Once Upon A Time: “Ruby Slippers” (S5Ep18)

So, I have not been posting about Once Upon A Time because I have not been watching season 5B. I was going to but then I heard it destroyed Meg from Hercules’ character. And she is such an important part of my childhood, I didn’t want to watch that. But, I have been reading reviews about this half season and know what is happening. I decided to watch this episode because I knew Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Ruby (Meghan Ory) were going to be back and A&E have promised a gay story line sometime this season. It didn’t go how I thought it would but shit there was a lady-on-lady kiss on effing Once Upon A Time?!

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I would be more excited about this episode and this show now having a non-straight relationship and three ladies who like ladies but I doubt Mulan, Ruby or Dorothy (Teri Reeves) will appear again this season and if they do the show will probably promote it as another special guest star episode, which is not a good way to feature your LGBTQ representation.

So, going into this episode I knew Ruby fell from the sky at the end of last episode. The hero gang, which has been in the Underworld for a while, took her to the Underworld version of Mary Margret’s loft. They don’t know how she got there. When they flashback and I had to laugh at the time card.

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Good to know this show hasn’t changed too much. Mulan and Ruby are chasing werewolf scent through Oz. They exited “The Bear King” to find Ruby’s pack. They run into Toto and then into Dorothy. I didn’t know she had been recast. She was played by Matreya Scarrwener the last time I saw Dorothy. She was great on the Canadian show Strange Empire but she is significantly younger than Meghan Ory, so I understand the recast.

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Zelena (Rebecca Mader) and Hades (Greg Germann) are a thing now. There was something about her wanting to get home to her daughter and Dorothy being her greatest enemy. Hades was seeming a bit rapey and Zelena was acting a little out of character, which fits with what I have been reading.

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Also Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is mad at Rumple (Robert Carylye) for him signing her child over to the god of the Underworld. And Cruella (Victoria Smuft) is there chewing the scenery and taking out the magical British phone boxes that let people communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Charming (Josh Dallas) sees that and flips out that he can’t call his son, who he abandoned to chase his daughter’s boyfriend who had just tried to murder her and their entire town into the Underworld.

Back in Oz whenever, Zelena has kidnapped Toto. Zelena tells Dorothy she can give her ruby slippers to Zelena or Toto dies. Ruby and Mulan say they will help her with a sleeping curse to knock out Zelena. Mulan stays behind to brew it as Ruby and Dorothy go off to find more ingredients. They have a lot of flirty moments, which confused the hell out of me at first because “The Bear King” really made it seem like Mulan and Ruby had gone off to be gay with each other, but I guess I thought two queer ladies being just friends was above this show. I’m not going to apologizes because you earned that assumption, OUAT.

Anyway, Zelena sends a tornado at them. Ruby turns into a wolf, has Dorothy ride her and they get safely back to Mulan.

Back in Underworld Storybrooke, Zelena tells Regina (Lana Parillia) she has put Dorothy under a sleeping curse, which only true love’s kiss can break. They all flip out for a bit. Ruby thinks the only person who can break it is Auntie M. The rest of Dorothy’s family tried to have her committed to back in Kansas, which she told Ruby in a flashback. Ruby also mentioned her boyfriend in a flashback, so did the show subtly have a commitment to Ruby’s bisexuality? I would be really impressed if I had any hope this would last beyond this episode.

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In the show’s only funny, witty moment, the Blind Witch (Emma Caufield, what are you doing here? You are too good for this show) tells them where Auntie M is and it ends up being at Granny’s Underworld rival that Auntie M owns. OK, that was a good joke.

Unfortunately, Hades is there and melts Auntie M with water from the River of…Lost Souls? I don’t know what it is called. It’s the River Stix. It was the River of Lost Souls in the Hercules movie, I think.

Anyway back in Oz whenever, Mulan asks Ruby why she is acting weird. Ruby tells her it is because she has been searching for a place where she belongs and she thinks Dorothy might be the answer. Mulan gets all smiley and tells her she has to tell her before it is too late and not make the same mistake she did. Damn, can Aurora come back and realize she is in love with Mulan?

