets it out of Nolan that he kind of is too, but they have to be sure. They have to triangulate the signal of Amanda’s phone to find Kenya. Irisa says she should go out into the woods because Amanda might need him and she is basically immortal. 

photo 1

Well, just…be careful

But, she still has that messiah vision problem. She crashes the roller into a tree and is lead to an empty-looking campsite. She then gets caught in a trap and the Casthian with Irathient hair girl she “saved” in Angel’s Ark starts attacking her. She remembers her scent but can’t remember anything else about her. I really like this Casthian power of smell aspect, but was this a thing in the first season or just a convenience thing for the second? If the latter, they shouldn’t be focusing so much on it. 

photo 3

You smell nice. Have you ever kissed a girl? 

Irisa tells the girl what happened. She is rather pissed with her because she thinks Irisa has turned her into a killing machine. She explains that they are saving people, not killing them. The girl also has a god-like spirit following her. They are joined by Sukar, who was lead to the campsite. Later they are joined by about a hundred other saved people and Irzu tells Irisa this is the beginning of Arkrise, which seems to be the end of the world in the show’s mythology. I’m not sure if it was important or not, but everyone the campsite was Votan. Is Irzu not allowing Irisa save humans? 

Irisa is a little distracted being an alien, ginger Jesus and Amanda is tired of waiting for her to respond. Kenya has also tried to escape but got captured and her captor is done dealing with her. Amanda goes full season one badass and attacks Nolan and handcuffs to the cell in the lawkeeper’s office. 

She steals the uniform of an E-Rep guard sexing DJ Girl at the Need/Want. She tricks the other guards and gets Gorath out. He is rather surprised to see his boss helping him. He says he couldn’t tell them anything about the bomb because he doesn’t know and the Votanis Collective has tabs on his family back in Brazil. Amanda is ready to hand him off, but they meet Nolan in the street. 

photo 4

This hair, this jacket, these big sister powers, you sure you wanna go? 

He pulls a gun on them and says he will shot Gorath, who also pulls a gun. Amanda says he is the only way to get Kenya back. But none of their arguments matter because Datak fires the rifle Stahma gave him and hits Gorath. Before he dies, he tells Nolan where the bomb is in New York. So that crisis is over, but they can’t trade him for Kenya anymore. They get a call from Kenya’s capture and Nolan cooks up a plan because the captor doesn’t know Gorath is dead. 

Amanda and Nolan, tied up with a bag over his head, arrive where Kenya’s capture said to. They set up for the trade but the capture wants to see Gorath’s face. Nolan gets out his gun, has Amanda duck and shots at the capture. He was wearing armor and had back up. Nolan and Amanda are pinned down as they escape. 

Luckily, Kenya is safe and gets reunited with Amanda. Nolan seriously looked surprised that she was actually alive. As I said before, Amanda says everything can go back to normal now. We know we are all hoping for that but it will not be the case. 

photo 5

Rosewater sister reunion!

I really liked this episode. I screamed at my TV in excitement when I saw Kenya. I am so glad that she is back both for this show and for Mia Krinsher in general. She needs her likable character(s) to not be killed off so quickly. We still don’t know who was holding Kenya captive and it seems like she doesn’t either. But the only guy character we didn’t see this episode was Mayor Dickhead (James Murray), so my money is on him. 

I’m really excited for next week, because it seems Kenya doesn’t remember how it ended between her and Stahma. 

Defiance: “This Woman’s Work” (S2Ep6) and “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes” (S2Ep7)

I am way behind on Defiance and I really want to write about the big twist that happens in episode eight, so here is a quick recap of what you need to know about episode six and seven.

1. Tommy (Deshawne Williams) losses another pissing contest with Nolan (Grant Bowler) and quits the lawkeeper’s office. He stumbles upon Irisa (Stephanie Leondias) bringing someone into Irzu’s protect. She is forced to tell him everything. He was going to go be an E-Rep guard in Texas with Berlin (Anna Hopkins), but doesn’t want to leave Irisa alone without a friend. Berlin figures out Irisa is his reason and retaliates by sleeping with Nolan or her ex’s ex’s dad. Awkward.


2. Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) is really bad at understanding human relationships. He shows this by sending his Bioman (Rob Archer) to his death and trying to compare him taking in a robot bodyguard to Nolan raising Irisa.

