Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Shadows” (S2Ep01)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD or not. I really liked the first season and I thought it ended well. But, multiple Marvel fans kept telling me how much better the series could be. As I have said before, I am not really a fan of Marvel and have been watching this more as a Joss Whedon show. And in that regard it has been very good. But, in all honesty there was only one aspect of season two that had me excited and made up my mind that I would watch season two. And it was Xena. It being announced that Lucy Lawless would be featured in season two got me to watch it. So after how this episode ended, I might just be casually watching this show and blogging about it every so often.

Sometimes I am not sure if this show is targeting its regular fans, die hard Marvel comic book fans or its Marvel movie fans. I knew Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) would be appearing on the show at some point to tease her upcoming ABC show Agent Carter. But having the first episode of season two start with her in Austria in 1945 and not with one of the characters we had grown to like last season seemed like a strange choice.

photo 1

I did not even know she was British

Only one important thing happens in the Agent Carter teaser scene.

photo 2

She found the first 0-8-4 from Hydra at a Nazi camp in 1945.

Anyway to the only thing I knew about this episode going into it.

photo 3


The first scene in the present in former SHIELD Agent Isabelle Hartly and her two mercenaries Hunter (Nick Blood) and Idaho (Wilmer Calderon) trying to buy the 0-8-4 from the first scene off other former SHIELD agents. The main cast if giving them back up. They are pretty much hiding with their new haircuts until a bullet proof assassin comes in and steals the 0-8-4 information.

photo 4

Did someone call for badass chicks? And Agent Trip

Since we last saw her, Skye (Chloe Bennett) got a bad haircut and a lot of badass training from her new commanding office May (Ming-Na Wen). They and Agent Triplett (B.J. Britt) take Hartly and her gang back to Coulson (Clark Gregg), who is the new director of SHIELD.

Everything is clearly different in the new SHIELD. Skye, May and Trip have barely seen Coulson. Hartly, Hunter and Idaho are treating him like some all powerful shadow figure, like Fury has been since the beginning. Skye and May spend a lot of time being cryptic, stoic badass together. Skye takes a bullet that bounced off the assassin down to FitzSimmons (Iain de Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge) in the lab, but she acts super weird about it. It is clear that Fitz has not fully recovered from the explosion and his near drowning last episode. But, to add to that at the end we are told by Coulson that Simmons isn’t actually there. She left after last episode and Fitz is just imaging her.

photo 5

So that is why she is wearing the same outfit

To round out how strange the crew is now, Skye has to go visit Ward (Brett Dalton), who is locked in a jail cell in the basement to get information to track Hydra and the assassin. He only wants to speak to Skye, which May thinks is a bad idea. But Coulson sends her down. Skye is not feeling his apology or his sad story.

photo 1

Or that facial hair

Most of the action stuff happens rather fast and cryptically. But, the regular team and Hartly and her gang kidnap a general, who is working against SHIELD and Hydra, help the military capture the assassin and break into a military facility with a bunch of 0-8-4s.

photo 4

It was awesome!

They needed to steal a plane with cloaking technology so, as Coulson says, they can continue to protect the world even if the world does not want them to.

photo 5

May on a motorcycle! Skye can fly a jet now?!

Everything does not go as awesome-ly for Hartly and her team. She finds the weird sliver 0-8-4 that was among the things they were supposed to steal. The assassin finds her and she tries to use the thing against him, but it fuses to her arm and starts turning it purplish-black. Coulson tells them to continue the mission. Hunter says eff that and talks Hartly to the car for Idaho to drive them to the hospital. Hartly knows she isn’t going to make it to the hospital.

photo 1

So she has Hunter cut most of her arm off! Like, no big deal

I was already worried that these three new characters were driving off together. I thought they might just be leaving and we would never see them again but this happened:

photo 2

Causing this:

photo 3

And this:

photo 4

What the hell? Did the show bring on Lucy Lawless as a well publicized guest star and then kill her after one episode? From how this final scene was shot it looks like only Hunter survived. Joss Whedon, did you just bring on Buffy’s predecessor in female lead action shows onto your new show just to kill her off?

This episode was pretty good and I will probably continue watching season two. But, let me pause for a moment to talk about missed LGBT representation opportunities on this show. From what I have heard, in the comics Agent Isabelle Hartly dated Agent Victoria Hand. And both of them are still alive in the comics. The show had Agent Hand, played by out actress Saffron Burrows, in season one, but never addressed her sexuality and killed her. They then have Agent Hartly, played by gay-for-pay legend Lucy Lawless, and seemingly never address her sexuality and kill her off too. Also, Simmons is not actually part of the crew, which eliminates the popular femslash ship of Skimmons, Simmons and Skye.  I’m not really mad but because this is a Joss Whedon show, I’m just really confused.

