Seven Thoughts on Quantico 1.11

1. Last week should have been the winter finale 

photo 1 (2)

I thought Episode 10 was the winter finale so when I saw there was another episode my first reaction was, ‘what? how are they going to top last week?’ The answer: they didn’t. If this episode had just stayed in the post-bombing story line I would have enjoyed it, but all the pre-bombing stuff was terrible. Because post-bombing was an actually good conspiracy, terrorism show about rookie FBI agents and pre-bombing was all relationship drama nonsense with a few good character moments.

2. Please start having less relationship nonsense

photo 4

I get that the trainees don’t have a lot to do at Quantico except for their lesson of the week, but could they please do something else beside talk about boys all the time? For a second I got really excited that everyone left except for Alex, Shelby, Natalie and Nimah. I thought they were to hang out and get drunk and work on their cases together and it would have been great. But about five seconds in Alex was moping about Ryan, Shelby was talking about how she loves Super Dull Blonde Guy and Natalie was even name dropping Brandon. The only one to escape it was Nimah, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites. She didn’t have time their boy talk, she was too busy stealing shit, using life hacks to make wine taste better and schooling Shaw (who was also there) in Islamaphoia.

3. I don’t hate all the relationships 

photo 1

I don’t hate all the relationships in this show, just all the one’s that seemed to have been forced on us. From about the second episode it was clear Alex and Ryan and Shelby and Super Dull Blonde Guy are supposed to be together, but we didn’t have much evidence to back up why we should think that. The only ones that I am kind of enjoying are the ones the show let form organically. Of course, Alex and Shelby is my favorite, but Alex has an interesting dynamic forming with O’Connor and her friendship with Simon is great. Though I find it weird and strange the show gave more evidence during the pre-bombing story line as to why Shelby started dating Super Dull Blonde Dad than it has about the other main relationships.

4. This was a good twist 

photo 2

Elias comes back into the post-bombing story line after the terrorist tried to kill him. He joins the search for Simon with Alex, Nimah and Natatlie. I would just like to talk a moment to appreciate that the Indian girl, the Lebanese girl, the Latina girl and the gay guy did all the work this episode. It was refreshing after all the straight white dudes have been doing a lot recently.  Anyway, Team Diversity finds Simon in a hotel with a bomb trigger taped to his hand. Elias seems pretty certain he is the terrorist. The two of them throw accusations back and forth until Elias admits, he was being blackmailed by the terrorist. And when he had the choice to turn himself in or frame Simon, he chose to frame Simon. Elias didn’t know where the bomb was and realizes the terrorists are going to let him get away. He then backs up and let’s himself fall out the window.

5. RIP Elias

photo 3

RIP Elias. You were rather shady sometimes but you were also great at calling out everyone’s bullshit. He was also, in my opinion, a rather well portrayed gay character. But, he was the only gay character. So, unless someone comes along or comes out to replace him RIP to the show’s strange LGBT representation. Side note: What was with Ryan’s ex-wife/partner and the amount of compliments and flirts she was sending Alex’s way?

6. This was also a good twist

photo 5

After Shaw and O’Connor find the bomb in the hotel with Alex, Natalie, Nimah and Simon’s help, Alex’s tells Simon after some convincing that he can release the trigger. It all seems good for a moment and then they hear a bomb go off. They go running out to see where it came from and realized it was the command center. The episode ends with Simon asking Alex if everyone was in there. This and Elias’ involvement in the plot both happened in the last 15 minutes. It was good, but not enough to save the entire episode.

7. Please let Shelby be alive

photo 2 (2)

I’m really worried about Shelby, guys. The last time we saw her post-bombing she was in the command center. Also, Elias had a very long, heartfelt monologue before he jumped out that window and the last time we see Shelby pre-bombing she is her having a very long, heartfelt monologue with Super Dull Blonde Guy.

