Six Thoughts on Quantico 1.4

1 The pacing in fantastic 


This show is paced incredibly well. We are getting a great balance of action, suspense and gradual reveals of information during training and after the bombing. Also, the show is doing a great job of slowly entangling every member of the Quantico class into the greater conspiracy.

2 The dialogue could use some work, though


But, the dialogue was bad this week. Every line was either a cliche, overly dramatic for no reason, an action hero one-liner or a predictable response. And this episode was about 30 percent PSA about home-grown terrorists.

3 So Elias then


After three weeks of vagueness about as the show marketed him gay Simon, the show finally just flat out told us he isn’t actually gay. It did acknowledge its odd LGBTQ representation choice by having actually gay Elias criticizing him for using the allure of being an openly gay FBI agent to get into Quantico. Having a gay character was one of the things that originally got me into Quantico, but hey Elias got more of a story this week.

4 Ryan isn’t that interesting


Despite his shady sounding past – there was something with Chicago – we know nothing about, I am not finding Ryan that interesting. But, his character isn’t all that original. He is a tough but nice law enforcement guy with a shady past who might get with the lead chick or classic TV bitch character Natalie, as he is after the bombing.

5 The romances are falling flat


I feel like I am being mean. I liked this episode and some parts of it were great (I’m getting to you, Shelby) but it did devote a lot of time to the parts I am not finding that great. Like the multiple romances. I am not really interested in the budding romances between Alex and Ryan, Ryan and Natalie, Shelby and the dull blonde guy or Simon and the Amin twins.

6 And my favorite part: Shelby


Shelby and Shelby and Alex’s relationship was my favorite part of this episode. Alex only told Ryan about how her father, who she killed, was actually an FBI hero not a dead-beat drunk. But, Shelby noticed something was wrong and was worrying about her through the whole pre-bombing part of the episode. They get in a little fight but then make up and sweetly share their secrets and admit they are friends.

They are not so friendly after the bombing. Apparently Alex “exposed the truth about her parents” and that caused a falling out. Alex broke into her house with Simon after she found evidence that she might be involved in the bombing. After a lot of fighting and gun pointing, Alex takes her hostage.

I am still really shipping them but romantic or platonic their relationship is the best dynamic on the show so far.

Eight Thoughts on Quantico 1.3

1 I’m liking this friendship 


I am enjoying the budding friendship between Alex and super pretty blonde with parental issues chick. I paid enough attention this week to learn her name is Shelby. She is from Georgia so of course it is.

2 These shady meetings are shady


Most of the time I am trying to forget that this is a network show and ignore its super network television elements. These shady, secretive meetings happening in open hallways with secretive feeling lighting is hard to look past though.

3 This guy is my terrorist pick of the week


Why are you being so mean to Alex’s mom? And why are you having Simon spy on Alex? Are you the terrorist?

4 The Assistant Director is awesome


I am loving Assistant Director Shaw. This week she seemingly pits the trainees against each other by making them choose to vote three people off the island out of the academy or let her vote off 10. The exercise splits the group and pits them against each other after their peer reviews are posted for everyone to see.

5 What is going on with gay Simon?


Alright show, what are we doing with, as you marketed him, gay Jewish Simon? Alex meets up with him after the Grand Central Station bombing. He was kicked out of Quantico, as far as Alex knows and is seeming rather straight now and doing IT for a tech start up. He helps her in the future timeline. Back at Quantico he was being an asshole, which I also feel is important for shows to do because for true equally shows have to be able to show gay characters be assholes or villains. If Simon is actually gay (I am still questioning it) and Elias is a good guy, the show is doing incredibly well with its LGBTQ representation in my opinion.

6 The Amin twins are still interesting


The Amin twins get rather pissed at each other because of the weird psych evaluations they get during the episode. Raina, I think, says she doesn’t want to be there anymore and leaves Nimah by herself. And I am going to ask it until it is explained, why Logan, Ohio?

7 Shit, I’m shipping this


So yeah, I am starting to ship Shelby and Alex together. This is probably never going to happen because the show is trying to pair Shelby with…that super dull blonde dude who is Elias’ roommate and Alex and Booth are clearly the couple I am supposed to be rooting for but whatever.

8 Why is everyone against Alex? 


There has to be a reason for everyone acting against Alex after the bombing, right? Alex’s mom, the assistant director, Simon and Ryan are all working against Alex, usually after she interacts with them, to make the FBI believe she is a terrorist. There is a reason for all of this, right? Right?

Thoughts on Quantico

I have been posting about Quantico on my tumblr ( but I decided to transfer them over to here too. My posts about the first episode was rather short, so here are the first two episodes. 

Episode 1

1 Overall it is pretty good


I seriously enjoyed it and it was better than I thought it was going to be based on the reviews I had read.

2. RIP Brian J. Smith 


Man, I was excited to see him in something else. But I guess he has to get back to being drugged out of his mind on a boat and leaving Nomi to parent the Sense8’s on her own.

3. Logan, Ohio?!


10 points for Ohio randomness, but what? I used to work in Logan, Ohio and was shocked by the reference, impressed that there are a lot of Valero gas stations in that area and instantly horrified for the Muslim girl. I got berated for being a city slicker, Atheist and never even come out to my co-workers. Why are you in Logan? Get out of there! It isn’t safe!

Episode 2

1 Replacing Brian J Smith didn’t take long


About three seconds into the episode the show replaced Brian J. Smith’s interesting and confusing Mormon character Matt with Natalie, your average stereotypical bitch character who is competing with Alex as the best agent and love interest for the main guy character.

2 This pairing is super bland


No decision on their terrorist status yet, but the super pretty blonde with parental issues and the super pretty blonde with parental issues are not interesting me at all.

3 The twins are interesting


No idea what is going on with Niham and Raina Amin, who are there as an experiment by the Assistant Director but I am interested. Also, why Logan, Ohio last episode? Also, why not hire actual twins to play this role?

4 He’s the terrorist, right?


My money is on this guy for the terrorist. He is doing a lot of shady stuff.

5 I found my new favorite character


I’m not really sure what is going on with this show’s LGBTQ representation at the moment because I’m not sure if gay, Jewish Simon is actually gay, especially after his flirting with the Amin twins this week. Anyway the analyst trainees are introduced this week, including Elias, who has heard about Simon and quickly tries to awkwardly flirt with him but is confused with he is so instantly shot down. Elias also seems to be figuring out what the hell is going on with Simon. Apparently everything about him from his vocal-ness about his sexuality to his trip to Gaza to his glasses are all fake.