Call the Midwife: “Season 4 Episode 1”

In the first episode of its fourth season Call the Midwife is quickly able to prove it is just as good despite being down its original lead Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) and Cynthia (Bryony Hannah), who has left for six months at the Mother House for her nun training. Also, where did Jane go? Was that explained and I missed it or did she just disappear?

Anyway, while Mature Jenny (Vanessa Redgrave) is talking about the magnificence and simplicity of childbirth, Patsy (Emerald Fennell) comes home exhausted by a delivery and Trixie (Helen George) runs out of Nonnatus for another delivery. She is offered a lift by the milkman, who takes her to a lady giving birth in the back of a car.

Trixie is all kinds of hilarious in this scene, by saying she arrived by magic carpet and agreeing that blondes have more fun as she realizes she is kneeling in some type of bodily fluid.

photo 1

Back at Nonnatus, Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) is concerned that someone new is coming and they don’t have any cake while everyone else is having breakfast. Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) says a baby being born in a car must be a first for Poplar. Sister Evangelina (Pam Ferris) blames the growing popularity of hospital births. Sister Monica Joan also vents about how child will not know work like she did because of electric floor sweepers.

Chummy (Miranda Hart) is there but she is planning on leaving to take over the mother and baby home from The Holiday Special. She attempts to drive out of the episode, but can’t and Peter (Ben Caplan) and Freddie have to come with her.

Later at the clinic, Shelagh (Laura Main) helps a young boy named Gary (Alfie Davis), who is pushing a baby in a stroller. He is there to collect the milk tokens and orange juice. Both of the children look rather unkempt and Gary says their mom is working.

We pop into the market and get our introduction to the new nurse, Barbara Gilbert (Charlotte Ritchie). She asks for directions, which is given in addition to bananas. She reaches Nonnatus and is met by Sister Monica Joan, who first says everyone has gone aboard but then takes the superfluous bananas and helps her once dogs start running away with her belonging.

photo 2

I like Barbara and her introduction. I’ve seen people call her Jenny’s or Cynthia’s replacement, despite her being mostly like Chummy’s replacement in this episode. Truly, I don’t see her as anyone’s replacement. She is enough of a mix of our three missing nurses and her own character for her to be a fun new addition.

Back at the clinic, Shelagh realizes Gary’s three younger siblings that he has told them about have not been brought into clinic in a very long time. She gets Trixie to help her out. Trixie asks Gary to stay because she thinks Coral, the baby, is sick. Gary acts cool but quickly runs out right past Barbara and Sister Monica Joan.

Later on, Gary arrives home to his two other sisters, who have been locked into their flat by their mother. Gary ran into her on the way home. She seems to be a sex worker. It is clear that Gary is the one raising the other three children.

Back at Nonnatus, Sister Julienne is showing Barbara to her room. We are told she is a clergyman’s daughter from Liverpool and grew up in a around the church, which is probably why this next scene goes so hilariously. Trixie and Patsy invited Barbara to come drink in their room.

photo 3

It’s a little scene but it gives us a bunch of character moments. Trixie is complaining that Tom (Jack Ashton), her cleric boyfriend, is spending more time working than with her. Trixie says she thinks he might break up with her, Barbara says she is too nice for that. Trixie and Patsy laugh. Then Trixie says Patsy is the unlucky one without a boyfriend at all. Patsy just sighs. The moment is broken by them having to run Barbara to the bathroom to vomit. Patsy then covers for her with the nuns in the morning.

photo 4

Trixie goes to the address that Gary gave her and the milkman says it has been abandoned for months. She has Tom help her track down Gary’s family. Tom hasn’t been able to find them. Trixie is relating to Gary because she also knows what it like is to put on a brave face for other people. Trixie explains this to Tom later in the episode. But she told Jenny last season, she played like Shirley Temple so no one would notice her wrecked home life because of her alcoholic father suffering from severe PTSD.

Gary goes back home again but the key fell off the string and he is locked outside while his three siblings are inside. Pouring milk through the mail slot doesn’t work as well as Gary hoped it would, so he tries to steal some biscuits from the market. The unsympathetic shop owner drags Gary to the constable station, but luckily Sgt. Koakes is on duty.