I’ll be back next week. Xena better not be dead.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

This might have been a perfect episode of Agents of SHIELD or, at least, perfect for what I am looking for from this show. It was so suspenseful I was on the verge of having a panic attack the entire time. It was highly emotional and had excellence scenes between my favorite bromance and romance. It took a break during one of its most dramatic moments to make a joke and had so many twists I don’t really believe the ending.

We start back in the highly emotional near shoot-out we had last episode. Skye (Chloe Bennett) and Coulson (Clark Gregg) still have guns pointed at May (Ming-Na Wen) convinced that she is the Clairvoyant, who they think is not really a clairvoyant but a SHIELD agent. May points out that the plan is on a different course and she obviously isn’t flying it. She says her secret line that Fitz (Iain de Caestrecker) found was to Director Fury but she can’t say why. She then tries to turn the blame on Fitz because he was trying to install a line. Fitz stands up to her, probably only because he is standing behind bullet-proof glass. Coulson demands an answer from Fitz and he says he and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are just trying to figure out what the alien drug that saved Skye and Coulson is.


Shout out to Iain and Ming-Na for being amazing in this scene

Coulson then orders Skye to hack into SHIELD’s communication and figure out what the hell is going on. While all this is happening, Agent Garrett’s (Bill Paxton) plane is being attacked by SHIELD and Simmons and Agent Trip (B.J. Britt) are teaming up and able to do illegal stuff at The Hub because Agent Hand (Saffron Barrows) have everyone else busy with something. Coulson isn’t sure what to do or do with May, so he just shots her in the chest.


Dad, did you just shoot Mom?!

Thank god, it was only a Night-Night gun. She gets thrown into the holding cell with Ward (Brett Dalton). Garrett makes it onto Serenity. He doesn’t think Hand is the Clairvoyant because why would she suddenly relieve herself and be putting up a firewall around all of SHIELD communication? Just then Skye  is able to hack through it and it this answers the question:


I’m sure for Marvel fans Hydra instantly meant something. For me, I had no idea. Luckily, everyone breaks into a exposition, history lesson on Hydra, which is the anti-SHIELD. Skye, Fitz, Garrett and Coulson figure out that they must have planted people over the years into SHIELD, including Hand, and know have decided to show themselves.  Garrett wants to jump out of the plane so they don’t fly straight into their deaths. But, they realize they have to because Trip and Simmons are still at The Hub.


Skimmons ❤

Hand is commanding everyone around at The Hub and telling agent guys to go find Trip and Simmons. Simmons messages a professor at the Academy, which is being attacked. How X2 of you, Hydra. So, Simmons is slightly aware of what is happening, but the professor gives us the first warning of the episode: don’t trust anyone.

Over in the holding cell, Ward gets all pissy at May for being an informant, especially when she was sleeping with him. She does her normal I don’t have time for this face. She tells him she isn’t playing anyone, she knows he loves Skye and he didn’t kill the Clairvoyant. Coulson then comes in to get May and makes her call Fury. But, Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t answer the phone and the voice says he is dead, but before we can process that the planes lands in The Hub and everyone is attacked.

May gets shot the most, only because she is handcuffed. Coulson takes her to get the bullet out of her arm and this might be my favorite scene of the whole show so far. Coulson demands to know what the hell is happening. May says she did everything for Couslon and she really assembled the team. Fury ordered her to set up the perimeters for the team that he wanted to monitor Coulson and see what the effects of T.A.H.I.T.I. were. So, May knew about how long he was dead and the alien drug the whole time. Coulson isn’t too happy to hear that. May tells him that he means a lot of her and she was going to do everything she could to make sure he was OK. I think she was about to say love and then stopped herslef, but I hope not. I don’t want them to get together.



The episode from this point forward is really just one big action sequence. Guys with guns burst in on Simmons and Trip.


Bloody Hell!

Agents board the plane.


And get blown up by one of Fitz’s toys.

Hand marches into the room that Simmons and Trip are in and threatens to kill them if they don’t join Hydra. Trip tries to take one of them out instead. Hand says it was just a test and they passed. She says she isn’t Hydra and I think I started to like her. But, then she says Coulson is.


And I dislike her again

The plane gang shots their way through some security points. Simmons stands up to Hand saying that Coulson can’t be Hydra. She rattles off a list of crimes and lies that Coulson has committed over the season. Simmons hardly believes it, but Hand gives us the episode’s second warning about Hydra: they earn our trust. They gain our sympathy. They make us like them.


Lolz, the height difference

The only real break in the action, is Ward and Skye taking a moment to process their feelings for each together before going to blow up The Hub’s power. The conversation was still pretty fast paced with Skye throwing quips at Ward as he acts like the lovesick girl. He asks for her a drink if they both survive and Skye agrees.


And they finally kissed!