And that monologue was great. Shelby pretty much calls out Super Dull Blonde Guy, who is our terror suspect again, for all the nice things he has been doing in an asshole way. At the New Year’s Eve party Shelby went to at his parents’ house, he forces his mom (Marcia Cross?!) to tell his dad that she is the top pick for the vice presidential candidate. Super Dull Blonde Dad and Marcia Cross had just gotten back together. As Shelby tells Super Dull Blonde Guy afterwards, telling people the truth because he believes they should know it is not the best way to go about things. Just like what he did with her sister last episode. Shelby says he can’t blow things up to make people see his truth. She then tells him that she loves him but breaks up with him because she knows he will hurt her.

Super Dull Blonde Guy, you better have not killed Shelby! The last we see of him, he is getting a tour of the bank that is being used as the command center sometime between the two timelines. He comments on its proximity to Grand Central and asks about the vaults in the basement (where he could have taken Shelby and hid from the blast?). Also, that cult he was a part of was planning to suicide bomb themselves at the federal courthouse. So, that is a lot of evidence that he is our terrorist.

Once Upon A Time: “Going Home” (S3Ep11)

At the beginning of this episode of Once Upon  A Time I was rather annoyed, like I am most of the time when I watch this show. But, by the midway point my faith had been restored and I remembered why I sometimes love this show very much.

The episode starts with Pan In Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Felix heading to the well to enact the curse. Over in the graveyard, almost every other character is listening to Rumple (Robert Carlyle) explain how they can defeat Pan In Henry. They need to get the Black Fairy’s wand so they can switch back Henry and Pan. Then Henry (Robbie Kay), once he is back in Henry can bring the curse to them so Regina (Lana Parrilla) can destroy it.


To the first part that had me annoyed, we flashback to a pregnant Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) all worried about the original curse being cast. Yes, we know about the magic wardrobe and that this CGI’ed room is Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison). Did the writers forget about the episode in season two when we were in this room? Anyway, the only important thing in this scene is that Blue (Keegan Connor Tracy) says “their story will one day reveal itself.”

Later on, we did get that scene too. Snow, back when she was fourth grade teacher Mary Margaret, just found the story book in her apartment. She gave it to Henry to restore his hope because he was all sad thinking neither of his moms loved him. That scene also made me realize that I liked cursed Mary Margaret, but uncursed Mary Margaret/Storybrooke Snow is really annoying.

p an age

Ignore my pregnancy and Jared Gilmore’s growth spurt

Half the gang goes and kills Pan’s shadow, which brings Blue back to life and she gives them the Black Fairy’s wand. The other half heads to the back of Rumple’s shop to prepare for the body switching. After the wand gang arrives, Rumple puts the anti-magic cuff on Henry In Pan so when he becomes Pan again he is without magic. The switch starts to work and Emma says “let’s go find our son,” obviously to only Regina but everyone, expect Rumple, comes along.

Rumple waits for Pan to wake up with the intention of killing him. But, the magic cuff doesn’t work on him. He puts it on Rumple, throws him across the room and calls him the village coward.

Emma, Regina and the rest of the gang find back-to-normal Henry and he hugs Regina and Emma and calls them both Mom.


Aw! And yes, I did crop Neal out of this picture.

But, then Henry hands the scroll to Regina and this happens:

hands off Neal

Hands off Neal!

She wakes up a moment later and the first thing she says is “Emma,” which is probably supposed to be a reference to Henry realizing in the 2011 flashback that Emma is the key to breaking the curse but I’m going to say it is her happiness to waking up to Emma’s face. She said she saw what she had to do to break Pan’s curse and looks rather concerned about it, but before she can tell anyone why Pan comes, takes the scroll and freezes everyone in place. He is threatening to kill either Neal (Michael Raymond-James) or Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to piss off Rumple,but then he arrives to stop him.

Rumple said he knows the price of finally stopping Pan and is willing to pay it. His shadow then arrives and hands him the dagger. It was almost too dramatic for me to not think about how the hell his shadow got to Storybrooke. He says the only way for him to die is if they both do. He then stabs him in the back and they both disappear in a puff of black smoke. Everyone is then unfrozen and freaks out as I remembered why I love this show sometimes.

did i just get killed off

Wait, they killed me off?

