The Secret Circle: “Slither”

 Grade: B+

Airdate: 10/13/11

This was definitely the best episode of The Secret Circle thus fur. The episode started out like most. Nick (Louis Hunter) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) wake up in bed together. Melissa is acting a little, because the demon snake that was in Heather is in her now. Diana (Shelley Henning) tells Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) that their parents are dating and she is pissed. That stuff mixed with the bad acting and terrible music made it a normal start.

We do find out early on that the power of the last generation of witches (the circle’s parents I’m guessing) was taken by what Diana’s book calls “the elders”.

Melissa starts acting weirder as the day goes on. She has a full body convulsion just after school lets out and a little bit later she tells Nick she knows where her family’s book is. They find it a suitcase buried in the forest. Melissa says they are going to the house to open it and will just be their secret. Nick believes her until Faye arrives and Melissa tells her it will be their secret. The audience knows this is all a lie because we saw Cassie (Britt Robertson) got a text from Melissa telling her to come to the house. The three of think something is wrong, which seemed to mean more coming from usually carefree Faye and Nick.

Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Diana are off having their own couple plot line, which involves dinner and almost having sex. These are very sexual active 16-year-olds.  Cassie eventually calls them and they come to the house too. Nick knocks out Melissa as soon as they get their and they tie her up and lie her on the couch.

Melissa wakes up a little later and starts struggling, yelling and speaking in demon voices. The circle crowds around her and tries to hold her down. The whole experience was a good circle bonding moment because all six of them are not together very often. They realizes this was the same thing that happened to Heather, but they don’t have the power to stop it. Cassie leaves saying she knows someone who can help. Melissa ends up getting herself untied and pins Nick against the wall and holds scissors to his neck. Adam, Diana and Faye try to use magic to make her stop but can’t. Melissa forces them to help her with the spell to open the case.

Cassie gets her grandmother Jane, played by Ashley Crow, who was showing suspicion earlier, and tells her everything. They go back to the house and super powerful Grandma is able to get the demon out of Melissa, but it goes into Nick who runs off. Jane tells the circle that the demons can only be destroyed by fire or drowning. They light the case on fire and go look for Nick, who calls Adam and tells them to come to the Boathouse.

Nick runs into Dawn (Natasha Henstridge), Faye’s mom, and tells her he is the demon. Apparently Dawn summoned it the last time. Dawn, who has been scheming on how to get power the whole episode, calls Charles (Gale Harold), Diana’s dad, for help. He comes and knocks out Nick. The circle arrives trying to find him as Charles and Dawn drag him to the water to drown the demon. Charles holds him down in the water, but Nick wakes up and starts struggling. After a while Nick stops moving. Charles drags him to the shore. Charles and Dawn run off just before Cassie and Jane arrive.

The episode does a very good job of holding us in suspense for a while. We don’t see Cassie reach Nick. Faye gets a phone call, but we only hear Faye’s side. Her reaction pretty much tells us but the scene cuts before she informs Melissa. We are finally told Nick is dead when Dawn and Charles are talking. Charles is upset about what he did, but Dawn is saying it is a necessary evil if they want their power back.

New shows usually kill off what seems to be a major character rather early and I think it always helps the show. Secret Circle definitely in improving. The magic scene were almost at a Buffy level and the story is starting to make more sense. There is still a lot of bad acting and music choice. Hopefully, that improves because I’m kind of starting to like this show.


The Secret Circle: “Loner” and “Heather”

 Grade: “Loner”: C, “Heather”: C+


Airdate: 9/29/11

I still don’t know what I think about The Secret Circle. I like sci-fi/fantasy shows, so those parts of the episodes are good. But the framework of the show, the music, acting, casting and dialogue is just so bad that it’s turning me off. It’s like having to wade through Secret Life of the American Teenager, General Hospital and iCarly just to get to 20 minutes of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode.