Ward then goes out and beats up all the guards and Skye runs out to go set the charges. The plane gang is left alone for a moment and Garrett says they need to kill Hand and starts listing off all the crimes she has done over the season. But, he mentions something Coulson had never told anyone. Garrett realizes his mistake pretty quickly and dissolved into bad guy.

oh fuck

Well hail Hydra, I guess

Guys come in with guns, but Garrett says one word and the Hydra ones shot the SHIELD ones and then turn their guns to Coulson, May and Fitz. He goes into a bad guy speech about how great Hydra is and how they will overthrow SHIELD. He pretty much tells them switch sides and help them or they will be forced to. They are not to keen on the idea. Garrett is about to have them shot when Ward and Skye blow the power. The heroes kick the crap out of the bad guys and take Garrett into custody.


She’s been shot numerous times and had handcuffs on at the start of this scene

Everyone gets reunited. Ward and Trip are not too happy to hear that their OS is Hydra. Simmons and Skye don’t hug for some reason, but enough is going on here. Hand and Coulson realize they just misunderstood each other. Most of SHIELD has been taken down. She prepares to have Garrett taken to the Fridge. Ward wants to come and she says that seems fair. I was back to liking Hand by this point. But, I didn’t get to enjoy it that long, because on the plane Ward shots all of Garrett’s guards and Hand!


Three times!

Is Ward switching to Hydra? You finally got with Skye? Is this all some crazy plan? Is Hand Hydra? Is Hand really dead? Does that make Coulson the head of SHIELD? I have too many questions. I was too shocked and I am too excited for the next episode.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “The End of the Beginning”

I’m really annoyed that I waited so long to watch this episode of Agents of SHIELD. I was really good and a great way to get back into the show after it was off the air for a little while.

The episode starts with Agents Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Trip (B.J. Britt) walking into a safe house. After about two minutes of banter to remind us what these two are like Mike/Deathlok (J. August Richards) breaks into the room. He is shot at a couple times, but since he is pretty much a terminator now, he isn’t injured and flies through the roof. Well, that’s new.


Get on the cortex and hail Serenity. We are going to need their help

These two along with Agent Hand (Saffron Barrows) and some other high level SHIELD people get aboard Serenity and Coulson (Clark Gregg) tells them he and Garrett sent up this meeting to try to catch the Clairvoyant. Coulson is convinced since Mike is being sent after them they must be getting close. Coulson rattles off a bunch of tech-y jargon about what they are going to need to do and says he has the person who can. Hand points out that person would have to be a SHIELD agent and he smiles.

Skye (Chloe Bennett) is down in the lab with FitzSimmons (Iain de Caesstecker, Elizabeth Henstridge) getting her blood drawn as they tell her again that they need to get it sent off to be analyzed. Skye tires to convince them that isn’t the best idea. Though she wasn’t that freaked out about being saved by a shot of alien something, Coulson thinks the word shouldn’t get out. Ward (Brett Dalton) then comes down and brings her upstairs to hear the plan and find out that she is officially a SHIELD agent. Yay!


I wish they did a graduation-style pub crawl to celebrate

Skye is then charged with programming all the tech stuff and organizing a double blind for all the agents to get paired off and go find the Clairvoyant. Coulson and Garrett have narrowed the list down to 13 people who SHIELD investigated and then knocked off the Index.

Agent Hand decides to get out of the field work and says she will coordinate from The Hub. The three other teams go to a prison in England, a nursing home in Georgia and Ball State in Muncie, Indiana. Wait, Ball State actually gets mentioned and Ohio University gets a weird combined thing with Ohio State? Come on, show. Go Bobcats!

Anyway, Georgia ended up being the right location. May (Ming-Na Wen) and Agent Blake (Titus Welliver) get attacked by Mike/Deathlok, who was told to meet the Clairvoyant earlier in the episode. He says Mike Peterson is dead and almost kills Blake and then runs off. Hand and everyone gathers back at Serenity and she is rather pissed that they didn’t have full teams for back up. Luckily, Blake was able to shoot Deathlok with one of Fitz’s special tracking bullets.


This has not been my week

Hand has requested Simmons and Trip to go back to The Hub with her. Simmons to quick to accept because this means she has access to their labs and can analyze Skye’s blood herself. Fitz is sad that he is being left behind, but says he will set up a secure line so he can talk to her without anyone knowing. We know this is probably going to go poorly for him because May has been talking to someone on a secure line for a few episodes.

Using the tracker bullet, the team is able to figure out that Deathlok is at an abandoned race track in Florida. Coulson, Garrett, Ward and May rush in with the gun gang as Skye and Fitz watch from a van and Hand and Simmons watch from The Hub. Every episode has an action heavy sequence. This was the one for this episode. Fitz’s tracking things are leading people everywhere. Stuff is getting blown up and Deathlok is shooting at people and leading everyone on a crazy chase into the basement where they find Tom Nash, the guy who they were looking for at that nursing home in Georgia. Though he is the most powerful villain the show has seen, everyone is not sure what to do because he looks like this:


He is hooked up to a bunch of surveillance stuff and a computer he can talk through. He taunts the team and makes a pretty good case that he is actually the Clairvoyant. He focuses mostly on Coulson, reading his most deepest fears about not knowing what happened after he died and worrying that the same will happen to Skye. The Clairvoyant also says that he knows what Skye is and they can put him in the Freezer but he will never stop trying to get Skye until he does. He probably had some more threats lined up, but he didn’t get to say them because Ward just shoots him in the heart!