But, Pan’s death didn’t stop the curse, which Hook and Neal are quick remind the clearly upset and almost crying Regina. Finally, Emma goes to her and asks what the price is. Regina says everyone will go back to the Enchanted Forest, except Henry because he was in born in the normal world. Emma looks like this when she thinks her son might succumb to the Rumple-Charming-Swan family abandonment trait again:


Why are we such terrible parents?

Regina tells her Henry won’t be alone. She is the savior and she can stay with him. Emma wants both of them to go back, but Regina can’t be with him. Emma doesn’t want to, but Snow says it is her and Henry’s only chance to get a happy ending and Regina convinces her it is the best thing for their son.

dirty ref

I was going to make a dirty SwanQueen reference, but it’s too cute. I can’t.

Then seemingly every person in Storybrooke, minus Ruby of course, goes to not-the-normal-part-of the town line to see off Emma and Henry. Henry tells Regina this isn’t fair and she says villains aren’t supposed to get happy endings. Henry then tells her she isn’t a villain. I’m glad the show villains admitted that. Emma says goodbye to her parents and her stupid love triangle. And as much as I hate Neal, he is the only one who says they will all see each other again someday.

Emma is about to walk to her car when Regina stops her. She tells her that the curse will totally erase Storybrooke and also all of her and Henry’s memories of Storybrooke. But, she offers to give Emma and Henry new memories. They will both think that she never gave him up for adoption and they have been together for the past 11 years.

kiss already

Kiss already!

Emma cries a little bit, shocked that Regina is willing to erase herself from their sons memories and thanks her. My dream was for a kiss here, but I’m actually a little annoyed that Emma didn’t even hug Regina. The scene was canon-ly emotional enough for that. Emma and Henry get into the car and drive off as the green smoke covers Storybrooke and Regina casts the spell to stop it. Then purple smoke washes over Storybrooke.

We then jump to one year later. Emma and Henry are living in Boston, I guess. There is a knock at the door and Emma answers it to find Hook. But, she has no idea who he is because she forgot everything that has happened in the show thus far. He tells her her family is in danger and she is confused because she has forgotten about her parents, wife and all her friends from Storybrooke. She pushes Hook back into the hallway and goes back to eating breakfast with Henry.

I really liked this episode. It might be one of my favorites and it was actually better than the season two winter finale. I was so happy and excited about the episode, I looked up the promo, but then instantly wished I had waited a few days. It is making me nerves about how the latter part of this season is going to go. Here are my quick thoughts:


No Mulan? And March?


Yay, these outfits are back.

where the hell

Where the hell is this supposed to be?


What? Why? How? What?

See you in March.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: “The Bridge”

So, I didn’t post about “Repairs,” the episode before this one. It was on around Thanksgiving and I only watched it yesterday. There are only a few important things I feel like we need to know moving forward.

1. Ward (Brett Dalton) and May (Ming-Na Wen) slept together?! I’m not sure how I feel about it and it was never mentioned again the episode, but it seemed strange so I hope it comes up again later.

2. Nobody really knows the whole story of how May got the nickname the Calvary. Coulson (Clark Gregg) said she rescued people from an enemy building. She doesn’t talk about it and Coulson said she was a lot like Skye (Chloe Bennett) before it happened. Also, the line “let the girl go” has some kind of importance. Is that about Baby Skye? I hope it’s about Baby Skye.

Anyway, onward to this episode.

The previously on and the promos told us that Raina (Ruth Negga), the girl in the flower dress, and the guy she meet with in prison that one time were going to be important to this episode. So, we open to super soldiers with the Centipede arm things breaking into the prison and breaking the guy out.

synicatized prison breaking

Synchronized prison breaking

The team is called in to investigate. They are also given back up in the form of Mike (J. August Richards) from the first episode. He has been trying within SHIELD’s Centipede program to be a super solider. Somehow FitzSimmons’ (Ian de Caestacker, Elizabeth Henstridge) night-night gun cured him of the effects of the Centipede thing. Together they identify Raina as the recruit of the program and the jail guy as Edison Po (Cullen Douglas). There is also a clairvoyant playing for Team Evil but we know nothing about that person. Skye identifies one of the super soldiers and they track down his sister, who is a student at the University of Ohio.