Peter starts to question Gary. He is scared but eventually tells him the biscuits were for his siblings. Gary has realized how bad the situation is and tells Peter everything. Peter and the police break into the flat. They are disgusted by the conditions and call it Dickensian.

photo 5

He takes the children and tells the police to stay and arrest the mother when she gets back. Shelagh (Laura Main) and Dr. Turner (Stephan McGann) do their best for the children. They realize the baby has to be taken to the hospital. Shelagh calls Nonnatus to have two nurses come assist. Trixie heads out and Sister Monica Joan asks to come because what they will see will not shock her as much as it will Trixie.

Gary is still trying to do everything to make sure they don’t appear poor. Trixie is quickly to side with him. No emergency foster parents can be found so Trixie brings the three older siblings to stay at Nonnatus. It is clear this is all becoming a little too much for Trixie, who goes and pours herself a drink in her room.

photo 1

The next day, Gary and his sisters are getting ready to be taken to a short-term foster home. Trixie is nervously packing up extra clothes for them and is about to cry. She can’t bring herself to say goodbye to them as Sister Monica Joan is playing with them outside. She then explains her childhood to Tom, but she lets her guard down only for a moment.

But, it seemed to be enough for Tom to realize her doesn’t want to loss Trixie. So, in their next scene he proposes. He says he talks about love all the time but didn’t realize what it meant until he met Trixie. She says yes, of course.

Gary’s mother gets arrested by Peter. She loses custody of her children. The baby was adopted and the three others are being sent with the Child Migrant Program, which sent orphans to Australia for a better life. Mature Jenny crushes our hope by saying the program was a scam, but the only good part is maybe the hope made them happy for a while.

photo 5

The Turners are part of the small B plot about breastfeeding versus formula, hospitals versus home births and a very nervous mother. It was good and cute, but didn’t have much for the overall season arches. Except that Shelagh is missing nursing and is going to be Dr. Turner’s medical secretary.

Also, Sister Julienne sends Barbara and Sister Evangelina to the maternity home for a while because she can tell Sister Evangelina is sick. She doesn’t take it too well. She takes her frustration out by throwing jabs at Barbara and Sister Monica Joan. She is the one who convinces her to see a doctor. Sister Evangelina and Barbara get roped into the B plot, which was good but with the intensity of the A plot it felt rather trivial in this episode. In a different episode, it would have probably worked better.  But aside from that, I have nothing negative to say about this episode.

American Horror Story season 4 thoughts

I didn’t write about Freakshow. I tried with American Horror Story’s fourth season, but I couldn’t get through writing the first post because I realized I didn’t really care. In the first episode it was clear it had the potential to be great but it just wasn’t. There are about seven minutes of build-up in the episode to Bette and Dot or two-headed Sarah Paulson. But, Sarah Paulson did all the press for this season, we knew that was coming. If we had no idea and then boom! Two-headed Sarah Paulson! That would have been awesome. It was so much wasted potential.


That is how I felt about the entire season. The season also seemed to set itself up to have this problem. The scary, creepy hook for this season was the “freak” characters. But, we find out very early on that the “freaks” are not scary or creepy at all. It’s the “normal” people that are.

That made the freakshow’s back drop of characters not be scary or creepy but just a bunch of underdeveloped characters. The show told us the “freak” characters are not defined but what makes them freaks, but it didn’t develop any of them — except for possibly Paul — enough to give us anything else to define them.

As for the main characters, with the exception of Dandy, they were all just all right.

I have to give the best acting credits to Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett. Sarah Paulson spent most of this season acting off herself and Bette and Dot had the best character development and arch of any of the characters. Angela Bassett was just as great and enjoyable at Desiree as she was as Marie.