Seemed like the logical option

This show understands what it is and why people like it. From that we go to Skye asking what the hell just happened, Fitz saying I think he shot him, Simmons freaking out and being incredibly British and Hand making a joke about the Clairvoyant not seeing that coming.

Ward gets in trouble for going against the orders for them to take the Clairvoyant alive. Skye visits him and he tells her he did it because he wasn’t going to stop and he had to protect her (and the rest of the team). I really thought their kiss was going to be in this episode. Though she seems touched by Ward getting himself in trouble to protect the team, she isn’t sure that Tom Nash was the Clairvoyant. Coulson has been thinking the same. They decide it seems more like the Clairvoyant just has access to SHIELD files than being able to read their minds. They decide it must be a SHIELD agent.

While, that is happening Fitz is trying to get the secure line installed so he can call Simmons, but finds May’s line by accident. May then finds him. He runs off and bumps into Skye. He tells her what just happened. After pausing to make a shit-are-they-making-Ming-Na-the-bad-guy face, Skye tells him to go cut the line. He does and then May gets out a gun and goes back into main part of the plane.


I still don’t have time for this shit

She almost shot Fitz in the face, but it was only a Night-Night gun. Coulson and Skye get guns pointed at her. She tells them she isn’t the bad guy, but she can’t tell them who the Clairvoyant is. It all seems like crap and they think it is crap until the plane starts to fly itself and takes a 90-degree turn and flies in a different direction.

Then in a great super villain reveal shot, Agent Hand tells someone where to land the plane and kill everyone but Coulson once it lands.


I knew I didn’t like you

That was a pretty good twist. Maybe it wouldn’t be if I had read the comics, but I haven’t. I’m hoping that May is being forced into helping Hand didn’t actually turn on everyone.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “T.A.H.I.T.I.”

With where Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD left us after the first half of this season, I was expected its return to be suspenseful and action packed. This episode was and I felt nervous — mostly in a good way — the whole time. I had said during my post for the previous episode that I didn’t think it was a 100 percent guarantee that Skye (Chloe Bennett) would be saved. The episode did a good job of keeping that feeling alive.

We open with Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) rushing Skye inside that chamber thing into a SHIELD medical facility. The doctors take her into the operating room and seem to be freaking out like how doctors freak out on T.V. shows when a favorite character might not make it.

something funny

She looks good for being shot twice

The gang then gathers in the waiting room. Simmons, Fitz (Iain de Caestacker) and Ward (Brett Dalton) are all blaming themselves for Skye getting shot. Coulson is too busy blowing up Director Fury’s phone, so May (Ming-Na Wen) has to tell them the only person to blame is Quinn.

Then much earlier than I was expecting, the doctor comes out and tells them they better call Skye’s family to make a decision about life support because she can’t do anything for her. Everyone looks at each other and then Coulson says they are her family.

2 was that Firefly music

Was that Firefly music?

As soon as the doctors says that, perfectly calm until now May storms out onto the plane and into the holding room. She then proceeds to beat the crap out of Quinn’s face until Coulson and Ward come in and tell her to stop.

3 badass

Processing emotions level: badass

They decide Quinn can’t be killed yet, but everyone seems to agree that if Skye dies so does Quinn. Coulson said if SHIELD could bring him back from the dead, they have to be able to save Skye from life support. The team charters a course to Bethesda because that was where Coulson was treated.

Coulson decides to give his classified files to FitzSimmons so that they can try to figure out what was done to him so they can repeat it on Skye. But,  Coulson also told them how long he was actual dead. They also know that Coulson was asking to die the whole time. Simmons starts to seem worried, but Fitz reminders her that Skye isn’t dead.

4 I told you this plane was Serenity

I told you this plane is Serenity

Meanwhile in the cockpit, May is still trying to calm down when Ward comes in and tells her seeing her loss control was kinda hot. I’m over this weird relationship. Luckily, SHIELD guys come over the radio and start yelling at them for disobeying an order and not taking Quinn to the Fridge.

5 don't you have an avengers movie to be in or something

Go bug the Avengers or something

The ship is boarded by two agents charged with taking Quinn. But, they are Agent Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Agent Triplett (B.J. Britt), who are friends with Coulson and Ward. So, all is resolved in about five minutes.

Fitz and Simmons figure out that Coulson’s file is still a bunch of lies and nobody that it says treated Coulson exists. Simmons is frustrated that she can’t figure out how to help Skye, so Fitz helps out by contacting a friend who can give them access to travel logs. They figure out that Coulson was treated in a secret, hidden, only possibly SHIELD facility and everything was signed off by Fury. After consulting with May and Coulson, everyone decides to go to the Guest House and get Skye help how ever they can.