Begin Ohio University Bobcat rant: University of Ohio? OK, I understand neither Ohio University or Ohio State University would give you the rights to use their name.  Couldn’t you have just made up a fictional Ohio college name and left the “Ohio” out of it? Why did you put it in Cleveland of all places? Why is Cleveland always the go-to Ohio city?

U of O

Nice fake Athens aerial shot


We get the look, they get the mascot.

I’m not sure if the show is hyper aware of the feud between OU and OSU and is trying everything to avoid picking sides, like placing the school in Cleveland, or if it is just combing them like it’s all cool.

brutus punched


OK, I need to focus because more important stuff happened in this episode.

Ward pretty much just freaks out the solider’s sister, so she calls the solider and they can locate him. He is in California so the fake melting pot of Ohio colleges is left in the dusk. Mike has a conversation with Skye about how he is missing his son,  Ace, and can’t tell him what he is really doing. The team is about to storm Centipede’s new warehouse and Coulson tells Mike it is time for his first field test.


I can be on the team?

Once inside they are met by the three super soldiers. Coulson is quickly knocked out and Mike is injured, but Ward and May do a bunch of badass fighting together. Ward does take a punch for May, but when she confronts him later he says it was a tactical move and had nothing to do with their sexy times.

Shipping containers are never good

Shipping containers are never good.

After Mike and Coulson get themselves together, they knock down one of the shoulders and he begs not to be killed. Then, his eye self destructs. The team later figures out he had the robot eye that Akela did a few episodes back. Centipede has that technology too and Coulson starts to worry that they are a bigger threat then everyone thought.

I agreed to eyeball self destructs

Ew, I agreed to eyeball self destructs?

Raina watched everything that happened between the super soldiers and the team. She is mostly annoyed at the team for wrecking all their plans for the second time. We also find out that she is not the Big Bad that I thought she was. She is just a servant of Po.

real big bad

You are the Faith to my Mayor Wilkins.

The main sub-plot for the episode is Skye trying to track down the female agent who left her at the orphanage. She has been going through all the active agents at the time and hopes the female agent was her mother. Coulson finds out and tells her May is looking into it too. But, he also goes to May and tells her Skye is going to ask her about it. They make it clear that they are trying to hid the truth from her.

Skye asks May about it later and she lays into her saying she has to know why she is there. She either has to choose between finding her family or being loyal to SHIELD. May seemed uncharacteristically mean and Skye went and cried in her bunk afterward.

too cute to not be my favorite

Too cute to not be my favorite.

Now that we have that family or SHIELD theme going on, Mike has a similar conversation with Coulson and then goes to call his son. But, Raina has kidnapped him and offers him a trade: his son goes free and Centipede gets him.

I might find you and I will try to kill you

I might find you and I will try to kill you.

The team makes a plan to give over Mike to get Ace. But, then everyone has a special role in instantly attacking and freeing Mike. When they get to the exchange site on a bridge in Long Beach, Coulson heads out with Mike. The rest of the team watches from the van, except for Ward, who is on a roof with a sniper rifle. But, we then find out Mike has lied to everyone and the trade was really Ace for Coulson. Coulson tells him it is fine, having faith that his team will save him no matter what. Ace runs to Mike and Raina drugs Coulson.

Oh no

Oh no!

Mike runs Ace back to Skye and then says he is going to save Coulson. And then all this craziness happened within 50 seconds. There is really no way to explain how insane it was so I’m just going to use screen grabs.


Mike runs into an explosion.



The car Coulson is in explodes.



A helicopter flies by and shots Ward.


Inside the helicopter, Raina tells Coulson she wants to know what happened the day after he died. She seems to think it is the secret to making her super soldiers stronger.

We freaked the audience good

We freaked the audience good.

you bitches

You bitches.