3. He is also really bad at being an E-Rep mayor and a higher up E-Rep named Viceroy Berto Mercado (William Atherton) comes in and takes over.

4. Christie (Nicole Munioz) starts cosplaying Casti in a weird club and gets courted by the higher up E-Rep guy. Alak (Jesse Rath) finds out. He bangs DJ Girl in retaliation. They have problems.


5. The Castihan men are still not cool with Stahma (Jaime Murray) being a mob boss. She tries to convince the women to start a women’s rights movement with her, based on Amanda’s (Julie Benz) suggestion. They disagree, so Stahma kills them and frames the men. Stahma is a scary mastermind and Datak (Tony Curran) is impressed.


6. Amanda hasn’t taken an Blue Devil in weeks.

7. An Irathient guy named Kai comes into Defiance with Rynn. He is the guy that is on that ship with Irisa either way in the future or past. He has no idea what Irisa is talking about. She kisses him and then he can see everything too. He also appeared to have keys inside him. He was a fun character and I’m glad he will probably be back.

photo 1

8. Stahma and Datak have started to work together on a couple of things, but the men are making it clear they answer to Stahma not Datak.

9. Nolan finally decides to figure out what is going on with Irisa. He does it by rather violently slamming her to the ground and then cutting her arm to see that is instantly heals. She tells him she wanted to tell him, but Irzu said she would kill him.

photo 2

10. The CGI was awesome in these episodes.




Defiance: “Put the Danger On” (S2Ep5)

I am dubbing this the queer, hallucination episode of Defiance. Because everyone  is a little queer and the majority of them are hallucinating.

We start with Amanda (Julie Benz) trying to do some Blue Devil in a bathtub. Remember when the Need/Want was fun and sexy? Her drug use is halted by the lights going out. She is then attacked by some guy with a flashlight that looks a lot like how she describe the guy who raped her in New York. Thank you previously on for the reminder.

She pushes the guy out the window and calls the cop squad. She tells Nolan (Grant Bowler) that it seems crazy that the same guy could have been in both New York and Defiance and attacked her twice. My initial thought was that it was Mayor Dickhead.

photo 1

Insert sadness comment

After getting beat up by his family, Datak (Tony Curran) realizes he only has one friend left and it is a good thing she is a doctor. He is going to try to get back with his family. Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) tells him good luck and leaves. Outside, she runs into another Indogene named Lev. Doc Yewll said she doesn’t want her there, but that all changes when Lev says she is dying.

photo 3

I knew that Doc Yewll would be coming out this season, but it wasn’t really even a coming out we are just introduced to her ex. And she is a woman and the show didn’t feel the need to address or explain that. I couldn’t be happier about it.

Down in the market, Amanda is wandering through, looking about as bad as she did earlier. Nolan comes up to her but once he starts saying all kinds of gross things and forcing her against the wall it is clear that he is a hallucination. Amanda realizes that once she sees the real Nolan and goes to find Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) to ask about the drugs.

photo 4

This is not what I wanted when I said side-braid and leather jacket

Mayor Dickhead freaks to find out that Amanda is acting strangely. He orders Amanda to go to Rafe’s (Graham Greene) house, which the E-Rep just controls now. Nolan, Irisa (Stephanie Leondis) and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) are there to guard her because the rapist is still on the loss. Nolan realizes Amanda is on Blue Devil and seems to be hallucinating but that isn’t usually a side effect. He goes to figure out what is happening with Mayor Dickhead, leaving Irisa and Tommy behind.

photo 5

As a straight couple in this episode this is their only moment

Later on, still hallucinating Amanda hears something outside. Irisa and Tommy go to investigate, but once they come back inside Amanda thinks they are bad guys and shots them. Once she sees who they are she freaks out and runs away. Irisa was shot but then is healed. So, she is immortal now?