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Back in UnderStorybrooke, Ruby has a similar conversation with Snow, when she realizes maybe Auntie M wasn’t the only answer to true love’s kiss to break Dorothy’s curse. It was a rather average coming out to a best friend scene. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) told her she was her best friend and she knows her. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about how no pronouns where used and it was never explicitly said and that time Ginnifer Goodwin compared gay and lesbian relationships on TV to porn. So, LGBTQ stuff and this show are very complicated.

Through some nonsense about slippers, tombstones and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) Charming convinces Snow she should go with Ruby to Oz and then to Storybrooke to take care of the child they abandoned. So, Snow and Ruby poof to Oz. They are met with a bunch of Wizard of Oz characters and Mulan. She is happy to see Ruby and says she kept Dorothy safe for her, saying she has experience in this kind of thing. Snow gives Ruby some words of encourage and then she walks up to Dorothy and kisses her, on the lips.

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While watching I was fully prepared to find examples of when this thing has happened in other shows because I thought this would be a cheek or forehead kiss of some kind. But, nope!

photo 3

And then it kept going!

photo 5

I would be as happy as Henry (Jared Gilmore) looked writing this in his story book or Mulan at her friend getting some…

photo (6)

photo 4

…if I had any hope of this continuing but we will not see any more for probably another half season, which is a shitty way to go about this, OUAT. How can this show have a queer kiss but still be queerbaiting?

Oh and the episode ends with Belle pricking herself with a sleeping curse to delay her pregnancy to give Rumple time to find out how to break the contract. Great way to remove Belle from her own story line there, show.

I’m probably not going to watch this show for a while again. I mean, Call The Midwife is also airing on Sundays at 8 p.m. And though there has not been a lady-on-lady kiss yet Call The Midwife handles its lesbian characters so much better.

Also, I’m a little annoyed that the show didn’t put Ruby and Mulan together. I know Dorothy has been in a few 5B episode, but I am not committed to her character like I am with Ruby, who has been around since the pilot episode, and Mulan, who has been around since season two. I would let that slide because Mulan mentioned Aurora multiple times but this effing show isn’t going to bring her and her Sleeping Warrior cock-block baby back to have her leave Phillip for Mulan, so yeah I’m not wasting my Sunday evenings on this show anymore.



Once Upon A Time: “Birth” (S5Ep08) and “The Bear King” (S5Ep09)

In a rare accomplishment for Once Upon A Time, I liked its two hour event. Both of the episodes were good and only had a bit of all the things I hate about this show. But, this wasn’t really an OUAT two hour event. These episodes could not have been more different and after the ending of “Birth” I was really expecting another hour of dealing with the reveal at the end of it. But instead it was followed by the Merida and Mulan Adventure Hour, which I loved by the way. I’m just confused why these episodes were paired together.


This episode starts with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) bringing the Prometheus flame, which she needs to bind the Dark One dagger and Excalibur, so she can snuff out the darkness and leave only light magic, to Granny’s in Camelot, three weeks ago. This episode actually had a timeline! Emma can’t get the flame to work. The words of encouragement from Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Granny (Beverly Elliot) fall flat, Merlin (Elliot King) freezes them and walks in tell her that he is under Arthur’s (Liam Garrigan) control and he is going to murder her family, which includes Regina (Lana Parrilla, yay!) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue, ugh).

Emma is quickly able to save them after she ties up Zelena (Rebecca Mader), who is working with Arthur. Hook is able to get free and punch him in the face and he runs away like he isn’t the greatest king in all of British literature.

Back in Storybrooke, all the useless men are chasing Arthur through the woods because they know he lied about the mushroom. They fumble around and suck, until Dark Emma comes and saves them. Hook is kinda a jerk about Emma saving him and then flip flops saying he still loves Emma and doesn’t think she is a monster, despite the fact he said exactly that about three episodes ago. Regina, on the other hand, has been accepting and understanding since the beginning. Emma says she did everything and took everyone’s memories for Hook.

He holds onto the bit of info in the next scene, despite Regina saying Emma has to be manipulating him.

photo 5

Hook goes out to track her down so he can ask her about her intentions. He literally tries to commit suicide to get her attention. Again with the self-harm and suicide for attention thing, OUAT? WTF? Anyway, Emma says she can’t tell him everything because her plan is almost complete.

