Seven Thoughts on Quantico 1.7

1 Haha what? No relationships at Quantico?


The fuck? Shelby, while recapping her awkward first meeting with super dull blonde dude’s dad, says to Alex that relationships between Quantico trainees are forbidden. What? Like half of this show is relationships between Quantico trainees. Maybe that is a thing in real life but like it slide for your super mainstream, sexy show.

2 “You and your sister…are very different people”?


In what god damn way, Simon? I literally said the name of the terrorist Amin twin to myself for like five minutes so I would actually remember it was Nimah, who I think is the one that wanted to be an FBI agent, not in love Simon one but who the fuck knows. Actually the ending made it pretty clear, Raina usually wears a head scarf in casual situations and likes Simon more. Or at least that is how they presented themselves to the rest of the Quantico class after Nimah, I think, told Shaw they would be better off as full members of the team. And I don’t think either of them are actually terrorists.

3 Natalie is a stereotype 


I really dislike Natalie, but more than I am supposed to. She is the anti-Alex. But, on top of that she is ratting out every member of her Quantico class who are all siding with Alex. Shelby even tells her that she mostly hates post-bombing Alex for whatever she exposed about her parents, but she is helping her because she isn’t a terrorist. Also, the show did a good job of having our core job of characters work together in the Quantico timeline. And that group was Alex, Booth, Shelby, Simon, whichever Amin twin AND Natalie. In a cliched sort of way, she realizes the error of her ways and lets Alex and very wounded Ryan escape at the end of the episode.

4 Oh no is Elias gone?


Elias fled the classroom during the possible bomb/possible mid-term test part of the episode. It turned out to be the final for analysts so he left Quantico afterwards. He kept talking about giving up a six-figure IT job before the FBI, which he joined because we wanted to protect his country but realized there is a lot of bullshit surrounding that. God I love you, Elias. I feel like Alex has mentioned him as someone who could help in the post-bombing story line so hopefully we see him again. This is the first episode to not introduce a character into the post-bombing story line as a terror suspect. I really thought it was going to be Elias this week. I would have believed it as much as I did when it was Shelby.

5 Whoa that was a straight dude sympathy kiss


So my views on this show’s LGBTQA+ representation has been varying because of Simon’s gay marketing, which turned out to be a lie but Elias’ inclusion made me let it go a bit. But, I liked that the show kept in a sympathy kiss by a straight dude. Sure Simon is not macho in any way and some people might view this as bad for LGBTA+ characters on television but this stuff happens some time and I am glad this utterly mainstream show included it. It will never be HTGAWM but I’ll take it.

6 Ryan’s past, sorta


So, Ryan’s shady past involves something that happened in Chicago. We find out this episode that he and the Deputy Director really messed up and got some people killed but Ryan as the good guy solider took the blame and now the DD by order of the higher ups are punishing him for it. I feel like when characters have shady pasts it is usually better to never tell people because what they think up is usually better than the actual story.

7 Shelby vs. the super dull blonde guy family 


Super dull blonde guy and his dad were assholes to Shelby this episode. Super dull blonde guy actually says to her she is probably better off that her parents are dead because she can’t disappoint them. And, thankfully, she actually calls him out and is like “my parents died on 9/11, you dick.” Also, super dull blonde dad is an asshole to her too by saying his son is a waste of space, who might have some actually mental health issues the show hasn’t explored yet. Geew wonder why, Dick Dad? Again, this is all not actually about Shelby but I don’t care about super dull blonde guy or his dad, for me it is just making Shelby more interesting. Now if she would just forget about them and date Alex I would be happy.

Additional thoughts 

I couldn’t work it into my main post because it would have been way too long, but what was with Alder Eric’s multiple mentions this episode?

Super dull blonde guy mentioned Eric, Brain J. Smith/Will from Sense8, shooting himself a lot. That happened in the first episode and has not been mentioned since the second. I have three theories for why it suddenly got mentioned again:

1 Super dull blonde guy relates


Super dull blonde guys’ dad mentioned to Shelby that he had stopped his son from seriously hurting himself and other people. So maybe super dull blonde guy had a suicide/murder-suicide/mass murder and suicide by cop thing planned at some point and that is why he was so torn up by Eric’s death.

Though he acted rather insensitive about it, as Shelby pointed out, I think he was more bothered than he let on. Shelby also points that out.

2 He somehow isn’t dead


Brian J. Smith is still on the post bombing terror suspect board. I saw this being pointed out after the first episode aired. Though he does die (it seems pretty certain) in the first episode, he is still being listed among the suspects nine months later.

3 Nothing


This all could be me adding way too much weight to Alder Eric because despite him being the uber straight, good guy cop American goober character on Sense8 I love Will. So, I might be adding too much importance to this one episode role because I really like this actor. This whole thing could have been an incident of a show hiring a slightly big name actor to be killed off in the first episode to raise the stakes.

As I said in my first ever Quantico post if Brian J. Smith had to go leave to film in Iceland or Chicago or Seoul or wherever, I don’t care. He would have made Quantico more interesting but he is also needed back on Sense8.