6 skimmons scene took too long

This Skimmons scene took too long

That help come at a steep price pretty early when Coulson, Ward, Fitz and Garrett weren’t able to tell the guard how their drive from Istanbul was. They have to shot their way in and quickly loss their communication with Simmons, May and that other agent guy back on Serenity.

7 walking into the shoting scene

Enter the shooting scene carefully

Back on Serenity, Simmons is looking through the window at Skye and having a cute little conversation with Agent Trip that was dripping with Skimmons subtext. The show might have been trying to start something between Simmons and Trip, but the actresses ship themselves don’t ruin it, show!

Anyway, Skye starts crashing and Simmons, May and Trip run in and start to save her. Over in the action scene, the gang kills the two guards. But, there is no medical staff there and the place is rigged to explode. Ward and Garrett are left to deal with that as Coulson and Fitz go off to find GH362, which is the drug that Simmons thinks will save Skye thought she doesn’t know what it is.

They find it and Coulson sends Fitz back to the ship. Ward and Garrett can’t stop the place from exploding but are able to blast a way out. Fitz heads for Skye and Garrett sends Ward after him. So much was happening this episode it was always too much to handle. Coulson finds a door marked “T.A.H.I.T.I.” He opens it and looks inside, but we don’t to see what it is yet. All we get is Garrett finding a freaked out Coulson in the basement.

Skye keeps crashing and Simmons keeps bring her back, but each time she isn’t sure if it is the right thing to do. May says they aren’t quitting now. Just then Fitz runs in with the drug. Ward tells May to take them up because the ground is about to explode. She runs off and the plane starts to take off just as Coulson and Garrett jump onto the plane.

8 holy CGI budget

Holy CGI budget!

They reach the others and Coulson yells for Simmons not to give the drug to Skye just as she finished giving it to her. Skye starts crashing  more than ever before, everyone is freaking out and I thought for a moment that the show might actual kill off Skye. But she stabilizes. Simmons looks freaked out as she tells everyone she doesn’t know what the drug is just that it would save her. She looks to Coulson and he looks equally freaked out.

9 hands off other agent guy

Whoa hands, new agent guy!

Later on, Coulson is hiding out in his office and May comes to question him about the kids telling her he was shouting to not give Skye the drug. She wants to know what he saw in the basement. He tells her it was nothing he was just freaked out that the drug would hurt Skye like it did him but it didn’t seem to. The real story that we get is that the drug comes from the torso of some weird alien guy in one of those chamber things. This might make more sense if I knew anything about Marvel comics, but I don’t.

10 whatttt


Garrett and Trip take Quinn and promise Coulson they will torture him. Apparently, Quinn only shot Skye because the Clairvoyant told him to so that he could see what T.A.H.I.T.I. was. Garrett thinks Quinn was tricked but I guess the Clairvoyant does know what it is now. Coulson then goes to sit with Skye, who still isn’t awake yet.

The last scene is some red-haired chick with mind control powers taking control of a guy named Jimmy and driving off with him. Again, I know nothing about Marvel comics but this is probably important.

11 you seem bad

You seem bad.

Anyway, this was a good return episode. I’m just as confused as ever and I like it. Hopefully, Skye wakes up next episode. You really don’t see how much Chloe Bennett helps this show until she spends an entire episode asleep.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “T.R.A.C.K.S.”

It is strange to think that while I was watching this episode, I was considering starting this post about how Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is great at creating comedy that fits itself perfectly. I still think this episode was a great example of that, but I also almost screen shoted everyone’s reactions at the end of the episode. But, I will get to that later. For now, let’s focus on the team needing to intercept a secret package on a train in Italy.

joss whedon likes train heists

Joss Whedon likes trains heists

The team got word that Quinn (David Conrad), that evil guy who works for that Clairvoyant, is getting a $10 million package delivered to him by train. So, the team plans to go undercover to steal the package from the train. In perfect SHIELD fashion, they make is as funny as possible by having May (Ming-Na Wen) be a uppity rich lady with Ward (Brett Dalton) as her whipped assistant, Skye (Chloe Bennett) and Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) as a young American couple, and Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) as an estranged father and daughter.

Each of the groups has cute little conversations while they get prepared to do their parts of the plan. Simmons as bad at improvisation but good at preparation. Fitz is bad at American accents, but Skye is even worse at Scottish ones. And May is so casual about sex she tells Ward that she already told Coulson. He proceeds to freak out.

ttyl I'm climbing out a train window

ttyl, I’m climbing out of a train window

Also this happened, so people will stop criticizing the show for not having enough cameos from other Marvel stuff:

and it's offically a marvel production

And it’s officially a Marvel production

The majority of the episode until the big ending sadness stuff happens in three parts after everyone’s comms go out. First, Coulson heads to the dining car to find Ward but over in his part of the story he was attacked by a bunch of people. The people found both of them and had some Night-Night gun-like grenade. They have to jump of the train and run.


Don’t jump into the wheels, Coulson.