Over at the Tarrs, Stahma (Jaime Murray) is having some fun making Rafe, who is staying there, feel awkward in the bathtub. She tells him she is the head of the family now and they should work together like how he and Datak never could. But, Datak is able to weasel his way back in a bit. He does some Castihan forgiveness thing and is granted visitation. Stahma looks annoyed and Christie (Nicole Munioz) is pissed.

photo 2

Stahma is done with your shit

The show was a little Lost Girl-esque, sexuality is not an issue and never addressed, in the way it handled the rest of this episode. From Doc Yewll and Lev we go to Christie meeting the DJ girl in the arch. She can’t find Alak and ends up venting to this girl about how messed up everything is with the Tarrs and Castihans in general. DJ girl says Chrisite needs to relax and tells her she will entertain her as she strokes her hair. We cut from them then but we know where that was going.


Everyone is queer exhibit A

Lev tells Doc Yewll’s, whose first name is Meh, she caught a disease they created to infect the humans. After she convinces her it is incurable, they go for a walk. So, she isn’t there to help Tommy.

photo 3

Aw, they’re cute

So just as I’m thinking damn there is a lot of queer ladies this episode, it would be super cool if we got some guys too. Datak walks into the Need/Want and kisses an Irathian guy and takes him up to a room!

photo 4

OK, Datak only did this because he needed to talk to this guy, who is a member of the Votanis Collective. But still picking up the guy Need/Want worker is something Datak can do without being questioned. The guy is going to help Datak get weapons into Defiance to start taking the town back from the E-Rep.

Speaking of the E-Rep, Mayor Dickhead is mixed up in the hallucination part of the episode. He is followed by Connor, Amanda’s dead ex-fiancé. Connor was also at the rich kid school Dickhead was at when the Votans attacked. So that did actually happen. Connor was a few years older than him and took care of him but was also siding with the older boys who called him a sissy. Connor accuses him of having a school boy crush and trying to get with Amanda to be like him. So lots of hallucination with some queer subtext.

photo 5

He deserved this

Irisa finds Amanda stumbling around the Need/Want. She and Nolan rush to Doc Yewll’s but she isn’t there. Nolan knows the thing that is glowing in Amanda’s neck is a tracking device that records her memories and hallucinations are a side effect.

Lev has a sweet moment with Doc Yewll overlooking the town. They regret what they did, both were a part of the human experiments in Yewll’s past. She pleads that she can cure her. Lev then realizes she doesn’t remember everything. She has to tell her she killed herself after she left her because the guilt of what they did was too great. For a moment Yewll almost accepts her offer to join her in death.

But, she doesn’t take it and rushes back to her office just in time to stop Nolan and Irisa from accidentally killing Amanda.

photo 1


So apparently, Amanda, Doc Yewll and Mayor Dickhead have been hallucinating all episode because Dickhead got a knock-off of the tracking device, which infected them too. Earlier, Nolan had accessed Dickhead of turning Amanda into a drug addict so she was dependent on him.

photo 3

Which was true

Doc Yewll takes Dickhead’s device out, but she leaves hers in telling Lev that she isn’t ready to say goodbye again.

photo 4

Let the queerness continue!

Defiance: “Beasts of Burden” (S2Ep4)

Though the overall darkness of this season of Defiance has certainly not left it did seem to be replaced with Datak’s (Tony Curran) general insanity. Thankfully Stahma (Jaime Murray) finally put him in his place, which I was rooting for all episode.

We start with Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) and Berlin (Anna Hopkins) riding in a land coach through the badlands headed for Defiance. Berlin is taking propaganda footage of him. We are told that she is the best at making propaganda for the E-Rep. Maybe I’m late to realizing this, but this girl is basically Joesph Goebbels and she is nicknamed after a city in Germany? Come on, Defiance, you aren’t usually as heavy-handed with your metaphors.

Anyway, the land coach gets attacked by a group of raiders. They quickly kill every E-Rep person except the two of them. Dickhead is actually a good shot and takes out two of them. Berlin catches on of them on her camera but he smashes it. In a dark humor moment–well maybe it was supposed to be dramatic but I just hate Mayor Dickhead– they make him strip and instead of shooting him they tell him to stop pissing on Defiance and then they piss on him.

photo 1

I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed this so much

Over at the Tarr house, Datak comes up to Stahma in bed acting all normal, like he didn’t try to drown her in the bathtub last episode. He tells Stahma she deserved it for betraying him and trying to take over. She tells him she did better and maybe they could reconsider the crime family structure.

