Under the Dome: “Thicker than Water”


Grade: C-

Airdate: 8/12/13

I am slowly losing faith in Under the Dome. I am hardly ever a person to stop watching a show after a character I like dies  because I like to see how all the other characters react to it. But for some reason Carolyn (Aisha Hinds) was not in this episode to react to her wife dying last week, instead we are given her daughter, Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) stumbling through her lines and acting only on her teenage angst.

But with that disappointment, my prediction from last week that Angie (Britt Robertson) joining Joe’s dome-time boarding home would mix stuff up and it did. Apparently, she is the screw up of the family and Joe (Colin Ford) spent all week looking for her, or you know never. Angie also decides to re-open the diner because everyone is running out of food. She also cheers up Norrie and helps her cope with her mom dying. She had the best character development this episode, but was not part of the major story line.

Hick-villain Ollie is still hogging all the water. He makes it clear that he is going to use his water power to steal Big Jim (Dean Norris)’s job. Ollie is pretty much a crotchety old man this episode yelling “get off my lawn” at everyone who comes near his well. But, he also has like 20 hick farmers with guns so it’s a little dangerous.

Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) finally wised up and took Junior (Alexander Koch)’s gun away. But during one of the townie vs. farmer spats, Junior switches sides and joins Ollie. Big Jim, Linda and Barbie (Mike Vogel) come up with two different plans to steal the water back. Big Jim wants to go in like a guerilla militia, with the crazy amount of guns that are in this town. Barbie with his endless ninja skills, which include baby delivering and grave digging, cooks up a plan to blow up the well to make the water go to the other well.s.

They do both the plans and of course Barbie’s works. Big Jim’s ends up in a stand-off with Junior. Luckily, his crazy makes him shot Ollie and not his dad all because of a lying story about how his mom died. I would have cared about that story line more if we had actually meet the character, you know like Alice. Where was Carolyn? Anyway, that story line ends with Barbie telling Big Jim that he needs to watch his back because he might take his job.

Back at the boarding house, Norrie gets mad at Joe and thinks them touching mini-dome killed her mom. So, she bonds with his sister for most of the episode. Joe goes and bonds with Julia (Rachelle Leferve). He takes her to mini-dome and when she touches it she sees a hallucination of Joe, who tells her, “the monarch will be crowned.” Julia seems to be a little unnecessarily freaked at everything even when it doesn’t make any sense. Egg?! What egg?!

At the end of the episode she asks Barbie if he has any idea what it means. I thought it was about the conflict between Big Jim and Barbie and who was going to be the leader of Chester’s Mill. But the show pulled its only interesting plot twist and reminded us that Angie has a monarchy butterfly tattoo.

That plot point might be the only reason I am tuning in next week. The show’s overall plot is sort of fading and the character development seems to be getting lost but Angie is doing well.