They get back to Serenity and call the Italian law enforcement guys who were helping them. The train seems to have disappeared and the rest of the team is still on the train!

how many 24 actor are going to be on this show

How many 24 actors are going to be on this show?

Ward and Coulson try to analysis the grenade thing, but they are better at punching stuff and whatever Coulson’s special skill is. They call HQ to figure out what it is and then their Italian friend shows up but May throws a knife into his back.

perfect level of comedy

Try punching it

Which seemed bad at first but then we get May’s part of the story and see that he is actually a bad guy. The grenade thing had some type of drug in it that froze Ward and Coulson and May fell off the train right where they jumped. She made it possible for them to escape but got captured herself. The Italian bad guys tie her up, drug her, call her ‘sweetheart’ and try to torture her, but she ain’t got time for that.

meanwhile, badass

Actually, it’s badass

Back on Serenity, she gets patched up by Coulson. I think Ward was supposed to think it was some type of a flirty thing between the two of them. I know I call them the parents of this little family of heroes, but I really like them as friends and don’t want anything romantic to start between them. They are able to locate the train but Skye and Fitz aren’t on it. But, they do find Simmons but the last thing she remembers is jumping on a bad guy and taking a Night-Night gun blast to save Skye and Fitz.

To the Skye and Fitz part! After having a rather goofy encounter with a train attendant, they sneak off to the luggage car to set up all the comm and tracking stuff. They locate the package and Skye starts asking Fitz a lot of questions about 0-8-4s, because she found out she was one at the end of the last episode. Fitz says 0-8-4s are usually alien and mechanical but possibly they could be a person, but that person would probably be super bad.


Am I an alien?

Skye and Fitz, oddly enough, take over the hero roles for the episode after Simmons has been knocked out, the package is being taken off the train and everyone else is missing. They track the package and it leads them straight to Quinn’s hideout, just like SHIELD thought it would. Ward said Skye seemed more determined then ever to get SHIELD work done. He doesn’t know that the reason is because SHIELD holds all the secrets to her past.

how e field agent

Is this how we field agent?

Fitz agrees that they should be heroes and not let the mysterious package get away. He gives her the Night-Night gun. She goes inside as he goes to disable the cars. She makes it inside and into the basement, where she doesn’t find the package but does find Mike (J. August Richards), who had been turned into a Centipede terminator, in a cryogenic chamber. She is then attacked by Quinn and one of the Italian bad guys.

the packet was Mike

Oh, hi Mike

Quinn wakes up Mike and gives him the package, which is a robot leg that says Deathlok. I’m assuming that is important. Skye is a little freaked out, especially when Mike said he would not stop Quinn, who is pointing a gun at him, if he tried to hurt him. But, Mike also tells Quinn he isn’t going to hurt Skye because those aren’t his orders. He then marches out of the room. Skye tries to confront Quinn about what he did to Mike. Then, a gun goes off. And I yelled so loud I  scared my cat. I forgot about the gun and the noise scared me and then I realized Quinn shot Skye. Right when I was having my, ‘stop freaking out, the show is going to kill off Chloe Bennett’ moment, Quinn shots her again at point blank range.


So that noise was a gunshot?

As Skye looks like she is bleeding out in the basement, the rest of the team finds Fitz outside. They enter the house and take out everyone. Well, everyone that Mike hadn’t already taken out before he left because the Clairvoyant told him not to engage SHIELD. Coulson finds Skye and in the basement, understandingly panics and yells for everyone. They come and Simmons realizes the only way to save her is to put her in the cryogenic chamber. They all quickly do and she starts breathing again.

Back on Serenity, everyone looked so upset that I almost took screenshots of everyone’s reaction faces. Simmons says they have to get her to a hospital in a few hours or she might be brain dead.


What? Nobody is crying here.

Simmons excuses herself from the rest of the group. She goes to get gaze and try to wipe Skye’s blood off her hands but she looks like she is about to lose it and does when Fitz finds her. It was perfectly sad and I loved it, because I love Skye and Simmons’ friendship and have been finding myself shipping Skimmons more and more.


Yes, I did take two screen caps of Simmons crying over Skye.

I figured the episode would end with Skye’s fate undetermined, but I didn’t think we were going to have to wait until March 4 to find it out. I want to say with all certainty that this show is not going to kill off Chloe Bennett, but Joss Whedon can be unpredictable sometimes. But, Skye might also be an Asgardian. Either way, I really like this show and something like this is exactly what the show needed to ramp up the emotional and the mystery going into the latter part of its first season.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Seeds”

This was a very good episode of Agents of SHIELD. I know I have been saying that a lot but this one was good in a slightly different way. The episode didn’t focus on just one character or a pair of characters. Coulson (Clark Gregg) was still recovering from finding out what SHIELD did to him and we got more back story for FitzSimmons (Iain de Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge) and Skye (Chloe Bennett). Also, a sympathetic possible villain was introduced and Centipede’s reach got even farther without them even being in the episode.