photo 2

You’re not worthy, Datak

Over at the Need/Want, Nolan (Grant Bowler) and Amanda (Julie Benz) are having sex again. Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) then walks in and tells them Mayor Dickhead needs them. Nolan and Irisa kinda freak Amanda out by how causal they are in the situation. For how heavily the season has focused on Irisa so far, it seemed weird that she had pretty much only comedy moments and dramatic facial expressions this episode.

photo 3

We are already in your “dead” sister’s bed, my daughter watching isn’t that weird

Mayor Dickhead does a lot of whining to about the raiders and says the missing equipment has to the found. Nolan and Amanda tells him it is stupid to search all of the badlands for a couple of raiders that are probably long gone already. Dickhead gets mad at Amanda because she is only supposed to advise him on politics not security.

Nolan, Irisa and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) go to the hospital to check out the dead E-Rep guards. Tommy spots a boot print of mine dust on one of their chests. Nolan quickly wipes it away and then said it was nothing. Tommy calls him out for destroying evidence. Irisa holds back Tommy as Nolan storm out headed for Rafe’s (Graham Greene) house.

Turns out Rafe is indirectly involved. His godson, Josef (Ryan Kennedy), raided the land coach because the E-Rep is trying to bring in faster, but incredibly dangerous mining equipment to Defiance. Nolan arrives and Rafe said he had nothing to do with it. Josef pulls a gun on Nolan, but he is able to quickly disarm him and handcuff him.

It has been clear so far that Rafe has fallen from grace in Defiance, but the reasons were never explained. He tells Nolan in this episode that the E-Rep had him labelled an enemy combatant because he shot at E-Rep guards trying to safe Irisa with Nolan in the season one finale. Rafe said he still doesn’t know why they wanted her but he knew saving her was the right thing to do. That was pretty much the perfect thing to say to Nolan. He lets the kid go and tells Rafe to get him out of town.

Over at the Need/Want, Mayor Dickhead comes to whine to Amanda. He tells her he wants to catch the raiders so badly because he was held captive be a Votan army for 11 days in bad conditions, which I guess had a lot of pee, when he was a kid. I might be a terrible person, but I didn’t believe his story. Nolan said he was being “high school” about how they both have the hots for Amanda, so maybe he faked that story to get her sympathy.

photo 4

I just can’t trust him

Nolan got the stolen equipment back from Rafe and hands it over to Mayor Dickhead saying he found it in a cave outside Defiance. He and Tommy don’ t really believe that and still think Rafe is involved. While Mayor Dickhead really did nothing but whine since the opening attack, Berlin has been trying to restore the footage so she can identify the attackers. She is getting close. She seems to have a bit of an obsession about Tommy’s previous relations with Irisa. She thinks Tommy still likes her. He says that is crazy. He hates her and Nolan.

Over in the Tarr story line, Datak has decided that Alak (Jesse Rath) should be his partner in the crime business. He was going to let him not be involved and just do his music business, which is what he wanted. As the leave the diner they were in, two E-Rep guards provoke Datak but instead of stabbing them, which Alak thought he was going to , he breaks into a Caste prayer. The guards leave and find Stahma in the market. They tell her what happened. She says they didn’t provoke him enough, but she still throws money at them as she walks away.

Later on, Datak has collected all his men in the fighting tent and tells Alak the old Caste way is that one should be chosen to die for the groups disobedience. One guys tells them their orders might have been coming from Stahma but they answered to Alak. Datak tells Alak to choice who dies. He chooses himself, but Datak goes crazy and kills the talkative guy.

photo 1

Dad, are you losing your mind?

Datak then has Alak take him to his record factory under the pretense that he wants to see his business. He calls it cute and then says he was going to burn it to the ground to punish Alak, but has decided it would be good front business. But, he still needed to punish his son so he burns his hand in a fucking record press!

photo 2

Yup, his mind is gone.