I’m really annoyed that Elsa was Jessica Lange’s last character on the show. It fit with the show’s wasted potential problem. All of Jessica Lange’s characters, have been faded, past their prime, addicts, desperately trying to regain the power they once had. That’s probably the show’s intention and I get that, but it would have been cool for her to have been a level-headed badass just once. She’s Jessica Lange for fuck sake. Even Sister Jude, who might be my favorite fiction character ever, fell into this, but she at least broke out of it earlier than the other characters did. Also, why the accent? I know what a Berliner accent sounds like and I know what an American faking a German accent sounds like. That was the latter.


Evan Peter’s character Jimmy seemed to fall somewhere between Kit and Tate. He was kind of weepy and you felt sorry for him, but he also wasn’t a dead school shooter like Tate. He had some leadership qualities and generally I liked him but he wasn’t as honorable or open-minded as Kit.

Kathy Bates’ Ethel was a good character, even though I felt the hokey accent held the character back a bit. Frances Conroy’s Mrs. Mott was great but like all Frances Conroy’s characters she wasn’t around enough.

So to Dandy. Finn Wittrock was great and creepy and scary and everything this show is supposed to be. He tried to buy Bette and Dot in the first episode. He murder a ton of people, multiple in his playroom while crying. He then proudly exclaimed he is a serial killer to his childhood best friend while naked. And then he bathed in a claw-foot bathtub filled with blood. Now that is the kind of fucked up I am looking for from you, AHS.

Twisty was horrify too and I liked him. But, he was killed in the fourth episode. Leaving, all our horror to came from Dandy and Stanley. The “freak’s” vigilant justice wasn’t scary, because none of the characters were and we wanted that to happened. I wanted to see Meryl Streep’s Daughter’s dad be tarred and feathered and I wanted Stanley to get turned into the thing from the end of Freaks (1932).

Remember when people went missing in Asylum and they were either abducted by aliens, being turned into monsters by an ex-Nazi doctor or getting skinned by a serial rapist. That was way better than being kidnapped and murder by a con-artist with a big dick and barely-a-bad-guy Emma Roberts.

Also the final killing off of the characters seemed unceremonious. In all the other seasons, there has always been a slow dwindling of all the characters until only one is alive (or hasn’t died, in Coven’s case). Freakshow seemed like it didn’t work up to that well enough and had to have Dandy waltz through the freak show with a gun at the end to get us to that point.


Freakshow did break the one surviving character rule by have four (Desiree, Jimmy, Bette and Dot) left alive. I’m not sure how I feel about that, it seems to lower the stakes.

The way I feel about this series is that Murder House was OK, Asylum was freaking awesome, Coven was a fun hot mess and Freakshow was blah.

28 things I hope for when Once Upon A Time returns

As of today, the premiere date for Once Upon A Time season 4B is 28 days away. The first part of the first season ended all right. As I have said I liked the Frozen story line and I thought the Snow Queen was a good villain. But, as OUAT has proved with season 2A and season 3A it is usually better at its first part of the seasons (Neverland grew on me) than its second parts.

So, below I have listed 28 things I hope to see and hope not to see when Once Upon A Time returns on March 1.

1. Anything cool for Snow and Charming


Remember when “badass” was a common way to describe for Snow. Yeah, that was a while ago. Please, show give them something cool to do and no more of them trying to be good grandparents. They can be idiots and disgustingly cute, but let them fight or something

2. Diversity 


Lack of diversity is always a problem with this show. The show has added some but they have either died (Tamara, Lancelot) or disappeared (Rapunzel, Mulan). I know people usually will make an argument for Regina here. Yes, Lana Parrilla is Puerto Rican but the show has given us little to no evidence that Regina is supposed to be Hispanic in anyway. The show has added Merrin Dungey as Ursula, but as a villain she will probably die by the end of the season.

3. No villain plan monologues

SM Mary PoppinsSherlock Holmes

Remember how Zelena went around telling her plans to everyone? She wasn’t that great of a villain. The Snow Queen only told Emma her plans and after we had to spend half the episodes trying to figure out what she wanted. That is a better way to handle villains, please continue with that.

4.  Belle keeps her cool 

photo 3

The show did a lot of questionable things with Belle and Rumple’s relationship. I think it was getting borderline abusive, but canonly the whole thing was built on a lie. Belle finally got cool again when she realized that and told Rumple to get the eff out of Storybrooke. Stay badass, Belle.