Back in Camelot, Emma is told by Hallucination-Rumple (Robert Carlyle) that the flame isn’t working for her because she isn’t ready to give up the darkness. Henry tells her that Hook what planning to buy her new house in Storybrooke with her when they get back. This culminates into the greatest scene of the episode. Emma is outside Granny’s trying to get the flame to light and Regina finds her. She tells her she understands being drawn to darkness. Regina takes the dagger and demands Emma tell her why she is so afraid to give it up. Emma says she will not be able to protect everyone without it. Regina tells Emma she can lie to everyone else but not to her, which Emma said to her last season.

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But of course, Princess Cockblock, idiot man and the beard come out and stop Regina. Emma runs off. Hook goes to find her. Emma says she isn’t mad at Regina and she made her realize she is afraid of her possible future with Hook and giving up her darkness means it will start. That lights the flame.

Everyone goes into Granny’s and Emma tries to bind the dagger and the sword but halfway through she stops when Hook starts bleeding from the neck. She healed at cut he got, from Excalibur, during the earlier fight. I’m not really sure why but the wound can’t be healed with magic and binding the blades will kill him. Hook tells Emma to still do it to save herself from the Darkness and seriously Regina and the Idiot Duo agree. But, Emma decides a bit too late (and after having a super romantic scene with Regina a lot like in the season four finale) that she wants to have a future with Hook. So, she poofs herself, Hook and the sword out of the diner to tie him to the sword, like how she is tied to the dagger. Merlin says it will make it impossible to get ride of the darkness forever, through it will save his life.

photo 3

We only see up until the neck bleeding in the Camelot flashback. Back in Storybrooke, Emma sped up Zelena’s pregnancy to get the Rape Baby out of the way so she could tie the darkness to Zelena and then kill her. She also kidnapped Hook. They decide to work together to stop Emma because Hook thinks she has gone way, way to far for considering killing a psychopathic, murder, rapist. Emma’s parents voice them same concern to Regina as they go to Emma house to stop her. Regina says this is why Emma gave her the dagger because she is the only one willing to cross a line to save her.

Emma freezes them outside and then goes inside to get trapped by some squid ink Hook found. Zelena is still hanging around and shows Hook, via a dream catcher, that he is really dead and Emma made him the dark one too. She reveals that his name is also on the dagger/sword. Hook is super mad and vengeful about this. And J-MO is killed it with facial expressions this week.

photo 1

Then that episodes ends and we get an episode of what felt like an entirely different show.

The Bear King 

So over in the Merida and Mulan Adventure Hour, Merida is about to be crowned queen of the united clans when the Witch from Brave comes in to tell her her father owes her a shit load of money for her making a magical helm for him. She is going to make everyone into a bear unless she finds the helm within 24 hours. Merida tells her mother, who looks about 10 years older than her, that he father was wearing the helm during the war and the solider who killed him took it. She is going to find him and take it back.

Flashback to Merida’s kingdom two year ago, she and her father are walking through the troops preparing to fight off the invades from the south. Fergis tells Merida she needs to learn about war before she follows him in. He hired a solider to train her. She is annoyed and says she doesn’t need a man to babysit her but then quiet the opposite defeats her and tells her she is her teacher.

photo 1

Mulan (Jamie Chung) and this episode’s other throwback cameo are the reasons I wasn’t even annoyed that Emma and Regina were both not in this episode. So, Mulan starts training Merida and teaching her about honor.

In present day Merdia’s kingdom, Mulan is kicking the shit out of a group of thugs and taking their money because she is working as a bounty hunter it seems. Merida finds her because she needs her help to find the man who killed her father. Mulan is mean and much snarkier than usual. Merida also notices and asks what happened to her. Mulan says she will help, after Merida pays her, but she can’t ask anymore questions. I love that this change in Mulan was included. This was two years ago, so shortly after “Quite a Common Fairy” when Mulan didn’t get a chance to confess her love to Aurora and then disappeared from the show.

Because this episode had to be tied to OUAT with more than a current bit character and two we haven’t since season three, Arthur knows about the magically helm, which makes men follow anyone into battle, and tries to go after it with Zelena. They go to the witch’s cabin and torture out of her that Merida is looking for it. There is also a rather large wolf there that Zelena knocks out with sleeping powder.