Alak goes homes and gets his wound tended to be Christie (Nicole Munoz). She is rather freaked out, as the audience is, about Datak’s sudden and incredibly violent abusiveness. Alak says she just doesn’t understand because she is human. But, that excuse is quickly discredited when Stahma walks in. She then goes to see Datak and tells him he is becoming his father and hurting their son is too far. He tells her killing that E-Rep officer was a mistake but she and Alak needed to be punished for defying him. Stahma reverts into the obeying wife role, but it is clear she is done with his shit.

photo 3

I wanted her to impale him on the horseshoe of candles

Back in the other story line, Josef kidnapped Berlin because he knew she was going to be able to ID him with the video. Nolan lies again and says he will find them but Rafe isn’t involved. Rafe ends up super involved. He and Nolan go and find Josef and Berlin. Nolan jumps in front of  a bullet to save her. Rafe takes Josef outside and tells him to run. Josef thanks him, tells him he loves him and he needs to talk back the town and starts to run off. But, then Rafe shots him in the back and then starts crying.

photo 4

The darkness is not MIA

Over in the hospital, Berlin thanks Nolan for saving her and says she will not forget that he took a bullet for her. Tommy thanks him too and Nolan tells him to remember that when he decides to cross him again.

photo 5

And in case Tommy doesn’t work out, my daughter isn’t seeing anyone

The episode ends in the scene I was waiting for since Datak was released from prison. Datak walks into the fighting tent and seeings Stahma and Alak standing in the middle of his men. They don’t even say anything, but the men start beating the crap out of Datak. Stahma looks pleased. When they are done they throw him onto the street outside. Stahma then goes out to him.

photo 3

“We should have been partners.” Stahma out. Mic drop.

Yay, Stahma! This season has been fantastic so far. I’m glad Berlin was fleshed out a more and got some character development for her beyond being Tommy’s new girlfriend. Christie hasn’t been getting a lot of scene time, but I’m sort of okay with that. And, of course, Amanda continued to be sad as shit. Remember that abortion she had that broke up her and her fiance, Connor? Yeah, it wasn’t his baby. She was raped by an E-Rep employee while she was working in New York. Somebody get this woman a side-braid and a leather jacket.

Defiance: “The Cord and Ax” (S1Ep3)

All the action in this episode of Defiance was reserved for Irisa’s (Stephanie Leonidas) story line, so much of the episode felt slowed down compared to the last couple. We got to spend a lot of time with the characters we already know and it was needed for how fast season two has thrown us back into the story.

We start by re-visiting the strange relationships between the McCawleys and the Tarrs. Rafe (Graham Greene) is grumbling about getting dinner made for the in-laws. Christie (Nicole Munoz) is telling him not the worry. Then Stahma (Jaime Murray) and Alak (Jesse Rath) arrive and apparently Castithans can smell when humans are pregnant. Christie said she was going to tell everyone at dinner. The parents seemed happy and Rafe told Bertie (Jessica Nicholas), over the phone.

photo 1

This is awkward

We cut to her jumping around the market in excitement. But happiness never last long in Defiance now. She is being trailed by a distressed looking Irisa. She shouts at Irzu (Katie Douglas) that she doesn’t want to kill anyone else. Irzu reminds her they had an agreement. She spends Irisa into some weird vision thing, it was very CGI and flashing so it was hard to see. When Irisa is pulled out of it she is straddled atop Bertie’s lifeless body.

photo 2

The market is the dangerous place in Defiance

Back at the McCawleys, Rafe is having a protective father moment with Alak. He tells him he doesn’t care what his family is involved in but he better get out of it because he was to take care of Christie and their baby now. Rafe knows about the guy Alak killed last episode and assumes he or his family did it. Over in the prison, Datak (Tony Curran) is telling Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) that based on his visitors it seems like the Tarr family crime ring has been doing better without him. He also fears that Stahma might be trying to keep him in prison.

Nolan (Grant Bowler) spent the night worrying about Irisa because he hadn’t seen her in a while. She was out in the woods trying to bury Bertie’s body. He waits up for her to return in the morning. They get in another fight when she won’t tell him what is going on. She is about to storm out but Rafe, Christie and a guy from the mines –where did Quenten go? — burst in and tell them Bertie is missing.

Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) becomes a suspect since he doesn’t like Rafe very much. He says he doesn’t know anything and will help with the search. He and Nolan send Irisa to go look at the security footage with Berlin (Anna Hopkins). She sincerely but rather awkwardly apologizes for being Tommy’s (Dewshane Williams) new girlfriend. Irisa has bigger problems than Tommy at the moment, like the security footage of her that Berlin is about the find. She has a knife pulled and is about ready to stab Berlin, when Irzu blows up the security systems. Irisa runs out.

photo 3

I kinda ship these two

Alak goes to visit Datak in prison. He only asks about how business is going. Too nervous to really say anything, Alak says the family business is doing better than is was and so is his record business so maybe he isn’t needed as the interim mob boss. Alak said Datak’s old crew seems to have everything under control. Datak knows that is impossible because they are idiots so Stahma must be running things and trying to keep him in prison. He goes off in Castithan about Stahma betraying him and threatens to kill her. Alak screams they aren’t on Castee anymore just like he did all last season, but backs it up with yelling he can only blame himself for what happened.

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I like adult Alak

Alak goes home to find Stahma balancing the books with rolls of cash lying around. She give him his father’s knife that he brought from Castee because he needed to protect his family. She said Alak needs it know. He gets all nervous and says his dad will want it when he gets out. Jaime Murray plays Stahma so weird that when she actually has recognizable human emotion it is always fantastic. She tells Alak they can never let Datak come home.

Nolan has a moment of how difficult it is to be parents with Amanda (Julie Benz). She tells him sometimes not giving up is enough. He goes to their house and starts looking through Irisa’s stuff. Tommy follows him and says he can’t just invade her privacy and boss everyone around all the time. But, they find Irisa’s gloves that have blood on them. They both have a crisis moment of wanting to say she wouldn’t kill Bertie, but they both aren’t sure.

At the prison, Mayor Dickhead meets with Doc Yewll. He returns her finger and shows her the file about the experiments she used to perform hidden in her office. He wants to have her released so she can continue. She says she is going to need a bunch of stuff and an assistant. She picks Datak, but she overheard that conversation between Datak and Alak. I never understand your motives, Doc Yewll.

Irisa finds Sukar (Noah Danby) living in a cabin outside Defiance. She explains what has been happening. He tells her this has to be her path and killing a person is just part of it. Irisa tells him it has been more than one and then starts getting taken over to Irzu. We see that she has been killing people by having those weird light things go into their months and choke them. She watches up to find she’s killed Sukar. She then tells his gun and wanders back into the woods.

Irisa points the gun under her chin and Irzu is able to make her move it. Irisa doesn’t want to kill anyone else for her. Irzu says she isn’t killing them she is saving them because they are under her protection now. She doesn’t believe her, gets the gun back and pulls the trigger.

She gets through fully into the vision, which doesn’t make much sense. An older version of Irisa (possibly?), who seems to be the captain of the ship they are on, tells another guy that they are doing Irzu’s duty. They are headed to Earth, possibly way in the future I have no idea.

photo 1 (2)

That’s her right? Is she immortal now?

But being a super dark show now, we aren’t given the chance to process that before we go back to the woods and Irzu is slowly and painfully healing Irisa.  When Irzu is done, Bertie finds Irisa. She freaks out that she is alive and they start heading back to Defiance. The search party finds them. Bertie doesn’t remember anything and Irisa isn’t talking. She tells Nolan later that she would tell him what is going on if she could explain it.

photo 2 (2)

Irisa has been having a bad season so far

Apparently, Irzu was telling the truth. Sukar and the Castithan girl from Angel Ark are both alive and can now take people into Irzu’s protection too.

And because having two minor characters get killed, Irisa killing herself, Irisa being slowly healed and Amanda being a griefving drug-addict isn’t dark enough, the episode ends with Datak coming home to find Alak and Stahma in a bath together. They both try to hide their panic and act nice. Datak plays along for a moment, than starts drowning Stahma. Eventually, Alak is able to fight him off.

photo 5 (2)

I’m terrified for these two now

I am really liking this season. It has a completely different tone than last season. But, I’m glad Irisa isn’t actually a God-corrected mass murdered because that would have made everything a whole lot worse.

Defiance: “The Opposite of Hallelujah” (S2Ep1) and “In My Secret Life” (S2Ep2)

I wasn’t planning to add Defiance to the schedule, but after the season two premiere I decided I would because I really, really liked it.

Season two starts back up nine months after the events of the season one finale, which included Amanda (Julie Benz) losing the mayoral election to Datak (Tony Curran), Datak letting the Earth Republic take over Defiance and killing a officer in their army inside his office, Nolan (Grant Bowler) dying and being brought back to life by Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas), who jumped into the weird energy thing in the mines, agreeing to become Irzu’s weapon, and out in the woods Stahma (Jaime Murray) double crossed Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and poisoned/killed her instead of running away with her because Datak told her.