5. Less questionable relationships the masses are supposed to believe is endgame 

2 our marriage is built on a lie

Like I said above Rumbelle was getting kind of abusive. Also, Regina was sleeping with a married guy in a crypt in a cemetery. He confessed her love to her while his wife was in an ice coma on the couch.

6. Less CGI 


Like seriously? I would take the redressed gazebo set than more of digital everything.

7. Continued acknowledgement of Regina’s character growth 

photo 1

If this show has people who support Regina (Emma, Henry, Snow, Charming, Belle to a point) call her a villain or think she is going to do something evil, I’m going to be pissed. Regina hasn’t been a villain since the end of 2A.

8. More Swan-Mills family moments 


Though I am clearly in support of the Swan-Mills family having a wedding and living happily ever after together, I know the show is not that open-minded. But, Emma and Regina are canon friends and they are both Henry’s moms and I hope the show gives the three of them some time together.

9. An explanation for Cruellia de Vil


Why are you in the Enchanted Forest? Do you have magic? Why would you have magic? Is 1920s London a magically realm?

10. Same for Maleficent 


Emma killed you as a dragon. Didn’t someone kill you as that ghost thing too?

11. Less Hook 


Apart from wanting to get in Emma’s pants, has there been a reason for Hook to still be hanging around everyone else? I really thought he was going to get killed at the end of this season and I would have been fine with that. Didn’t he get cast on something in England? Where did that rumor go?

12. No more new characters


We are already going into 4B with three new or new-ish villains. If they end up bringing Ariel and Aurora back because of this I am fine with that, but don’t add another gaggle of characters from their past that we don’t want to see.

13. Regina’s mansion 

photo 2

Remember when she didn’t live in that vault?

14. Not Robin 


He better not come back. He left with his family for a good reason. I never liked him. The one glaringly obvious reason is that he is not Emma, but he was also useless, had to have Regina fix all his problems, is married and had no chemistry with Regina. Send me your attacks, Outlaw Queen shippers.

15. Magic lessons

photo 4

I know Emma did magic with Elsa a lot in 4A but she got really good at magic really fast. The show should distract us from that continuity issue by showing her having some magic lessons with Regina because those scenes are always great.

16. Ruby


Where the hell is Ruby? She popped into the diner like twice last season, but didn’t even get any lines. She is friends with multiple of the main characters, works at one of most popular locations in town and kept getting mentioned after her original disappearance. Bring her back! The show Meghan Ory original left for has been cancelled and according to IMDB she might have been filming a movie but that should be done now, so where is Ruby?

17. Only needed back story 


You’d think four years in we would be done with back story, but this show just loves back story. But, please only give it to us if it is needed. Jesus Charming being terrorized by Bo Peep, we did not need to see that.

18. Mulan 


Unlike Ruby, we know where Mulan is supposed to be. She is supposed to be with the Merry Men. After the show decided to make her sorta kinda possibly maybe come out as bisexual (that being the masses view, clearly she is queer as hell), she left to go join the Merry Men. But, she was never shown with the Merry Men in OUAT or OUATW. It seems like Jamie Chung was off filming other stuff for a while, but she seems to be free now. And if the new villains are going to give us more Aurora it would make sense for Mulan to be there too.

19. Less incredibly convenient plot devices 


This incredibly important thing that we have never heard of and will never hear of again is the one and only thing that can save us in this situation.

20. LGBT representation


Somebody needs to do a survey of OUAT fans and show ABC how many LGBTQ fans this show has, then maybe it will give us more representation. Also, bringing back Mulan would help with this and the shows lack of racial diversity problem.

21. No more memory loss 


The first time it was good, the second was all right and the rest was too much. And I never want to see those fricking rock trolls again.

22. More of excellent Regina’s dialogue 

photo 1

This show might not be able to write plot twists better than memory loss, but it is fantastic at Sass Queen dialogue. Keep that coming.

23. No Will Scarlet


Why is here even here? His show was cancelled, clearly we didn’t like him.

