Under the Dome: “Imperfect Circles”


Grade: B-

Airdate: 8/5/13

This episode was at about the halfway point of Under the Dome’s first season, so I’m not really expecting anything too great. Compared to the previous six episodes, this one seemed to be a lot of the same. Junior (Alexander Koch) is insane and his dad, Big Jim (Dean Norris) doesn’t seem that worried about it. Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) is still going to try to follow the law and pretend that everything thing is fine even though bad guys keep going on the run until they are simply shot by a sorta Sheriff Deputy. And hick-villain Ollie (Leon Rippy) is using his farm and well to make himself a ruler in the town.

Really only two important things happened in this episode. Joe (Colin Ford) is too busy with turning his parent’s house into a boarding home and spending time with his girlfriend, Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) to think about his “missing” sister. But in Joe’s defense, Angie (Britt Robertson) was freed from Junior’s dungeon and took all episode to finally find her brother. Anyway, Joe and Norrie struggle through some bad dialogue with an occasional well timed line. Joe uses his dome map to find the center of the dome. And there is another dome with a black egg looking thing inside it. The teen lovers try to talk to it while touching it at the same time. All that happened is that Norrie’s mom, Alice (Samantha Mathis) appears in the woods with. She thinks that means she is in danger so they rush back to Joe’s Dome-time Boarding Home.

Alice is over in the episode’s other main story line. Julia’s (Rachelle Lefevre) neighbor that we’ve not meet before touches the dome outside of Julia’s house and goes into labor. She thought she saw her deployed Navy husband on the other side, much like Norrie saw Alice so I’m guess that’s important somehow. Julia gets token pregnant chick into her car only to get ambushed by the murder brothers from last episode. Luckily, Barbie (Mike Vogel) is there to save them and radio’s Linda and Junior to go after them. Linda kills one in self-defense and Junior kills the other as he begs for his life. Yeah, Linda is good, Junior is bad.

The clinic is closed for some reason. So, Julia and Barbie that the pregnant chick to Alice and Carolyn (Aisha Hinds) who are having a cute moment in the living room of their daughter’s boyfriend’s parents’ house. Alice is getting sicker because of the lack of insulin but starts to deliver the baby anyway because she is a medical ninja with hipster glasses.

The pregnant chick is annoyingly freaking out and carrying on about how she doesn’t want to bring a baby into the dome because anything is going so terrible. To drive that point home, across town Big Jim is blowing up part of the propane storage as a way to get back at Oliie for hogging everything.

Alice gets too sick about halfway through the delivery and Barbie takes over and does a little too well for someone with no medical training. After the baby is delivered, Norrie and Joe arrive. Norrie runs upstairs and Carolyn tells her that Alice had a heart attack. They go sit on the bed with her and Alice says everything is happening a reason and Norrie and Carolyn need to look after each other. Norrie runs off after she dies and Carolyn has a tearful moment. Norrie goes to yell at the dome and while she does the black egg thing in the mini dome at the center has a bunch of red lights run through it.

The show is doing all right. It is keeping the mystery alive with the discovery of mini dome, Junior and Big Jim are keeping the dangerous dude vibe alive. Alice was a likable character from the start, so she was the perfect candidate for the shows emotional first season death, but I’m not saying that was the best decision. Alice and Carolyn were the only couple that was a couple before the dome and they had an interesting family element going with Norrie.

Angie is with the rest of the cast now so hopefully that makes for some interesting situations next week. And Linda, how many people is Junior going to have to kill until you decide to take away his rifle?