Four Thoughts on Quantico 1.9

1. Understated and over the top

photo 2

Somehow this episode was both understated and over the top. The special interrogation team just walks in, with an order from the president saying they can take Alex and do whatever to get info out of her. And Super Dull Blonde Dad just let them. Wait a second! Nobody is going to freak out? That is a thing that is allowed? Is Obama the president in this? This all felt very understated, like a scene of someone being like wait you can’t do that can, can you? Also their torture of Ryan was very understated. It get this airs on ABC that was basically a scratch on his stomach.

But that interrogator guy and Alex’s reaction to Ryan’s torture was really over the top. The guy was stalking around in the shadows making vague threats with his menacing accent. And Alex pretty chill about it until she FLIPPED HER LIP when she saw Ryan.

The tone all just seemed off and strange and was really making me miss 24.

2. That is a lot of straight white dudes 

photo 3

White dudes did a lot this episode, like almost all of the action was done by white dudes. I didn’t dislike the action, I’m just saying for a show I started watching because it is the first Indian lead American tv show and it’s seemingly diverse cast having to watch Super Dull Blonde Guy figure out stuff while Alex was tied to a chair post-bombing and Simon figure out the serial killer obsessed guest speaker was a criminal herself pre-bombing was kind of annoying.

Even Alex’s pre-bombing storyline revolved around O’Connor’s alcoholism and guilt about spying on Alex.

3. Elias is back!

photo 1

Elias is back in the post-bombing storyline because he is a lawyer now and Alex called him. He was the most helpful member of Team Alex behind Super Dull Blonde Guy. But he still didn’t do that much. I don’t know why most of the action was done by Super Dull Blonde Guy and Elias and the twins acted like his sidekicks.

4. So Simon then.

photo 4

It seems like Simon is the lead terrorist suspect again. After getting chewed out by the rest of the class, especially Nimah, for turning in the guest speaker for forging evidence, Simon calls the bomb making friend he has and complains about how America is horrible. He then gives him a flash drive of the layouts of train stations in New York.

Maybe this was the big reveal and Simon really is the terrorist, but the episode didn’t do much to throw suspicion off him. O’Connor tells Alex he thinks the mole is still inside the FBI and she should play into their plan, which included pleading guilty to 133 counts of murder, so they could find the second bomb. While, Simon is in custody with Shelby for helping Alex, O’Connor said they will be pardoned soon. Also, Simon took Alex to his bomb marker friend who threw he suspicion at Shelby earlier in the season.

It seemed like it was trying to when Super Dull Blonde Dad, who I still think might also be involved, called his son and told him Shelby had been giving money to a half-sister in Saudia Arabia but she doesn’t exist. But she does because we saw Shelby skyping with her in the last episode.

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