24. Tinkerbell 


Tink has not been popping around as much as she should be. She is a fun new character and always acted as a voice for reason for Regina’s character development. She is also already established and well liked. Keep her around and get rid of Will.

25. The characters from the Baby Class of Missing Characters 

ouat 4x07 4

The continuity fails with the Baby Class of Missing Characters was hilarious. But, if Ashley and Aurora are still hanging around Storybrooke and Aurora is living at Granny’s, why don’t we see them more often? They are both friends with Snow and Emma.

26. The characters getting an explanation for Zelena’s death 


Rumple did a lot of bad things that he did not have to answer for last season. Hopefully, killing Regina’s on the verge of reforming half-sister is among the things our heroes learn about.

27. Baby Braids Regina, if there is story for her 


I am not usually big on this show doing back story, but I really like Baby Braids Regina and Lana Parrilla can act the hell out of anything. So, if there has to be back story let it be with Baby Braids Regina.

28. The rest of the missing characters 


Back in season one when there was a town-wide crisis and everyone had to get out, there was a whole lot of people hanging around and freaking out. Now, there might be a handful. Other people live in Storybrooke too, it would be nice to see them once in a while.

Once Upon A Time returns on March 1 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. I live-tweet @marika_l9 with #queerytales.

Once Upon A Time: “The Tale of Two Sisters” (S4Ep01)

So, Once Upon A Time came back to force all its Frozen-crossover and weird Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) cuteness on us, while it made Regina (Lana Parrilla) a villain again and didn’t really intertwine the Frozen characters with the existing ones. Welcome back Once Upon A Time, you started just as badly as I thought you would.

The episode opens with the King and Queen of Arendelle on that boat they die on. The Queen puts a message in a bottle saying Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa (Georgina Haig) have to know the truth. Then they die.


Wasting a whole lot of the CGI budget on a scene nobody wanted to see

We meet Elsa and Anna  in Arendelle five years later, after the events of the movie. Thank god. It has only been one episode so I don’t want to be too harsh on these actors, but they seemed to struggle to bring the characters to live, but with this show that was probably everyone else’s fault. Elsa gives Anna their mother’s wedding dress for her to wear for her wedding to Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster). She finds a diary of their mother’s and looks worried. Their parents left for a land called Misthaven because they wanted to find answers about Elsa’s gift.

2 ship name yet

Do they have a ship name yet?

When we finally get to Storybrooke, Regina is running out of Granny’s again. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) chases after her again, telling her that she is sorry. She didn’t know who Marian (Christie Laing) was and she didn’t mean to hurt Regina. Regina calls her Swan the whole time and says even though she didn’t mean to she messed up everything and destroyed her happiness she did because she is the Savior. Emma says Evil Regina was going to kill her. Regina tells her she isn’t that Regina anymore.

3 we already did this

Wait, we already did this

Emma is about to hop in to defend her but Marian comes outside to freak out at Regina and even more when she figures out Regina and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) were together. Regina storms off. Emma tries to go after her but fricking Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) stops her. Henry (Jared Gilmore, who grew about a foot since last season) is worried but doesn’t think Regina will go evil again because she has come too far and Emma will help her. Agreed, Henry.

4 the show is effing with us right

Elsa is still wandering around Storybrooke. She almost gets hit by a car and freezes it over. The show does a good job of making fun of itsself by having Leroy (Lee Arenberg) run into another scene screaming to all the main characters what happened. He breaks up Hook accusing Emma of avoiding him, which she is because she is too busy leaving messages on Regina’s phone with Henry.

9 I'm not avoiding you I'm just gay

I’m not avoiding you I’m just gay

Regina is hiding out at her house and Robin stops by. He pretty much apologizes that his wife is back and breaks up with her. He does say he knows she isn’t a bad guy anymore unlike his wife who is probably screaming it from a rooftop somewhere. Regina doesn’t take what he says very well. They paralleled her with Elsa a lot, so she accidentally breaks a few mirrors while Elsa is accidentally freezing the town.

