Nine thoughts on Quantico 1.8

1. Why not twins? 


I am going to question this until we are given an answer as to why Nimah and Raina Amin, who I can actually tell apart now, are both played by one person instead of a set of twins. Seriously is there not a single set of 20-something Middle Eastern identical twins these roles could have been given to?

2. Super dull blonde dad is my terrorist pick


Super dull blonde dad has to be the terrorist. I can’t see any other reason for him being so shady about everything. Sure, he is using the excuse of him sleeping with Shelby (gross) and not wanting his politician wife to find out. But, he is having super dull blonde guy delete emails and is lying all over the place. And I know his name is Clayton, but I’m not calling him that (and I hope Shelby stops) because that is my dad’s name and it is just weird.

3. Good line, Natalie 


Natalie sums up Shelby and super dull blonde guy’s relationship in one sentence: “What is your attraction to each other? Daddy issues? Master race?” At least the show is aware that it paired the two super pretty blondes with parental issues together. You’re still a stereotype Natalie, but that was a good line.

4. Alex’s dad’s backstory seemed rushed


So this whole thing with Alex’s dad and O’Connor knowing each other and working together at some point seemed a little rushed. Alex has only known O’Connor has been keeping tabs on her for one episode. But, this week with Ryan’s help she finds out O’Connor and her father pretty much failed an undercover mission and got 204 people killed in Omaha in 1993 and were part of a cover up. Shaw was involved too and Alex finds all this out before the end of the episode, when Shaw might have been killed or just seriously wounded possibly by her son. A little too much happened this week. But, we still don’t know why O’Connor is so interested in Alex or why he wanted Ryan spying on her.

5. I was really hoping for Elias 


After Alex and Ryan get trapped in by the FBI and think they have no choice but to turn themselves in, someone hacks the FBI and leaks all the case files. For a second the episode teases us and makes it seem like it has to be a current or former analyst, so super dull blonde guy or Elias. I was really pulling for Elias (where is he?) but it ended up being the two dark net hackers that helped Alex earlier. They are able to get enough information for Alex to realize there is a second bomb, which was a good twist. They also help Alex trick still really injured Ryan to go to safety without her.

6. The cinematography was great this week


I really enjoyed the cinematography this week. There were multiple long shots and camera swoops and everything looked really nice, which made up for the fact that the dialogue was not so great again.

7. More Simon questions 


Well, the sexuality thing is cleared up but the show is not done raising all the questions it can about Simon. From the romantic fluff side, it seems like he is actually more attracted to Nimah, the non-religious one who wants to be an agent, instead of Raina, the religious one who likes him. He and Raina have a slightly awkward conversation about Israeli (I’m assuming) politics with the whole Jewish and Muslim thing. The last scene of the episode is Simon taking a cryptic call from someone in Hebrew (?) about how he is trying to be good but it isn’t going so well. This could all be a misdirect because it is cut with Shelby having a seemingly harmless Skype conversation with her half-sister in Saudi Arabia in Arabic.

8. Nothing is going to make me like him


I’m not really sure what it is about super dull blonde guy, but I’m never going to like him. Despite, the show revealing that he is a former cult member, having him stand up for Alex and being in love with Shelby, I still hate him. He is still super whiny and annoying and acting like a child about Shelby hooking up with his dad.

9. I was not expecting this twist 


After getting Ryan to safety, Alex goes to the FBI headquarters to turn herself in. As she told her dark net friends, the FBI is getting thousands of tips about bomb threats and the one she knows is true will only be believed if it comes from her. Also as she pointed out to Ryan, every ally and every one who has helped her is already in FBI custody.

One Comment on “Nine thoughts on Quantico 1.8”

  1. L. says:

    So funny, You said you can actually tell the twins apart,,But they are played by the same girl!!! FUNNY


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