Merida and Mulan make it to the field where he father was killed. They find one of Merida’s arrows with the killer cloak still on it. But, Arthur and Zelena find them. They steal Merida’s bow, which used to be her fathers and say they will just use it for a tracking spell and poof away. Merida is pissed that Mulan didn’t want to fight them with her and that she seems like she doesn’t care about her father anymore. She tells her she didn’t used to be so heartless and that she is not being very honorable. Merida goes home defeated, thinking she can’t lead the clans because her father only did because of magic.

photo 2

Mulan is too honorable to give up through and goes to the witches cabin to try to find another way. Instead she finds that wolf. Mulan can tell it is really a person and uses magic to make her human and hey Ruby is back!

photo 3

She knows who Mulan is because of Emma and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) telling her and she knows Aurora and Phillip, who are doing well and just had a baby. That hits a nerve for Mulan and Ruby notices. To distract from her heartbreak, Mulan asks the show to explain what the hell Ruby is doing in Merida’s kingdom/Camelot/The Enchanted Forest two years ago.

And it actually does. During the half season party at Granny’s at the end of season three, Ruby tells Snow back by the restrooms that she isn’t feeling like she fits in because she is the only wolf there. She and Tiny were able to save some of the magic beans and she wants to use one to go back. Snow tells her she supports her and wishes her luck. For a show with no continuity that was a pretty good way to retroactive write out a character two seasons later.

photo 4

Ruby and Mulan realize they can track down the man who killed Fergis because the show’s greatest tracker is back. They go pick up Merida and head out. Zelena and Arthur and Merida, Mulan and Ruby all met up at the lake by the battlefield. Zelena and Arthur tracked the helm to there and the cloak was Arthur’s. He invaded Merida’s kingdom because he needed the helm to force his men to follow him. It was in the lake because Fergis decides not to use it.

Ruby and Mulan knock out Zelena, with a sleeping curse, and Merida is able to take the helm. Zelena and Arthur poof back to Camelot and Merida realizes she can lead her people because he father never used magic. After she is crowned, she is saying goodbye to Mulan and Ruby and asks Mulan what happened. Mulan tells her she was trying to get over a broken heart, which was caused her by waiting to long to confess her love. And again, the show avoided using pronouns. I really thought Mulan was going to say “she” at the end of her dialogue but nope.

Ruby asks her if she wants to travel with her to try to find other werewolves. She might not have good dating advice or be good at dating, what are we trying to say here, OUAT? But, Ruby still thinks it would be better if Mulan wasn’t alone. That was kinda cute OUAT, but that better not fucking be the LGBT story line you promised us this season.

photo 5

And to connect this back to the actual story line of OUAT, Merida promises to make Arthur pay for killing her father.

So, overall both these episodes were pretty good. The first was actually interesting. It had more Hook than I like but it was still interesting and J-Mo and Lana were great. The second was slightly messy and not as queer as I hoped it would be but still enjoyable and fun. I hope Mulan and Ruby return at some point.

Once Upon A Time: “The Outsider”


Grade: B+

Airdate: 1/13/12

I was told before I watched this episode of Once Upon A Time that it was weird. After watching it, weird is a good description  It also seems that the show has created more main characters than it can handle, so it keep switching around and giving each one a focus while still trying to squeeze all the other main characters in.

Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) were the focus of this episode. It starts with Rumple taking the kidnapped Schmee to the town line. He pours a potion on his hat, gives it back to him and pushes him across. He remembers who he is. Rumple says his experiment was a success and lets him go.

Most of the other characters are at Archie’ s (Raphael Sbrage) funeral. We still don’t know whose body that is and to remind us that it isn’t Archie in the coffin the scene switches to Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) trying to get information about Rumple’s weakness out of Archie. He doesn’t know anything about the dagger but Hook realizes Belle is his weakness.

Belle gets back from the funeral and Rumple tells her he can cross the town line and start looking for his son, Baelfire. He tells her if he pours a potion on a person’s most prized possession they can cross and remember. He only has enough potion for one and plans to use it on Baelfire’s cloak.

Back in the Fairytale World, blue peasant dress Belle is in the tavern. A group of men are going on about heading off to kill a beast called the Yaogua. Dreamy (Lee Arenberg) comes up to Belle and thanks her for her advice because he and Nova are going to run away together. That would have been a good chance to have a encounter between Leroy and Nova/Astrid in Storybrooke, but the show past it up. Dreamy tells Belle she should go and have an adventure. He gives her some fairy dust and she agrees to go. Adventure Belle? I was worried the show was going to try to make Belle badass like it did with Snow White. It didn’t. She was more of a nerdy explorer. Good choice, OUAT.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle is being the farthest thing from badass. She goes into the library and runs into Hook. He tells her he is going to kill her and Rumple. She pushes a bookcase up him and then locks herself in the elevator. She calls Rumple and he comes to save her in the now empty library.

