Under the Dome: “The Fourth Hand”

The Fourth Hand

Grade: D+

Airdate: 8/19/13

I don’t know if it is the painfully slow pace, the poor dialogue or the Sheriff not knowing anything about drugs, but I have almost completely lost interest in Under the Dome. Mixed in with all the terrible-ness is always a few actually interesting clues about why the town is trapped in a dome. But, it’s not really enough to keep my interest. And this is all on top of the fact that I only kept watching the show after Alice died two weeks ago to see how her family reacted to it. Her daughter Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) just struggled through some lines like always and for some reason her wife Carolyn (Aisha Hinds) has not been in the last two episodes.

The episode opens with Julia (Rachelle Leferve) taking Barbie (Mike Vogel) to see mini-dome, but mini-dome is missing and has been replaced with mini-crate. Barbie then gets called by Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) to come help with a crazy guy who broke into someones house. After Linda tells us she knows nothing about which drugs make you hallucinate and hear voices, the druggie tells us he got a drug called Rapture from the evil preacher. When they go to his house they find a recipe which includes propane. Linda’s lack of police knowledge was killing the realism for me, but she goes to finally look into the propane stockpile on the edge of town.

Angie (Britt Robertson) seems to be playing into the possible monarch role and requests the deed to the diner from Big Jim (Dean Norris). He leaves after giving her a “sure, kid” answer and his crazy son, Junior (Alexander Koch) comes in. But, his crazy is cut short by Angie having a pink stars seizure.

Big Jim gets back to his house and there is a hot chick there that delivers all the poorly written exposition we need for this episode. Big Jim, Sheriff Duke, creepy preacher and hot chick were working together to get the propane into Chester’s Mill, use it to make Rapture and then sell it around. Barbie was also working with hot chick but not the others. So, nothing sci-fi about the shady stuff in town it is just regular shady stuff.

In response to a bystander getting shot during the break-in, Big Jim decides to call for a gun collection program, in which residents can turn in their guns for food and propane. Big Jim seems to be turning the monarch possibility into more of a dictator possibility. He ends up taking all the guns and puts them in his bomb shelter instead of at the concrete factory like hot chick told him to.

Angie arrives back at the boarding house and tells Joe (Colin Ford), Norrie and Julia about the seizure. They tell her about theirs and she is a little freaked. Norrie then sees her butterfly tattoo, but Joe then tells her it is not a monarch butterfly because it isn’t orange. See that is one of the little clues. I still think that is important. Hey Carolyn, want to come downstairs and increase the acting ability by tenfold? No? Great.

Meanwhile, Junior, who only seems to be crazy when it is needed for the story, later takes Angie to his house and shows her a painting his mom did shortly before she died eight years ago. He said it come to her in a dream and it is Junior standing on a hill looking up at falling pink stars.

Norrie and Joe get back to the house after searching all over for missing mini-dome and find it in the barn. Angie joins them and said that Joe brought it back there in the middle of the night, but he was in some zombie-state. They all put their hands on mini-dome and it glows blue. Norrie thinks they are like keys and another hand print appears. They need to figure out who the fourth person in. That was sort of an interesting clue, but Junior was in that painting and is the only other teenager/early twenty-something character on the show so I’m guessing him.

This show did start well. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it is me, not the show. It reminds me a lot of Lost, which I watched most of then lost interest. It has the same concept of a bunch of people being trapped in one place by some supernatural power. And yeah, the supernatural stuff is interesting but everything else is just a bunch people being stuck together. Of course, Lost did have good dialogue, casting, acting and actual chemistry between its couples. Carolyn and Alice were the only ones with chemistry, but the show ended that for some reason.