The mirror remains Regina of a character the writers have forgotten about since season two. She gets Sydney (Giancarlo Esposito) out of that cell underneath the hospital and has him help her get her happy ending back.

7 who's been checking on him

Has anyone been checking on him? Or feeding him?

I was tempted to gloss over the Rumbelle part completely. All it did was have Rumple recap his story line from last season to Neal’s headstone,  some trying to be cute but really messed up marriage built on a lie and nearly ruined an iconic scene from Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and I’m still mad at Rumple for murdering Zelena, because the writers suck at redemption arches and didn’t even want to try with Zelena after failing so horribly with Regina.

8 stop this

Stop this

Anyway back to Regina, she first plan is to go back in time and find Marian and kill her before Emma can save her. But, she can’t remember who she is and what she did to her. Sydney is able to find her with the mirror and flashback Marian is far nicer to Regina than present Marian is telling her that she feels sorry for her and that she doesn’t have to be a monster. So, flashback Marian is actually watching season four while current Marian is back in season one.

Everyone is being chased around Storybrooke by the snow monster. Elsa finds an old newspaper and sees that Rumple has a necklace she gave to Anna in his shop. In Adrendelle flashbacks, Anna wants to go to Misthaven to figure out what their parents were looking for. She is paralleling Emma a lot in this episode, so she keeps telling Elsa she is not a monster and she is not going to give up on her. Sven (a horribly creepy puppet) and Kristoff make an appearance to tell Elsa Anna left and that Misthaven is also called the Enchanted Forest.

11 I don't know which is worse

Haircut is all the show did to explain why he doesn’t look anything like the original

Back in Storybrooke, Regina ends up in the forest with the rest of the characters that are being chased by the terribly CGI’ed snow monster. It is about to kill Marian, but Regina steps in and kills it. She tells Regina that maybe she was wrong about her. Regina poofs herself away as Emma calls after her. Emma then wanders off from the group and tells Hook she can’t make out with him because she is too worried about Regina.

12 my wife needs me

My wife needs me

To continue the fanfiction vibe Emma and Regina were doing this episode, Emma goes and finds Regina crying in her office. Regina won’t talk or let Emma in. Emma tells her Henry brought her to Storybrooke to bring back the happy endings and that means everyone’s including Regina. She says she will fight for her and holy crap, why aren’t these two canon?

13 fanfic cover

Like come already, show. You even gave us a fanfic cover

Regina decides on a new plan. She can’t get her happy ending because the story book sees her just as the writers do; a villain regardless of what happens. She decides she is going to have to find the writer of the story book and force them to change it so the villain’s win.

I’m guessing that is why Rumple has that hat from Fantasia, which is the only Disney story I don’t know that well. Also, Elsa found Anna’s necklace in Rumple’s shop.

Though I do love snarking about this show, this was an all right episode. The Frozen stuff was pretty good, but I’m annoyed at the show throwing Regina backward down her road of redemption for the fourth time. But, hopefully the Frozen story line and this new curse/plan plays out better than 3b.


Once Upon A Time made me watch Frozen


I didn’t want to do it. I really didn’t want to, but with Once Upon A Time deciding to include Disney’s latest money maker in season four I finally caved and watched Frozen. 

Though I didn’t want to, I actually liked it. It was fun and cute. Do I think it as fantastic as everyone has been saying? No, not at all. It also had almost the exact same plot as Tangled, which was a great newer Disney movie. But that movie didn’t do as well so Disney seemed to just recycle its plot with flashier graphics and Idina Menzel.

As the characters go, I actually did like most of them. This is Disney, so I’m not excepting anyone to be that revolutionary or different. But, they were all fun and kinda goofy. I feel like Anna and Kristoff would be a good and lively addition to the show now that Charming and Snow are so boring and lame. But, that is not to say that Rapzunel and Flynn, Tiana and Naveen or any number of the minor characters we hardly see could not also do that.

For a Disney movie having a sympathetic sort of villain in Elsa for the first half of the movie was a new thing. But, in terms of Once Upon A Time Regina already went through that and that was Zelena last season. There seem to be conflicting reports on if OUAT is going to start its Frozen characters’ story arch before or after the events of the movie.