In the Fairytale World, Belle is riding on a cart with her crew of Yaogua killers. She is reading a book about the creature and her crew makes fun of her for it. She tells them the Yaogua will be by a lake and they kick her off the cart. But, she lied to them and the creature is actually in a cave in the mountains. Belle gets there and creature comes out and almost kills her. But, she is saved at the last second by Mulan (Jamie Chung), who has been tracking the creature because it has been attacking her village. The thing runs off, Mulan gets annoyed with Belle and tells her to stay out of her way. The Yaogua is some type of wolf looking thing with a mane of fire. Laughable creature, laughable CGI.

The Charming family and the other characters make a small appearance. At Archie’s wake, Leroy and the other say they want to go back to the Fairytale World because with “Regina” (Lana Parrilla) killing people and the possibility of someone stumbling upon Storybrooke the town isn’t as safe as they thought. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) don’t think it is a good idea. Charming (Josh Dallas) seems like he wants to go back.

Anyway, Belle asks Rumple why Hook wants to kill him so badly. He tells her he stole his wife, Malia, and Rumple cut his hand off for it. He tells Belle Malia died and leaves it at that. They get back to find Rumple’s shop destroyed and Baelfire’s cloak missing. On the rooftop across the street Schmee hands it over to Hook. Rumple and Belle get into an fight about what they are going to do to remind us their relationship is unstable. He gives Belle a gun and tells her to wait for him in the library.

Back in the Fairytale World, Belle’s creature finding crew catches up to her and almost throws her down a well because she lied to them. Mulan comes to her rescue again and fights off all the men. She tells Belle she will help with her adventure; Belle can track the creature and she will kill it. So, Mulan is running around the Fairytale World teaming up with and protecting defenseless hot chicks? Well, half of the fandom’s favorite lesbian ‘ship is a lesbian. Please come back, Aurora.

Belle doesn’t listen to Rumple and after finding out that Hook come to Storybrooke on a ship, she goes to the harbor and finds it. She also finds the alive Archie. She tells him to go back into town because she needs to find something. She finds the cloak, but Hook gets the gun, points it at her and tells her Rumple killed Malia. She is able to get away from him, but he finds her on the deck. Then Rumple finds both of them and starts to beat the crap out of Hook as Belle yells for him to stop. I have no idea where Cora is during all of this. I guess she is just letting Hook take care of himself.

Over in what I guess is China of the Fairytale World, Mulan and Belle track down the creature. Mulan was injured in her totally-not-a-girl-crush saving of Belle and can’t kill the thing so Belle has to do it. She is able to get the creature to follow her and dumps water on it. It seems to be injured and writes “you saved me” in the dirt. Belle is slightly confused and pours the fairy dust on it. And it turns into Prince Phillip, who was cursed by Maleficent. Yeah…that makes sense. Oh, this show sometimes.

Anyway, Belle introduces Mulan to Phillip, who says he will help how ever she wants him to. Belle then decides she is going to go back to Rumple, but runs into Regina in her only appearance in the episode. Regina kidnaps Belle as she yells about Rumple, “I will fight for him. I will never stop fighting for him.” Hey, get your own catch phrase.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple and Belle,who didn’t kill Hook and got Bae’s cloak back, head to the town line. Rumple pours the potion over it and Belle tells him she will be there once he finds Bae and returns.  He crosses the line, keeps his memory and holds Belle’s hand for one last goodbye. But, Belle is shot and falls over the town line. Rumple freaks out and looks up to Hook, who is holding the gun. Belle is alive but lost her memory. Rumples says he will do his worst to Hook, but a car zooms towards them and hits Hook. He appears to be dead. The last shoot is the camera showing us the car is from Pennsylvania.

Excellent ending. Hook might be dead, the episode title “Outsider” has arrived and Belle lost her memory. She would be the most interesting person to loss her memory because she didn’t really have much of a Storybrooke identity. So, if it wasn’t for the weird adventure Belle story line that intertwined with Phillip and Mulan the episode would have received a higher grade.