The episode opens with a bunch of college-aged looking kids talking about exams and sneaking into a pool. Based on the previously on, we are supposed to guess that this is “SHIELD Hogwarts”/The Academy. The indoor pool suddenly turns to ice and almost freezes one of the students alive. Que the weekly problem for the gang.

1 our old schoolwork is almost killing people

Our old schoolwork is almost killing people

FtizSimmons helped develop the device that was found near the pool, so they are called back to The Academy: Science and Technology Division to investigate. Ward (Brett Dalton) and Skye decide to tag along.

2 college visit!

College visit!

May (Ming-Na Wen) tells the children they can go by themselves because she and Coulson have something to do. Everyone is still a little worried about Coulson because he hasn’t left his office since Director Fury gave him the file about his death and resurrection.

3 Come out or I will make you come out

Come out or I’ll make you come out

May convinces Coulson that he needs to do something and she tells him about the lead SHIELD has on the agent who dropped off Skye at the orphanage’s partner. The lady, Agent Avery, is dead but her partner is hanging out in Mexico City. They head there after dropping off the kids at college.

4 lolz leopald

Lolz, Leopold

FitzSimmons are legends from their part of The Academy because they were the youngest and smartest ones to ever graduate it seems. They are giving a lecture to all the students, when a kid, who was in the pool scene, starts freezing. FitzSimmons, Skye and Ward are able to save the kid and everyone else congratulates them. They then decide they need to investigate everything further and go to the sweet student lounge/bar thing under the school to question people. Fitz goes alone to try to talk to the kid that was frozen, Donnie.

5 being iced level 1,000

The dangers of Smirnoff Ice.

Down in Mexico, May and Coulson are tracking the partner guy. Coulson said he is tried of SHIELD and all their secrets. May then blurts out that she is having sex with Ward just as Coulson spots the guy and they run into the episode’s only chase scene. I’m glad the show has been cutting down on the number of those, though it was sweet to watch May beat up a guy and Coulson fly Lola around.

6 kidless vacation

Kidless vacation!

Agent Lumley (Boyd Kestner) agrees to go to Serenity and tell them what happened. He, Agent Avery and a team of SHIELD people were called into a small village because an 0-8-4 had been killing everyone there. All they found was a village full of dead people and Baby Skye. Lumley said someone said she had superpowers, but he never saw anything. He said once they got the baby out safely, the members of the team started being assassinated. Avery left the baby at the orphanage and was killed shortly after. Lumley ran.

So with the information that Skye might be an alien, is being hunted by aliens, possibly killed an entire village and both her parents are dead, we switch to Skye conning the bartender for drinks and passing information on to Ward to find which super smart student is behind the attacks.

8 no, a killer looks joke would be too lame

No, a killer looks joke here would be too lame

They are able to figure out that Donnie is actually behind the attacks and Fitz was just in his room. Simmons calls him as Donnie starts working on a much larger device than what was used in the other two freezing incidents. Fitz heads back in to stop him but Seth, the kid who was almost frozen the first time and Donnie’s partner is crime, knocks him out. Just as everything is starting to fall apart, Coulson and May return to help out.

Though May tells Coulson to not tell Skye what they found out, he keeps with his being done with secrets thing and almost instantly tells her.

10 aww cry face

Chloe Bennett has an excellent cry face

Fitz thinks that Donnie and Seth must be being funded by someone because the parts of the device would be too expensive and hard to find for two college kids. Skye is able to track down Ian Quinn (David Conrad), who is a big time evil investor guy. I can’t remember if we have seen him before but Coulson has.

Donnie and Seth are at a parking garage by The Academy and Quinn calls to tell them he wants a demonstration of what the better device can do. Oh, Donnie also staged the first two attacks to draw Fitz to him so he would be able to figure out the last step to power it, which he did. So, Fitz is feeling pretty bad. But, May is able to fly Serenity in to save Donnie, but it is after a super storm is created and the device exploded and killed Seth.

Donnie is being taken to the Sandbox so he can be watched. At the end of the episode, he is able to freeze away the window of the car he is in. So, I don’t think he makes it. Sidenote: I have never read a Marvel comic and so I am not aware of anything outside this show. IMDB has him listed as Donnie/Blizzard so I’m guessing he will be back but I don’t want to know anymore. Oh, and that Quinn guy works for Centipede.

Anyway, May questions Coulson about if he told Skye. He says he did and she wasn’t as broken up about it as May thought she would be. Coulson said she realized she landed with SHIELD because she was trying to find her parents, who are dead, but she found the family that had been protecting her since she was born: SHIELD.

11 skye

This show really has seemed to have found its footing and I am super happy about it.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “The Magical Place”

After the amazingly dramatic ending to the first part of its first season, Agents of Shield did an excellent of returning to normal with its second part premiere. It was wildly dramatic as we watched Coulson (Clark Gregg) get tortured, it made me think Shepherd Book (Ron Glass) might be bad and Rayna (Ruth Negga) might not be as bad as we thought and Skimmons has a safe word?! Anyway, I liked this episode a lot so lets get to the review shall we.