Nobody has recovered from those events yet and everything just seems to be worse.

We start with the new, Earth Republic appointed Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) giving a video broadcast to Defiance. He is dressed like someone in a low-budget Game of Thrones parody and has a shady feeling posh British accent, which remained me of Lachlan from Lost Girl. Right out the gate, I thought he was a jerk and after hitting on still-grieving Amanda and not caring about mining accidents my mind is decided.


He’s a dick

The world is expanded a lot in this season, though our first new location isn’t that far away. Six miles outside of Defiance is a prison camp, which holds Datak and Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating). If I didn’t hate, Datak enough already he is making demands of Stahma –including a hand job — while being locked up because he is an idiot who killed someone in the mayor’s office.

Stahma’s power holding in her family and the society has always been weird. Now she has to deal with Alak (Jesse Rath) being the head of the family though he is still a little shit of a teenage boy. He is even a worse Datak than Datak was and Stahma has to secretly run everything while not even having enough time to masturbate in the bathtub by herself. Get out of the scene, Alak and let his happen.


I missed you on Warehouse 13, Jaime Murray

Amanda has been running the Need/Want in Kenya’s absence. She wears a black veil through the entire episode and refuses to listen to Stahma when she tells her maybe Kenya isn’t coming back. We have already had two characters die and come back so until we see a body, I’m with Amanda. Maybe Kenya is alive.

Nolan has been spending the last nine months looking for Irisa. He is being lead by visions of Sukar. It first leads him to New Chicago and that Castithan guy that tortured Irisa with the cult that had her as a kid. Nolan was pissed that he let this guy go once, so after he gives him the info needs he shots him through the head.

He then jumps off a boat at Angel Ark, which is much cooler rename for Los Angeles than New Chicago was for Chicago. He quickly finds a knife vendor and assumes he has seen his daughter. He has, she has been around for a couple of months. In one of the episodes few not-sad season one memories, Irisa appears and saves Nolan after he gets captured by someone from their criminal past.


I’m glad that didn’t take long

Irisa looks way older than she did last season. Her hair is longer and darken and I think that is why. She tries to tell Nolan she has just been around for nine months, but Irzu or that representation of Irzu keeps appearing to her and Nolan calls bullshit because he has been seeing Sukar.

A Castithan girl with Irathient colored hair seems to be following Irisa through Angel Ark. Irisa follows her into a field and then just straight up murders her and gets back to Nolan before he noticed she was missing.

Nolan tells Irisa they just need to get some supplies than head to Antarctica just like they always planned. Irisa says they have to go back to Defiance. On the way back, Irisa gets a vision of her killing Nolan. She looks in the back seat of the roller and Irzu is smirking at her and making her thoughts tell her to kill him.

Back in Defiance, Rafe (Graham Greene) and the other miners are having problems dealing with the ridiculous hours the Earth Republic is making them work. That leads to a mining accident that kills someone. The guy’s two sons decide to graffiti the town, calling out the Earth Republic. Well, they aren’t standing for that and have the two arrested.

Amanda, who seemed to retain some of her standing in the community, is able to convince Mayor Dickhead to just take them to the prison and not execute them. He agrees with Amanda but tells his Bioman (Rob Archer) he knows what to do. One dies, one gets away. The E-Rep sucks.

Amanda is able to use this as a way to get back into the mayor’s office as Dickhead’s chief of staff, a job which apparently she was already offered.


Side braid, not boob

After I got all excited about Amanda and her side braid of justice coming back and retaking Defiance, we cut back to the Need/Want and the lady that has been helping her out tells her to call it a night. She heads upstairs and we see that she has been living in Kenya’s room, wearing her clothes and is apparently hooked on the whatever new drug that Stahma and Alak are selling. This scene made me super sad.

At the prison, an unlikely partnership forms between Datak and Doc Yewell, but it was not without reason. Doc Yewell saved his life because she has a way to escape but she needs his help

Episode two starts with an E-Rep guard taking bad propaganda footage of another soldier about getting the Net back up. Her name is Berlin (Anna Hopkins) and she is in charge of all the E-Rep soldiers. Basically she is the lawkeeper but with more people to control.