Anyway, this episode starts back up at school with Cassie (Britt Robertson) and the rest of the circle being reluctant to talk to Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) after she almost killed the student council president Sally. There is a dance coming up soon so Adam (Thomas Dekker) tries to set Cassie up with Luke, played by Zachary Abel. Casting for Luke was pretty bad, because I thought he was Nick (Louis Hunter) for a while.

Later on, Cassie runs into Zachary Larson, who was a friend of her mother’s. He tells her to leave town and that he isn’t going to let it happen again. He starts to attack Cassie, but she is saved by Diana (Shelley Hennig). Zachary goes on an attack spree for most of the episode. He beats up Charles (Gale Harold), Diana’s dad, because Charles tries to shop him from taking out the circle. Apparently he only needs to kill one for all their power to be lost. He finds Faye at the house, while everyone else is having annoying teen drama problems at the dance.

Faye narrowly escapes to the school and finds the others. They go through the schools records and find out that Zachary’s girlfriend Heather died in the fire 16 years ago that killed their parents. The circle is able to catch Zachary in a hallway and use their power to restrain him. Diana tries to apologize for their parents killing his girlfriend. He said that what Amelia, Cassie’s mom, did to Heather was far worse than death. They end up knocking Zachary out and Dawn(Natasha Henstridge), Faye’s mom, and Charles take care of him. Nobody finds out anything due to some quick lying on Dawn and the circle’s part.

The episode ends with a bunch of couple stuff. Nick was being a jerk to Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) at the dance. Faye comes in with the bitchy friend save. Diana tells Cassie that she knows about Adam’s feelings for her. Cassie tells her not to worry. So lots of bad and a little good. C.


Airdate: 10/6/11

This episode starts with Cassie and Adam tracking down Heather. She lives in a run-down part of town with her brother, Wayne. When they get to the house Wayne takes them to see Heather. He tells them that she hasn’t moved in 16 years, which is caused by whatever Amelia did to her the night of the fire. Suddenly Heather moves and grabs Cassie arm and a few seconds later she is not moving again. Heather has someone kind of mark on her arm that Adam and Cassie both seem to recognize.

They go back to Cassie house and she shows Adam her family’s book, because that is where she saw the mark before. Adam said it was left behind be a spell and he finds a way to reverse the spell. Cassie is able to talk him into trying it, because everyone wants to figure out what happened to their parents. Of course, Diana ends up finding out and everyone’s fun is crushed.

Cassie ends up talking to Faye and she agrees to try it. So the two of them go back to Heather’s house and perform the spell. It seems like nothing happened so they leave quickly as Wayne comes home. After a while it works and Heather knocks out her brother and leaves the house. Cassie and Faye go back to Cassie’s house because Faye wants to see Cassie’s book. After a little bit Cassie goes down stairs and Heather is there crying and saying that she needs to find Amelia. Cassie tells her who she is and asks what happened the night of the fire. Heather said there were demons on the boat, because demons and evil follow the circle. A demon snake had gotten inside her and Amelia used the spell to stop it from controlling her.

Heather than goes nuts, knocks out Cassie and goes after Faye. Faye’s screaming catches Nick and Melissa’s attention, who are busying in their own separate story line next door. They come over and Heather ends up running away after she sees Nick, but she runs into traffic and gets hit by a car and dies. Adam, Diana and Wayne all arrive shortly after. The demon snake climbs out of Heather’s body and into the coat Nick is holding.

The circle decides that they need to find out what happened to their parents so they know what they are up against. Melissa ends up going home with Nick again. Adam takes Diana home but ends up back at Cassie’s to help her clean up the mess that Heather made. The episode ends with the demon snake climbing out of Nick’s coat and into Melissa.

This episode focused more on the sci-fi/fantasy part of the story, but about 20 percent was teen drama between Melissa and Nick, with a hint of Faye messing things up. Hopefully the high-school romance/drama part of the show improves.