Good winter finale, SHIELD. I can’t wait until you come back.

Bones: “The Ghost in the Machine”


Grade: B-

Airdate: 12/3/12

Finale episodes of Bones are always very good and that doesn’t just go for season finales it goes for winter finales too. But, this winter finale wasn’t that good. I understand what the show was trying to do by breaking its own norms, but it seemed to try too hard to be different and I didn’t really like it.

As soon as the episode started my reaction was “what’s with the cinematography?” The scene and the rest of the episode was filmed from the point of view of the victim’s skull and with a handheld camera. For a while that was left unexplained. In the opening scene, Bones (Emily Deschanel) identifies the victim as a 14-year-old boy. That starts the emotional overtone to the episode because this was the first child victim the team has dealt with since they have all become parents.

Once the teams brings the skull and the rest of the remains back to the lab, Angela (Michaela Conlin) shows up with Avalon, the psychic from season five, played by Cyndi Lauper. Avalon heard the victim calling because his spirit is still trapped within his body even though he has been dead for two years. She also says he is watching them. So, that explained the strange cinematography. The episode is filmed as what the victim is seeing. The show seemed to limit itself with that aspect of the episode because a bunch of weird reason for the skull to be in every scene had to be created.

Angela is able to do a facial reconstruction and get a match in the missing person’s database. The victim’s name was Colin Gibson. After seeing the picture of Colin, Bones starts crying. It would have been a more powerful seen if it wasn’t shot from the weird camera angle. I was also distracted by the fact that Booth (David Boreanaz) called her Temperance. I am pretty sure he hasn’t called her Temperance since season one.

With the victim being identified, every member of the team takes the skull around with them as the solve the case and starts to talk to Colin. Now, Bones has done a lot of supernatural episodes and the episodes usually have a set format. The episodes have a set supernatural theme–aliens, psychics, chupacabras, ghosts in this case. Some members of the team–usually Hodgins (T.J. Thyne), Angela or the squintern–claim the supernatural element is real while others–mostly Bones–use science to point out that they are being ridiculous and it can’t be real. The episode usually ends with us question if the supernatural element is real or not. Bones does that for a little bit but for most of the episode every member of the team believes that Avalon is a psychic and Colin’s spirit is really trapped in the skull. I get that the episode was trying to be different, but it was trying to hard to sell the ghost thing.

Most of the episode happens in the lab, because of the skull point of view thing. Colin’s parents come to see the body, his friends drop off some of his thing, including a mixed tape he made but they never listened to. Avalon is convinced and somehow quickly convinces the usually skeptic team that Colin is still trapped because he had unfinished business before his death. There wasn’t much talking to suspects, but a lot of lab evidence stuff. Hodgins and Cam (Tamara Taylor) find out that Colin’s body was buried somewhere for a year than moved. Angela and Sweets (John Francis Daley) go through Colin’s social media sites and find out that he was a skateboarding, daredevil guitar player.

With Hodgins help Booth and Bones find the first place Colin was buried, which is the work shed of the season two Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles house. I swear that set shows up everywhere. Back in the lab, the team figures out that Colin was hit by his dad’s car after falling while “surfing” on the hood. So, his death was an accident. Booth and Bones question three of Colin’s friends. One confesses that he was driving and the other boy was in the car too. They panicked and hide the body.

The team thought Colin’s spirit would be released when his murder was solved but we are still seeing everything from Colin’s point of view. Angela and Bones realizes there is a video on the mixed tape Colin made for the girl he had a crush on. The whole team, Avalon and the girl watch the video, which was a song he wrote for her, in Angela’s office. After the songs plays, Avalon sees Colin standing in the lab, he smiles, skateboards away and the cinematography returns to normal.

I just feel like the episode tried too hard. I couldn’t get over the cinematography, it was shaky, zoomed around a lot and hardly focused at some points. If the episode was filmed normally, the team was more skeptic of Avalon’s spirit story and the audience was left to decide for themselves if Colin was really there I probably would have given the episode an A, but it was just too unlike the regular Bones.