This is ABC’s synopsis of season four:

“Master storytellers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (“Lost,” “Tron: Legacy”) invite everyone to join Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, Hook and all the other resident fairy tale characters as they prepare to defend themselves against a magical force from the past that’s too dark and unpredictable even for Rumplestiltskin — The Ice Queen.”

I have all kinds of problems with that synopsis. 1) Master storytellers? Come on. 2) The Evil Queen? I seriously might be done with this show if they ignore Regina’s growth over the seasons and make her a villain again. 3) Oh great, Hook’s still around. 4) All the other resident fairy tale characters, but you will only see about 30 percent of them as we try to locate all the missing ones. 5) So where do Elsa, Anna and Kristoff fit into this? Are they just there because they know the Ice Queen? How do they get to Storybrooke? Only Elsa come through the portal at the end.

Apparently, Elsa is usually called the “Snow Queen” — ugh my least favorite femslash ship — so hopefully she isn’t going to be villain in this at all. As I have said before, Once Upon A Time is horrible at humanizing its villains too quickly and Elsa is already a misunderstood hero just as Zelena was since the moment she was introduced and Regina since the end of season two. But the show messed that up and tried to keep her a villain for another half season.


That is why I really hope the story picks up after the movie. Elizabeth Mitchell, the rumored “Ice Queen”, has been added to the cast and will be a part of the Frozen arch taking place after the events of the movie. I hope that means everything is happening after the movie. Because if not, plot reset…again.

3b of OUAT was just a plot reset of season one and if they have the events of the movie take place in the show, you know one sister seeming to be evil but really it is just because she doesn’t feel loved by the rest of her family and her sister has to talk her down and convince her of her love/goodness to save the town, that is a plot reset. Elsa and Anna basically are Zelena and Regina.

Though I liked the movie and I liked the characters, I am still mad that this is being included in OUAT. The original premise of OUAT was that the story book characters we grew up hearing about are real and live in Maine. I had to find and watch Frozen to find out what the story was about. I never really watched Snow White or Sleeping Beauty as a kid, but I knew the stories because those are classic stories.Frozen came out in 2013.

Now I know, Frozen is based on the Danish fairy tale of “The Snow Queen” but that story doesn’t seem to have enough recognition in the U.S. to be included in this show. And that girl coming out of the portal at the end was not some possible combination of the old and new story, that was simply Elsa.

I feel like I should say something about the actors they have chosen but I don’t have much to say. These roles are all so new and the characters are so popular it would have been cool to get some big-ish name guest stars to play them. But I don’t think too many actors who are smart enough to be big name guest stars would let themselves get sucked into this show. If they didn’t also appear on Lost. 

So, Australian actress Georgina Haig will be playing Elsa. Seemingly unknown Elizabeth Lail will be playing Anna and Scott Michael Foster from Greek, which I hardly watched but I never liked, will be playing Krisoff.

MV5BMTMyNzY3NzExOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDc5MzQ5Mw@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL_                        MV5BMTg0NDEwMTU2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODgxODE2MTE@._V1_SY317_CR20,0,214,317_AL_                     MV5BMjQ1NTE4NTQzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDI2MTEzMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR101,0,214,317_AL_


I’m still not excited and now even more worried about Frozen’s inclusion.

Lost Girl Finale Review: I loved it and Tamsin

(Note: I wrote this after the Canadian finale, but I waited to post it until after the American finale)

I know I don’t actually blog about Showcase’s Lost Girl on here but I have referenced it a lot in other posts. But, the season four finale and Rachel Skarsten and Tamsin’s transformation over season four was great that I wanted to talk about it and Twitter just wasn’t enough room so I am going to do it on here.

Tamsin-lost-girl-36160467-1772-1183Warning: this might just be about how much I love Tamsin

For those you who don’t watch Lost Girl but are familiar with my blog go check out what I wrote about Lost Girl and how it is better than Once Upon A Time. Lost Girl is my favorite show and I actually like it because things are fun and if the majority of the fans will enjoy it the show lets whatever happen.

