Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

This might have been a perfect episode of Agents of SHIELD or, at least, perfect for what I am looking for from this show. It was so suspenseful I was on the verge of having a panic attack the entire time. It was highly emotional and had excellence scenes between my favorite bromance and romance. It took a break during one of its most dramatic moments to make a joke and had so many twists I don’t really believe the ending.

We start back in the highly emotional near shoot-out we had last episode. Skye (Chloe Bennett) and Coulson (Clark Gregg) still have guns pointed at May (Ming-Na Wen) convinced that she is the Clairvoyant, who they think is not really a clairvoyant but a SHIELD agent. May points out that the plan is on a different course and she obviously isn’t flying it. She says her secret line that Fitz (Iain de Caestrecker) found was to Director Fury but she can’t say why. She then tries to turn the blame on Fitz because he was trying to install a line. Fitz stands up to her, probably only because he is standing behind bullet-proof glass. Coulson demands an answer from Fitz and he says he and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are just trying to figure out what the alien drug that saved Skye and Coulson is.


Shout out to Iain and Ming-Na for being amazing in this scene

Coulson then orders Skye to hack into SHIELD’s communication and figure out what the hell is going on. While all this is happening, Agent Garrett’s (Bill Paxton) plane is being attacked by SHIELD and Simmons and Agent Trip (B.J. Britt) are teaming up and able to do illegal stuff at The Hub because Agent Hand (Saffron Barrows) have everyone else busy with something. Coulson isn’t sure what to do or do with May, so he just shots her in the chest.


Dad, did you just shoot Mom?!

Thank god, it was only a Night-Night gun. She gets thrown into the holding cell with Ward (Brett Dalton). Garrett makes it onto Serenity. He doesn’t think Hand is the Clairvoyant because why would she suddenly relieve herself and be putting up a firewall around all of SHIELD communication? Just then Skye  is able to hack through it and it this answers the question:


I’m sure for Marvel fans Hydra instantly meant something. For me, I had no idea. Luckily, everyone breaks into a exposition, history lesson on Hydra, which is the anti-SHIELD. Skye, Fitz, Garrett and Coulson figure out that they must have planted people over the years into SHIELD, including Hand, and know have decided to show themselves.  Garrett wants to jump out of the plane so they don’t fly straight into their deaths. But, they realize they have to because Trip and Simmons are still at The Hub.


Skimmons ❤

Hand is commanding everyone around at The Hub and telling agent guys to go find Trip and Simmons. Simmons messages a professor at the Academy, which is being attacked. How X2 of you, Hydra. So, Simmons is slightly aware of what is happening, but the professor gives us the first warning of the episode: don’t trust anyone.

Over in the holding cell, Ward gets all pissy at May for being an informant, especially when she was sleeping with him. She does her normal I don’t have time for this face. She tells him she isn’t playing anyone, she knows he loves Skye and he didn’t kill the Clairvoyant. Coulson then comes in to get May and makes her call Fury. But, Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t answer the phone and the voice says he is dead, but before we can process that the planes lands in The Hub and everyone is attacked.

May gets shot the most, only because she is handcuffed. Coulson takes her to get the bullet out of her arm and this might be my favorite scene of the whole show so far. Coulson demands to know what the hell is happening. May says she did everything for Couslon and she really assembled the team. Fury ordered her to set up the perimeters for the team that he wanted to monitor Coulson and see what the effects of T.A.H.I.T.I. were. So, May knew about how long he was dead and the alien drug the whole time. Coulson isn’t too happy to hear that. May tells him that he means a lot of her and she was going to do everything she could to make sure he was OK. I think she was about to say love and then stopped herslef, but I hope not. I don’t want them to get together.



The episode from this point forward is really just one big action sequence. Guys with guns burst in on Simmons and Trip.


Bloody Hell!

Agents board the plane.


And get blown up by one of Fitz’s toys.

Hand marches into the room that Simmons and Trip are in and threatens to kill them if they don’t join Hydra. Trip tries to take one of them out instead. Hand says it was just a test and they passed. She says she isn’t Hydra and I think I started to like her. But, then she says Coulson is.


And I dislike her again

The plane gang shots their way through some security points. Simmons stands up to Hand saying that Coulson can’t be Hydra. She rattles off a list of crimes and lies that Coulson has committed over the season. Simmons hardly believes it, but Hand gives us the episode’s second warning about Hydra: they earn our trust. They gain our sympathy. They make us like them.


Lolz, the height difference

The only real break in the action, is Ward and Skye taking a moment to process their feelings for each together before going to blow up The Hub’s power. The conversation was still pretty fast paced with Skye throwing quips at Ward as he acts like the lovesick girl. He asks for her a drink if they both survive and Skye agrees.


And they finally kissed!

Ward then goes out and beats up all the guards and Skye runs out to go set the charges. The plane gang is left alone for a moment and Garrett says they need to kill Hand and starts listing off all the crimes she has done over the season. But, he mentions something Coulson had never told anyone. Garrett realizes his mistake pretty quickly and dissolved into bad guy.

oh fuck

Well hail Hydra, I guess

Guys come in with guns, but Garrett says one word and the Hydra ones shot the SHIELD ones and then turn their guns to Coulson, May and Fitz. He goes into a bad guy speech about how great Hydra is and how they will overthrow SHIELD. He pretty much tells them switch sides and help them or they will be forced to. They are not to keen on the idea. Garrett is about to have them shot when Ward and Skye blow the power. The heroes kick the crap out of the bad guys and take Garrett into custody.


She’s been shot numerous times and had handcuffs on at the start of this scene

Everyone gets reunited. Ward and Trip are not too happy to hear that their OS is Hydra. Simmons and Skye don’t hug for some reason, but enough is going on here. Hand and Coulson realize they just misunderstood each other. Most of SHIELD has been taken down. She prepares to have Garrett taken to the Fridge. Ward wants to come and she says that seems fair. I was back to liking Hand by this point. But, I didn’t get to enjoy it that long, because on the plane Ward shots all of Garrett’s guards and Hand!


Three times!

Is Ward switching to Hydra? You finally got with Skye? Is this all some crazy plan? Is Hand Hydra? Is Hand really dead? Does that make Coulson the head of SHIELD? I have too many questions. I was too shocked and I am too excited for the next episode.


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