The episode opens with a bunch of people who don’t know buying and selling what looks like Centipede equipment. But, before they can finish that a Rumba — I’m not kidding — comes in and blows them up. This episode has a lot of chase and fight scenes and this one involves the entire team playing a part. It ends with them catching Vanchat (Aiden Turner), who has information on were Centipede and Coulson is.

well shit

Well shit, I’ll just die.

Turns out this was a whole SHIELD operation and SHIELD has replaced Coulson’s positions with Agent Hand (Saffron Burrows).

can it please be explained this episode why everyone thinks she's so cool

I still don’t get why she is so popular.

Hand is all worried about protocols and briefing and bringing in a bunch of other agents into FitzSimmons’ (Iain de Carstecker, Elizabeth Henstridge) lab. But, our heroes are more concerned with just saving Coulson. Skye (Chloe Bennett) decides to show that she could be more useful if the system didn’t lock down anytime she turned to do any work because of that anti-hacking bracelet she has.

Can you close the door and let me continue to be awesome

Can you close the door so I can continue to be awesome?

Hand gets all pissed at Skye and asks Ward (Brett Dalton) and May (Ming-Na Wen) if she is safe enough to have on the plane. Ward quickly says of course, but May says no. For some reason it took Ward until about 20 minutes later to realize May did that as part of the plan. I realized as soon as FitzSimmons come to Skye with a satellite phone disguised as a sandwich, good continuity show. They tell Skye the agents will be here in 12 minutes and no one will be watching her until then.

Is 12 minutes enough for bad girl shannigans

Is 12 minutes enough for bad girl shenanigans?

So, Skye runs off and tracks down a guy on SHIELD radar to try to find Centipede through a money trail. Centipede isn’t being very nice to Coulson. He keeps getting flashes of Tahiti that look like they are glitching and is randomly tazed by the people working for Po and Rayna.

Recycled Dollhouse tech

Recycled Dollhouse tech

Rayna is still trying to figure out what happened to Coulson after he died. They take him out of the Dollhouse set and chain him to a bed. That lasts for about four second until he gets out and makes a run for it.

knew that wasn't going to take long

Knew this was going to happen.

Sadly, he is being held at a town that was built in the middle of the desert for nuclear testing and the place is covered with guards. So, since Coulson can’t help himself too much, his team is picking up the slack. FitzSimmons is modifying the Night-Night Gun and Ward is questioning the Vanchat guy against Hand’s orders. Skye has gotten herself into the finance guys house and is pretending to be May because lolz.

Dress up day!

Dress up day!

After lots of computer and finance jargon and a little fighting, Skye gets everything she needs and finds Rayna’s location. She calls the rest of the team. They have to go in alone because Hand doesn’t think finding Coulson is that important. Or does she and she is just doing this because she knows the team will do it anyway like she did in her last episode?

Over at the bad guy headquarters, the mysterious Clairvoyant character calls Po and kills him using the phone. I have no idea how that worked but it was scary.

The clarvoyant is the real big bad

The clairvoyant scares me

Rayna starts acting all nice to Coulson. He allow half-trusts her because Po had said early that he needed her power of persuasion. She tells Coulson she wants what he does. The information that SHIELD is keeping from him and he deserves it because they took his chance of having a normal life. And the love of his life, who was that cellist girl he talked about when they were visiting fake Ohio University last episode.

What about my love for Captain America

But what about my love for Captain America?

The team arrives at the weird town thing. Mostly this scene is just used to show May and Ward be badass and highlight the creep factor of the town.

Heros in training shot

Welcome to hero training camp.

Skye reaches Coulson right when he is getting flashbacks of Tahiti turning into Shepard Book and a SHIELD doctor operating on him and he is repeating that he wants to die.

Worse than I expected

Worse than everyone thought

The team gets Coulson back to Serenity and Rayna into custody, which I don’t think is going to last long. Hand seems to be a little mad at them or had just expected the fact that she can’t tell them what to do. And what is going on with her and May? Did they work together at some point and it went badly? I hope we get that story. Skye tells Coulson that she heard what he was saying when she found him. He says it all wasn’t real and he is proud of her. He then deactivates her anti-hacking bracelet.

I like her better in bicirous plaid

I like her better in bicurious plaid.

But, Coulson clearly doesn’t believe that because he goes and hides in Book’s car and questions him about his death. Book said he wasn’t dead for eight seconds or 40 seconds but for about two or three days. Book said it was Fury and Hill’s decision and he was only told about it during Coulson’s seventh operation. He also lost his will to life during the operations and Book said they “tried” to put it back.

He said ungodly and good doctor

He also said “godly” and “good doctor.”

And then this happened:

Centipide turned Michael into a terminator

Centipede turned Micheal into a Terminator!

I’m glad this show is back. See you next week.