And just like last season, as Nolan and Irisa are rolling into Defiance they get stopped by the guards and Irisa gets arrested. Irzu appeared to her and told her she had to get into Defiance. So, Irisa picks a fight with Berlin but they are pretty evenly matched and Irisa is drug into the police station.

photo 1

Bitch, please

And again Tommy (Dewshane Williams) is there, but he is all grown up with a beard and is dressing more E-Rep than his normal wild west style. Berlin takes Nolan to go see the Mayor Dickhead and he tells Tommy to watch Irisa. I always liked them together and was happy for these scenes.

Mayor Dickhead is everywhere this episode, so over in the market he is telling Stahma that she has to stop selling so much Blue Devil, the new drug, because too many people are getting hook. He threatens her by saying maybe he will have Datak released so he can become Defiance’s crime lord again. Stahma says he would be safer in prison. Mayor Dickhead then takes the packet of Blue Devil that he was there to buy from her.

photo 2

Crackhead, Dickhead

When Nolan is taken to Mayor Dickhead’s office, he is also reunited with Amanda. Because he was busy dying and chasing Irisa at the end of last season he doesn’t know what happened to Kenya and Amanda doesn’t tell him just yet. She looks incredibly hopeful when Nolan says he found Irisa after she was missing for nine months. But before they can talk anymore about that a bomb goes off in the market.

Nolan and Amanda run as Mayor Dickhead and Berlin walk to help. Nolan wants to stay and help out with finding the bomber. Amanda tells Mayor Dickhead that Nolan would be better at solving the bombing, which was done with a terror weapon used during the Pale Wars, than Tommy would be. Amanda makes another deal that if Nolan solves it Irisa gets released.

Nolan sidelines Tommy to guarding Irisa. He is rather mad at her that she left without saying goodbye and then didn’t try to contact him for nine months. She tries to kiss him through the bars, but after a few moments he pulls away and says he has moved on. She starts to confess to Tommy about what has been happening during the nine months. He says she can tell him because she has to trust someone. She says she will take him to the mines when she gets out.


Want to have sex on the floor again?

In the prison subplot, Doc Yewll and Datak are working on their escape plan. We never get a good idea of what it really was because everything goes horrible. When Doc Yewll refuses to tell Mayor Dickhead what she found inside Irisa, he decided to have to his Bioman cut off her finger. Datak was still able to get a knife to the religious fanatic and tells him it is God’s will for him to stab Mayor Dickhead. When he is about to, Datak stops him and being Datak goes overboard and kills him. Mayor Dickhead is quickly able to tell that Datak only did that to try to get a pardon. He rejects it. Major fail, guys.

Nolan and Amanda have a better reunion in the Need/Want. He is the only one blunt enough to tell her Kenya might be dead. Amanda is by far in the saddest place of all the characters. Nolan sees the guy who is the suspected bomber. He tracks him with Berlin’s help. In trying to figure out Nolan, she pretty much tells us she is the same as him but she thinks the E-Rep is the hero, while the renegade population are the bad guys.

They figure out that a human miner and the Castithan guy that Stahma had beat up are behind the bombing. They are also figure out they have placed a car bomb on Stahma’s car. So, they go running through the city, get Stahma out of the way and Nolan defuses the bomb in front of everyone. This is all excellent for his reputation because one of the last things he did as lawkeeper last season was kill an unarmed Castithan kid.

Mayor Dickhead and Amanda get word of Nolan saving everyone and Irisa is released. She walks past Nolan and tells him she is going to met Tommy. He throws all kinds of Dad encourage behind Tommy, which was cute. Until, Irisa sees Tommy making out with Berlin.

Stahma tells Alak he has to go kill the bomber guy, because a man has to protect the family. He does, freaks out a bit and vomits afterward. He is also already having marital problems with Christie so he isn’t doing to well.

Amanda convinces Nolan to take Mayor Dickhead’s offer to be the lawkeeper. She tells him it is there home and they have to protect if from anyone who threatens it. Nolan and Amanda cap their reunion by having sex in Kenya’s bed. But, guess who has put camera’s in Amanda/Kenya’s room?

photo 3