Anyway to Tamsin. When Tamsin was introduced at the beginning of season three, we weren’t supposed to like her. She isn’t a likable character, she’s a bitch and she is trying to frame Bo for murder. But, throughout the course of season three I started to like Tamsin. I realized, unlike how OUAT refused to realize about Regina for so long, is that Tamsin changed. And yeah, maybe she did a bunch of bad stuff and was Dark but she is a good person and still trying to help out our heroes. We should give her a chance.

We realize this at the same time Tamsin does. She admits to Bo that she is working against her but doesn’t want to be. Then at the end of season three she drives her truck off a cliff in hopes of helping Bo and we think she is dead.

Rachel Skarsten tweeted right at the end of season three that she would be back, but Showcase made her take that done. That was both to trick us into thinking maybe Tamsin was dead or maybe Rachel Skarsten wouldn’t be playing her anymore. Because when Dyson does find Tamsin, she is eight-years-old.



It takes four episodes for us to get the original actress back, but she is not Tamsin anymore. She is different. Kenzi was calling the younger version Baby Tam-Tam and  she is now a combination of sorta adult, teenager Baby Tam-Tam. It was so great and Rachel Skarsten was so great. She was the same, but she was different. The way she said things and the way she interacted with the other characters were different.

In her relationship with Bo for instances, when Tamsin comes back for the Christmas/Yuel episode she and Bo make out a ton. It’s like Valkbus and how their ship has been since Tamsin was introduced, but it seems different. They are just kinda friends with benefits now and both seem to be enjoying it. Last season, it was always Bo getting with Tamsin but she seemed like she was too embarrassed to tell the rest of the group. Because it was Tamsin, she was still a Dark bitch and didn’t real fit with the group.

Now, Tamsin is Kenzi’s daughter, which should make Valkubus creepy but it doesn’t and Bo just told Dyson she makes out with Tamsin sometimes.


I love all that stuff about Tamsin, but the real reason why I wanted to write this post is about her in the finale and her relationship with Kenzi. Kenzi takes on raising Tamsin after she is found at the beginning of the season. She becomes her mom and the relationship continues even when Tamsin is looking and sort of acting like the Tamsin from season three. But, Tamsin and Kenzi never really had a scene together before this season and the fact that they could make the relationship so strong in such a short time frame is why I love this show.


So, Tamsin does I lot of things in the finale but the first I want to talk about is her telling us that it is OK if we hated Bo for most of this season. When Bo is whining about everyone getting killed and kidnapped and the big bad is coming, Tamsin says suck it up and get your shit together you need to lead us.

I can’t really talk about the finale without talking about how great Kenzi was. Though she made Bo unclaim her and hasn’t spoke to her in a while, Kenzi finds out that the daughter’s heart will close the portal with Tamsin’s help. Kenzi says they aren’t going to tell Bo. Tamsin’s face shows that she doesn’t think this is the right thing to do, but Kenzi is her mom and she trusts her so she does what she says. She also follows Kenzi around for most the build up of the episode like a kid that feels slightly out of place.

Kenzi never tells anyone her whole plan, but it seems that Tamsin had a feeling that she wasn’t telling her something. Bo seemed to be feeling the same when Kenzi says “you’re going to be fine” when she hands her the sword instead of “go get your girl” or “kill that bastard.”

Ksenia Solo was amazing with how she sacrificed herself to save Bo and to save the world. Everyone’s reaction faces are great. But, Tamsin is the one that really got me with the frantic little kid run she does toward Kenzi. Tamsin is being so adorable and the scene is beautiful done.


When Dyson finds her outside Valhalla, Tamsin gives us another prophecy that she says so quickly like she is worried she will forget it. Tamsin having to be carried out of the scene because she was so weakened and torn up about Kenzi being gone is a great cap on how Tamsin has changed since she was introduced.

I’m super excited to see Tamsin and the rest of the characters get Kenzi back in season five because I don’t believe she is gone forever. And Tamsin is my favorite character now. Sorry, Lauren.