Once Upon A Time: “Broken”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 09/30/12

I have almost nothing bad to say about this episode of Once Upon A Time. I assumed it was going to be good but it was awesome. I have been watching and reading a lot of preview stuff for this seasons so I knew some questions that were going to be answered, but the show did a very good job of answering some, raising other and throwing curve balls at us.

The episode opens with us following a guy coming home from work in New York City. Until the credits started I wasn’t sure if I was watching OUAT or not. A bird flies into the guys window and leaves a postcard from Storybrooke that says “broken.” The guy is in the credits on IMDB as “Mysterious Guy.” Apparently, we are going to meet Henry’s father and Rumple’s son, Bae, this seasons. Maybe he was one of those guys, I don’t know.

We are then thrown to the Fairytale world, as Prince Phillip, played by Julian Morris, and Mulan, played by Jamie Chung, are riding into a destroyed palace to save Princess Aurora, played by Sarah Bolger. I really like that Mulan and Aurora/Sleeping Beauty were put together. The contrast was great and I have never liked Sleeping Beauty so by herself she would have been terrible. Also, Sarah Bolger did an excellent job of making me mostly hate Aurora. She did the same thing with Mary in “The Tudors.” Good job.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke everyone is having their reunions as the purple haze clears. The little difference between the characters was incredibly well done. Ginnifer Goodwin said in an interview that Snow’s voice is slightly different from Mary Margaret’s. It was such a small difference, but it was there. Personality was the biggest change for Snow/Mary Margaret and David/James/Charming (Josh Dallas). They are spunky heroes now and I love it.

Snow explained to us to that she remembers being friends with Emma and talking to her but not fully and they are Mary Margaret’s memories. It was a confusing thing that needed to be explained and it was done very smoothly.

Rumple/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emile de Ravin) spend the whole episode showing us that they have a very unstable relationship. Rumple summons a wrath, pretty much a Ringwrath-Dementor combo, from the Fairytale world to kill Regina (Lana Parrilla). Snow, David and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) help try to save Regina because Emma made a promise to Henry(Jared Gilmore) that she wouldn’t let her be killed.  Back in the Fairytale world, Mulan, Aurora and Phillip are also fighting a wrath that is trying to kill Phillip.

Throughout the episode Snow keeps trying to push Emma to talk to her now that she knows she is her daughter. Emma is a little reluctant because she is still mad that they sent her away. David and Snow have to face that reality, which they seem to never have thought of.

Because the wrath can’t be killed, Regina decides that sending it to the Fairytale world is the only way to get rid of it. Her curse destroyed the Fairytale world so nothing is left and it has also been frozen in time for 28 years until recently. Somehow, the curse missed the part of the kingdoms that Mulan, Aurora and Phillip are in, according to Mulan. Using Jefferson’s hat, Regina and Emma try to open a portal as Snow and David fight off the wrath. Regina can’t get it opened because “magic is different here.” Somehow though Emma touches her arm and the portal opens. I guess Jefferson was right. She does have magic.

Emma pushes Regina out of the way of the wrath but ends up falling into the portal. Snow says she isn’t going to loss her again and jumps in after her. David says the same but the portal closes before he can. One thing I love about this show is that in almost every episode something crazy happens when there are 15 minutes left. That happened 45 minutes into the episode.

Emma touching Regina somehow gave her her powers back and she tries to kill David after he threatens her. She is only stopped by Henry, who says he doesn’t want to see her until she proves her love by bring Emma and Mary Margaret back. He then goes and lives with David. Emma and Snow appear in the Fairytale world in the destroyed palace that Mulan and Aurora are in morning the loss of Phillip because the wrath stole his soul. The episode ends on a fan freak out moment as David tells Henry, “I will find them. I will always find them.”

Excellent episode. It also raised some questions along with the ones it answered. We still don’t know who Dr. Whale is. David actually asked him in the episode. Best fan theory I have heard is that he is Dr. Frankenstein. There might be magic in Storybrooke. Regina has it and Rumple said his purple haze was magic. I have no idea who the mystery man is or who told him the curse is broken. And the thing I am most curious about, is Red/Ruby (Megan Ory) a werewolf? Because if the hood didn’t make it to Storybrooke that is going to be a problem.